Does Jiffy Lube Do Smog Checks? (Explained)

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Having one particular workshop, or service center, handle all your automotive maintenance needs can be pretty much time-saving, and also cost-effective. Jiffy Lube is a specialty brand renowned for helping automobile drivers with oil changes.

The brand has multiple shops and service centers across the United States, and there are pretty other extensive services you can get in Jiffy Lube workshops/outlets. However, does Jiffy Lube do smog checks?

Yes, Jiffy Lube does smug checks, but there’s a caveat to that (more on that shortly)! A smog check is an emissions test carried out on automobiles to ascertain that the car/vehicle does not pollute the air much more than expected.

Test to checkmate air pollution and different states have rules and regulations for this test!

Does Jiffy Lube Do Smog Checks?

If you’re a loyal customer of Jiffy Lube and would love to have them do your oil change and inspections, then you’re quite lucky, Jiffy Lube also does smog checks. However, the “Smog Check” service is not available in all Jiffy Lube outlets; you have to confirm from your local Jiffy Lube shop.

Jiffy Lube is headquartered in Houston, Texas, but its shops are spread out across various states. Jiffy Lube confirms that not “all services” are done in all of its shops; so to say, a Jiffy Lube service center may not offer all services you could get in another Jiffy Lube service center.

In regards to smog checks, it is important to know that, in the U.S., vehicle emissions inspection/check/test is governed by each state or municipality individually. So, the regulations vary from state to state; similarly, the pricing varies too.

Notwithstanding, generally, Jiffy Lube has you covered for emissions inspection or smog check – in most of its stores. It is recommended that you follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, where applicable, for service intervals.

When you check the Jiffy Lube service center in your municipality and it doesn’t offer smog check service, you can ask the representative(s) to suggest where you can get the service done within your locale.

How to Get Jiffy Lube Smog Check/Emissions Test

You will need to call the local Jiffy Lube in your county and ask if they perform a smog check and any other emissions test you may want to get done for your vehicle.

If the Jiffy Lube in your county supports the smog check service, you’d be provided with explicit details on how to get it done – including the actual price you’d pay.

Smog checks are predominant in California, especially in Southern California; practically all Jiffy Lube service centers in CA offer smog check services and other emissions testing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jiffy Lube do Smog Checks in California?

Yes. Jiffy Lube service centers in California counties perform smog checks. If your car passes the inspection, results are sent electronically to the DMV, while you’re provided with a receipt and a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) document.

How Much is Jiffy Lube Smog Check?

The actual cost varies from state to state based on the states’ rules. However, on average, smog check/inspection costs around $20 – $60. It could be up to $70 depending on many variable factors, which include the county you live in.

What is The Smog Abatement Fee in California?

This is a $20 fee paid by people who are driving new cars – cars that are less than five (5) years old. The smog abatement fee must be paid before your car can be registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Does Arizona Have Smog Checks?

Some counties in Arizona require smog checks before your vehicle can be registered. However, not all cars are required to pass a smog check in Arizona. It is mainly compulsory for people staying in greater Phoenix and Tucson.

How Can I Exempt From Smog Checks?

If you have any of these vehicles, you don’t need to pass a smog check to get it registered, even in CA.

  • Classic vehicles built-in 1975 or earlier
  • Newer cars less than six years
  • Diesel vehicles from 1997 or older, or with a greater GVWR ranking
  • Natural gas vehicles
  • EVs and hybrids
  • Motorbikes
  • Trailers


Does Jiffy Lube do smog checks? Yes. You can get emissions to test from the Jiffy Lube in your county; however, you’d need to inquire if the Jiffy Lube center performs smog checks before driving in. Jiffy Lube confirms that smog checks are not available in all its shops.

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