Does Changing Air Filter Void Warranty?

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Air and oil filters are easy to change, you can change them at specific intervals so they won’t easily get clogged. You’d save a reasonable cost by doing the changing yourself. However, there’s one thing to be concerned about – your car’s warranty. Does changing air filter void warranty?

Doing some changes to your car won’t automatically void the warranty unless the dealership is able to prove that the changes you made are what contributed to the reported issue/damage on your car.

Therefore, replacing your air filter won’t stop you from getting future warranty repairs.

Does Aftermarket Air Filters Void Warranty?

No, aftermarket air filters won’t void your warranty. Your warranty is still intact even after changing your car’s air filter. However, if the newly installed air filter causes any damage or malfunction in the car, such won’t be covered by warranty.

Does Changing Air Filter Void Warranty?

Air filters are among the commonest car components you’d need to change frequently. Some drivers have theirs changed once in a whole year, while others have specific intervals for getting their air filters changed.

Whatever interval you have for yours, changing the filter by yourself is pretty easy and it won’t make your car’s warranty invalid. However, you should endeavor to always buy original air filters; if your car manufacturer specified a brand, it is advisable to stick with that brand.

Getting your air filter changed in a dealership or mechanic shop would set you back a few hundreds of dollars, but you can buy air filters for as low as $20 and do the job at home. It saves time and saves costs too.

Therefore, put simply, only use original aftermarket air filters each time you need to replace the old one.

Essentially, it is important to keep receipts and other documents you may have obtained for changing the filters; the evidence would be your backup if your dealership tries to deny you from getting your car fixed for free.

Note: If you change your air filter yourself and end up not installing it properly, whatever damage or issue that occurs afterward – relating to the newly installed air filter – won’t be covered by your warranty.

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How Much Does it Cost to Change Air Filter?

Air filters costs around $20 and labor cost in some dealership can reach up to $40. So, you could spend $60 – $120 to change your air filter in a dealership.

When To Change Air Filters?

It is advisable to replace them after every 15,000 – 22,000 miles. Air filters help to improve engine performance, so it shouldn’t be left to get clogged or damaged before a change.

What More?

In conclusion, does change air filter void warranty? No, it doesn’t but ensure the new filter you’re installing is original. If you’re doing the change by yourself, ensure that you do it correctly and don’t damage other surrounding components.

You may also need to ask your car manufacturer if you’re allowed to change your oil filter in “any” mechanic shop, or at particular dealerships/approved centers.

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