Jiffy Lube Vs Walmart (Fully Compared)

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Jiffy Lube vs Walmart is a comparison between two top companies that offer reputable oil change services.

Both Jiffy Lube and Walmart offer great prices and have more than 2,000 outlets nationwide. You can get any type of oil in these centers – ranging from conventional oils to synthetic blends, high-mileage, and full synthetic oils. But between Jiffy Lube and Walmart, where is best to have your oil change at?

While Walmart has more store locations and offers cheaper prices, it is faster to get your car’s oil changed at Jiffy Lube than in a Walmart outlet. Notwithstanding, in some locations, getting an oil change in Walmart could be faster than in Jiffy Lube.

In this article, we’d analyze how fast it is to get your car’s engine oil changed in Jiffy Lube or Walmart, along with other complementary services offered by the two companies.

Jiffy Lube Facts

Founded in 1971 in  Ogden, Utah by W James Hindman, but currently headquartered in Houston, Texas, Jiffy Lube is one of the reputable companies that offer oil change and vehicle tire services.

The company also offers several other vehicle maintenance services in the US; it has outlets in all states – there are at least 2,000 Jiffy Lube centers nationwide.

Jiffy Lube is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell PLC and has maintained a high reputation over several decades. Jiffy Lube prices are affordable and done pretty fast, which is why they remain a big competitor to Walmart and other top stores that offer basic vehicle maintenance services.

Walmart Facts

Walmart is one of the globally-known eCommerce companies. The American multinational retail corporation operates a chain of hypermarkets (supercenters), grocery stores, and discount department stores in the United States.

Walmart’s current headquarters is located in Bentonville, Arkansas – it was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and James “Bud” Walton.

Currently, there are over 10,000 Walmart stores worldwide; Walmart operates as Flipkart Wholesale in India.

Walmart Auto Care (available in its supercenters) offers a wide variety of vehicle maintenance services, including oil changes, tire inspection & replacements, filter replacements, wiper fixes, and other basic automotive care services.

Getting your car’s oil or tires changed in Walmart Auto Center is pretty quick and incredibly cheap. But not all Walmart outlets have an Auto Care Center where you can get an oil change and other vehicle maintenance services – you’d only find the center in Walmart Supercenters.

Jiffy Lube Vs Walmart

There are quite a number of comparison factors to consider between these two top US companies, whom have, each, built a solid customer base in the country.

1. Fast Delivery

We can’t particularly say that one of these companies offers faster oil changes than the other; the answer to which company is faster with oil changes and other vehicle maintenance services depends on the location you’re at and the professionalism of the available technicians at that center.

So to say, you could get an oil change or other vehicle maintenance services done faster at Jiffy Lube or Walmart Supercenter, depending on your location.

If you got delayed in a particular Jiffy Lube center, it doesn’t mean that’s how all other Jiffy Centers operate – the delay could be peculiar to the outlet you’re at, and the same applies to Walmart Auto Care centers.

2. Service Quality

It’s not entirely about the “speedy” delivery, what about the quality of service delivered? Well, both Walmart and Jiffy Lube remarkably employ certified technicians, so you’re sure you’re getting a good quality job done.

Oils used in Jiffy Lube and Walmart Auto Care outlets are original products that meet national standards.

3. Price

In terms of pricing, Walmart takes the big win. Walmart prices are lower than Jiffy Lube prices, and you can get different packages (depending on your budget) for each service offered.

Both Walmart and Jiffy Lube charge differently depending on the type of product/oil/filter you want installed for you.

Oil Type / CompanyJiffy LubeWalmart
Conventional Oil$29.99 (Shell oil), $44.99 (Pennzoil)$32.88
High Mileage Oil$8 per quart, priced at $59.99$42.88
Synthetic Blends$70 (usually Pennzoil)$42.88
Full Synthetic Oil$69.99 to $99.99$54.88

Basically, these oil change prices cover more than just changing your oil. For example, the technician will also inspect some aspects of your car, and equally check for problems with your tires – all at no other additional fee.

Similarly, these two companies offer other services such as tire replacement, air filter replacement, oil filter replacement, and quite several other services. Comparing the prices of these services, Walmart still has the cheaper price tags.

Note: Price offers from these companies slightly vary based on your location; for example, you could get an oil change done for you at a Chicago Walmart for $45, while the same package costs lesser or higher in another location – let’s say Houston or Los Angeles. This same scenario applies to Jiffy Lube prices too.

4. Services Offered

Now, here’s another place where Walmart takes the lead – yes, Walmart offers more services than Jiffy Lube; more interestingly, you can purchase the items you need directly from Walmart.

But then, on the other hand, Jiffy Lube offers a ton of services. Here are the services offered by these two companies:

Of course, there are several other services offered by these companies; these (mentioned above) are the most commonly known ones.

5. Deals and Coupons

Both Walmart and Jiffy Lube provides their customers with different coupons and everyday deal offers; you can grab any of these and save up to 40 percent on your next appointment at either of these stores.

The amount of discount you’d get depends on your location and the store you’re at. Also, you can always get a coupon to order services from Walmart Auto Care or Jiffy Lube.

What More?

The Jiffy Lube vs. Walmart is a comparison of two impressive companies that offer a wide variety of vehicle maintenance services across the United States. While you may save more with Walmart, Jiffy Lube may be more convenient for some people.

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