How Long Can I Run My Car With Too Much Oil?

How To Remove Excess Oil From a Car

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Just as running your car on low oil is dangerous, running with too much oil is equally bad and cause lead to serious damage to your car. While none of these scenarios are recommended, the latter is quite preferable to the former. But how long can I run my car with too much oil?

Basically, you can run your car with too much oil for about 6 – 7 days before your engine would start exhibiting some unusual symptoms.

While changing your engine oil, you need to always ensure you put in the right gauge and avoid putting too much oil. Lack of oil can cause overheating and catastrophic engine damages; but what can too much oil cause in a car?

How Long Can I Run My Car With Too Much Oil?

How Long Can I Run My Car With Too Much Oil

Basically, driving with slightly too much oil won’t ruin your engine, at least too sooner than you think. Too much oil in the engine can cause oil to overflow into some components that do not require oil to touch them. Examples of such components include the catalytic converter and serpentine belt.

Also, too much oil in the engine can cause an increase in friction, as well as affect the combustion process (especially in older cars). In simple terms, what happens when you drive with too much oil is, your engine would not function efficiently as it is designed to function.

Excess oil in the engine also causes more pressure; thus, the excess oil would find a way to escape the engine through overflowing from the head gasket, or any leak in the hoses and delivery lines.

Over time, too much oil in the engine can trigger several components to malfunction, and you may notice that your car’s engine is starting to fail.

Furthermore, you may see blue smoke coming out of your exhaust tailpipe when there’s too much oil in the engine. That’s a sign to warn you about excessive oil in the engine.

How To Remove Excess Oil From a Car?

When you overfill your engine, you can remove the excess oil by siphoning it; you can siphon the oil through the crankcase cap or dipstick. Alternatively, you could drain out all the oil and refill it to the recommended level by your car manufacturer.

You can perform the oil change, or siphoning, yourself. However, if it looks too technical for you, get a mechanic to do that for you. The oil would be reduced to the recommended level on the dipstick. Once that is done, you’re good to go.


Conclusively, for the question of, “how long can I run my car with too much oil?” arguably, a car with excess oil would run fine for the first couple of days, about 6 to 7 days. After that, the signs of excessive oil flow would start to surface; your car engine’s performance would start to drop.

Apparently, you should always endeavor to keep the oil in your engine within the recommended level indicated by your vehicle manufacturer.

Just as low oil is dangerous to the engine, excess oil is also dangerous to the engine. Finally, ensure to use motors oils of the viscosity grade recommended for your engine.

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