How To Change Adapter on Bosch Wiper Blades

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So, the adapter on your Bosch wiper blades seems faulty or broken and you need it replaced? Well, you could simply get a new pair of Bosch wiper blades (that has the same adapter as the old one) and replace the old ones. But, if you must change the adapter on your wiper blades, that’s still possible.

The first thing is to look up auto parts shops (offline and online) to get the exact wiper blade adapter kit that’d fit the Bosch wiper blade you’ve got. Usually, instructions on how to install the particular adapter you bought are clearly written in a small manual attached inside the kit’s packaging.

Here’s how to change adapter on Bosch wiper blades!

Can You Change Bosch Wiper Blade Adapters?

Apparently, you can change the adapter on the wiper blade arm to match the new wiper blade you’ve got. When it comes to wiper blades and wiper blade adapters, there are many variations. The variation applies to design, length, width, and connector/adapter type.

If you need to change the adapter of your wiper blade, then you have to pay attention to the many variations that apply. This is important because not all Bosch wiper blades use the same connector/adapter.

You will have to purchase a Bosch wiper blade adapter kit, and then follow the procedures explained in this article.

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How To Change Adapter on Bosch Wiper Blades

Every wiper blade arm is designed to fit into specific clips/adapters. So, when buying a wiper blade, you may also need to buy an adapter kit that matches the stock one you’ve got on your car. You can actually remove the adapter on your stock wiper blade and install it on the new Bosch wiper blades.

Of course, you need a screwdriver to loosen up the screws used in fastening the adapter onto the wiper blade. Hereunder are the steps to change the adapter on Bosch wiper blades.


  • A small screwdriver
  • Bosch wiper blade adapter kit
  • Towel


  • Unbox the adapter kit and the wiper blade kit
  • Loosen the screws on the adapter on your new wiper blades, and take off the adapter(s)
  • Uninstall the adapter on your stock wiper blade (or, take the adapter you bought for this purpose), and carefully snap it onto the new wiper blade.
  • Typically, you’d find an illustrated guide on the wiper blade’s package (or on the adapter’s kit box). The guide shows how to snap the adapter you’ve got onto a wiper blade.
  • With the adapter now fixed on your Bosch wiper blade, you can proceed with installing the new blades. (To fix a new wiper blade, simply guide the adapter into the hook on the wiper blade’s arm; slide it in carefully until it clicks.)

That’s all! However, you may want to watch the video below for clear visualization of what’s being discussed in this article.


Looking for how to change adapter on Bosch wiper blades? It’s pretty simple; loosen the adapter on the stock wiper blades you’ve got and snap it onto the new wiper blade, then clip it.

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