Will Walmart Install Tires? (Yes! But Read This First)

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One of the impressive things about Walmart is that you can get many services done for you when you get to one of its centers.

Not only does Walmart sell automobile products, some of its centers – Walmart Super Centers – have a dedicated “Auto Care” section where you can get some basic automotive maintenance and care services done for you, and that includes tire installation. But will Walmart install tires?

Yes, whether you buy the tires from them or not, Walmart will help you fix them in your car, however, at a fee.

Walmart Auto Care centers offer a number of basic automotive services at pretty affordable prices – much cheaper than what you may get at other car care workshops. This article explains how Walmart handles car tire installation.

Will Walmart Install Tires?

The simple answer is YES. Walmart can change your car tires with the new set you bought from their store or brought in from another store. But Walmart tire installation service is not done at all Walmart centers; it is done in Walmart Auto Care Centers that offer Tire & Lube Express services.

If the Walmart in your neighborhood does not have an Auto Care Center, there’s nothing to worry about – simply look up Walmart location with an Auto Care Center, then select the one closes to you and book for tire installation.

For example, when you place an order for new tires from the Walmart.com website – you can choose the closest Auto Care Center to your location and select it as the place you want the tires to be delivered, so you can have your car’s tires changed there, too.

This does not mean you cannot have your car tires changed elsewhere after you buy them from Walmart.

Also, tire installation at Walmart costs a fee, whether you bought the tires from the store or another store. The price is between $15 and $17 per tire if you bought from Walmart or between $25 and $27 per tire if you got the tires from another store.

This might not be the lowest price you can get for a tire change, but that’s pretty much cheaper than what most of Walmart’s Auto Car Center’s competitors charge.

Interestingly, Walmart tire installation is done in “packages.” The prices quoted earlier are for the “Basic Installation Package,” which includes tire installation, lifetime tire rotation and balance at 7,500 miles – plus other enticing perks. The second package costs more; it is called the “Value Tire Installation Package.”

The Value Tire Installation Package includes tire mounting, lug re-torquing at 50 miles, the valve stem/TPMS service pack, a lifetime tire rotation and balances at 7,500 miles, and Walmart’s Road Hazard Protection Warranty (costs $10 as a standalone service).

It is always advised to pick up Walmart’s warranty because it actually comes in handy on different occasions; for example, when your brakes fail or the newly installed tire(s) gets punctured; in any of these scenarios, the Walmart warranty allows you get the tire replaced or repaired for free.

Furthermore, asides from tire installation, Walmart does other tire care services, including checking and replacing the TPMS and checking different aspects of the wheel hub to ensure effective tire balance.

However, Walmart does not offer wheel alignment services. You may want to check out the entire services offered in Walmart’s Auto Care Centers.

Walmart Tire Services

Walmart Tire ServicesFee
Tire mounting (specialty) Parts not included$11 per tire
Lifetime balance/rotation$14 per tire
Road-hazard warranty$10 per tire
Valve stem installation$3 per tire
Flat tire repair (tubeless)$15 per tire
Tire mounting (carry-in)$11 per tire
Tire rotation$5 per tire
Lug nut replacement$3.50 per lug nut
TPMS re-learnFREE
50-mile re-torque (Parts not included)FREE

While these may not look many, they are the tire services you can get done for you in a Walmart Auto Care Center.

Any other tire service outside of these ones is not done in Auto Care Centers, you will have to check another automotive maintenance workshop to have that done for you. Notwithstanding, generally, Walmart Auto Care Centers offer more than thirty (30) different car maintenance services.

How Long Does Walmart Tire Installation Take?

It depends on how many tires need to be changed on your car – if it’s just one tire, it won’t take up to 10 minutes, but if you’re changing all the tires at a go, it could take up to 30 minutes or more, depending on many factors, which include the wheel hub assembly pattern.

But then, these are mere estimations – your new tires could be completely installed in lesser or more minutes than hinted above. The amount of time you’d spend in a Walmart Auto Car Center for a tire change is seemingly the same as you’d spend when you visit other shops.

How Much Does Walmart Charge To Put On Tires And Balance Them?

When you pay for a Walmart tire change service, it comprises a number of services, which include mounting the tires and balancing them.

The basic installation package is sold at $15 per tire in most Walmart Auto Care Centers (for tires bought from Walmart) and $25 for tires you bring in from another retail vendor.

Do You Need An Alignment After Replacing the Tires?

A lot of car owners are cajoled to believe that doing wheel alignment is compulsory after installing a new set of tires. Well, that’s not true; while going for an alignment after installing new tires is recommendable, it is not compulsory.

If you had a professional do the tire change, there’s most likely no need for an alignment. But, if you changed the tires yourself, ensure to go for wheel alignment.

Does Walmart Do Free Tire Installation?

No. even if you bought the tire from the Auto Care Center, you’d be charged $10 or $11 to install each new tire.

So, if you’re changing the entire four tires in your car, that’s about $40 or $44 in total. Walmart does not offer free tire installation; you can only get discounts during any Walmart sales event.

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