Top 4 Oil Filter Brands To Avoid

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Oil filters play an important role in keeping motor engines running fine and smoothly. The main function of the filter is to trap and prevent any particle that may be flowing with the motor into the engine. If the filter does not trap those particles, they get into the engine and form a sludge, which affects the engine’s performance significantly.

Well, oil filters are pretty cheap to buy, and there are many good options in the market – from different brands. But are there oil filter brands to avoid? Yes, while there are several oil filter brands out there in the market, not all of them produce reliable filters you should buy. You should pay attention to the brand you patronize – for the sake of your engine.

The oil filter brands mentioned in this article are rated the “worst brands” based on customers’ feedback. Practically, the filters are not very efficient in trapping contaminants that flow with motor oils, or they broke down much earlier than expected, hence, causing one or more engine issues.

Oil Filter Brands To Avoid

It is important to note that these identified brands – although listed as the worst brands in our list – may be mentioned as the best brands by some other auto websites and auto enthusiasts. You should carry out additional research before deciding whether or not you should patronize an oil filter brand.

1. Frantz

Founded in 1953 by John Frantz, the Frantz oil filter band has been around for quite a long while. The company produces quite a wide range of automobile products, but mainly oil filters for different vehicle types.

While Frantz oil filters were still being produced under Frantz Filter Company, they were among the top best options in the market.

Frantz oil filters are aftermarket filters, so it’s not really proper to expect them to pull up as much better performance as OEM oil filters or filters from higher-end brands.

However, after the brand was acquired by Lubrication Specialists, Inc. in 2014, the newer oil filters it produced seemed to be very much low quality – compared to the initial quality produced by the origin company.

Some car owners that have used the new Frantz oil filters allege that the media was poorly made, and as such, the filters couldn’t hold fine particles or smaller contaminants. It is alleged that Frantz filters use just dual oil lines and a canister that has a replaceable element inside, which doesn’t offer high efficiency.

The unimpressive design of Frantz oil filters, its short lifespan, along with the poorly made filter media are the main reasons why the brand is ranked as one of the worst to buy at the moment.

2. Supertech

The brand name Supertech is pretty popular among Walmart customers. If you frequently shop at Walmart, there are chances you’ve got a Supertech oil filter at some point; how was the experience? Pretty good?

Well, the Supertech brand produces both motor oils and oil filters; the motor oils are quite good, but the oil filters have received a lot of critics online.

Supertech oil filters are advised to offer high efficiency and long-lasting durability, but it turns out the filters are the opposite of what’s being said in the ad copies. Quite many car owners who have used this filter allege that the quality is “very” poor and it doesn’t filter contaminants as well as expected.

There are a number of reports that Supertech oil filters are prone to rust. Well, the Supertech oil filters are made using paper cover plates – for the base versions – while higher-end versions use steel cover plates. It is important to note that Supertech oil filters are made in the USA by Champion Labs.

The launch and popularity of Supertech were influenced by the Walmart and Wix merger. Supertech oil filters are still sold at Walmart and many other auto parts stores, but it is advisable to avoid them and go for more reliable brands.

3. Motorcraft

Motorcraft is yet another brand ranked among the worst oil filter brands to avoid due to the low-quality filter materials used. Although Ford recommends using Motorcraft oil filters on its vehicles, a number of drivers have reported that the filter doesn’t deliver an excellent performance compared to other OEM-recommended brands.

Well, pretty many people still love and use Motorcraft oil filters. You can get them across online stores and offline auto parts stores too.

The most common problems reported for Motorcraft oil filters include shattered parts due to regular use and filter media damage. Motorcraft oil filters are produced for Ford Motors by Purolator Filter LLC – the filters are made in the United States.

4. AstroFilter

AstroFilter isn’t a popular oil filter brand, but it has been around for a while. Oil filters produced by AstroFilter are remarkably large and do not fit into most vehicles, which is one of the reasons the brand is considered to be among the worst to buy.

Due to the large size, AstroFilter oil filters do not perfectly trap contaminants flowing with the motor oil into the engine.

However, it is important to note that AstroFilter oil filters are built with decent-enough quality materials – the problem is only the size. If you find one that fits into your car perfectly, you will enjoy using the filter; AstroFilter products are pretty affordable in the market, and you’d find them in many stores – online or offline.

Oil Filter Comparison Chart

Filter/FeatureMicron sizeEfficiencyChange IntervalPrice
FrantzDown to 2 microns93%Regularly with oil changeFrom $8
SupertechDown to 2 microns90%Up to 15k miles intervalFrom $5
MotorcraftDown to 20 microns80%5,000 milesFrom $9.99
AstroFilterDown to 2 microns78%Regularly with oil changeFrom $9

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Types of Oil Filters?

There are two main types of oil filters: spin-on and cartridge. Spin-on filters were the trend in the 1950s; however, they have continued to fade away gradually as cartridge oil filters are retaking over the space. Cartridge oil filters are easily removable and reusable; they are also easy to install and cheaper to maintain.

What Are the Features Of Oil Filters?

Oil filters typically feature a couple of elements, which include a baseplate & gasket, an anti-drain back valve, the filter media, a bypass valve, a canister, and a spring. These are the primary features you must find on any oil filter; they all serve specific functions.

Are OEM Oil Filters Better Than Aftermarket?

Well, it depends. OEM auto part products are usually built to a standard, and as such, they are more recommendable than aftermarket options. However, this does not imply that aftermarket products are entirely bad to buy. More so, OEM oil filters are far more expensive than aftermarket oil filters.


These are the oil filter brands to avoid if you want the best for your car engine. Notwithstanding, some people still buy and use oil filters from these brands on their vehicles.

We have only mentioned these brands because they have a higher number of critic reviews than positive feedback.

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