Will Walmart Tow My Car? (All You Need to Know)

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Pretty some years ago, Walmart lots are the best place to park overnight and have a great night rest if you were on a long-distance trip. In those times, no one is going to tow your car for parking overnight, or for a seemingly long time. But today, not all Walmart centers allow overnight or long-time parking.

But will Walmart tow my car? The answer is conditional. First off, if you parked in a Walmart outlet that allows overnight parking, no one will come to tow your car.

In contrast, if the outlet does not allow overnight and you just left your car to park overnight, you might get ticketed and your car could get towed too.

If you were going to keep your car parked at a Walmart lot for a long time, it is important you talk with the manager of the outlet and understand the conditions for doing such (if supported). This article gives clearer details on whether your car could get towed for parking too long in a Walmart lot.

Will Walmart Tow My Car?

The contemplation is always whether Walmart has legal rights to tow a car parked in their lot. Well, you must first understand that Walmart is a privately held business, and as such, it can legally move or tow any car parked on its premises. But the truth is that Walmart doesn’t do this often – tow people’s cars out of their lot.

Walmart used to allow travelers and car sleepers to use their parking lot to stay for the whole night or even camp.

However, this privilege was abused by many people who end up littering the lot, misusing it for other activities, and going against Walmart’s regulations. To that extent, many Walmart outlets no longer allow car camping or overnight sleeping in their lots.

For outlets that still support overnight parking, you can park your car there throughout the night and no one will come to tow it away. Notwithstanding, some Walmart stores have conditions and regulations you must adhere to if you’re going to park for so long in their parking lot.

The debate on whether your car will get towed by Walmart or not is mostly dependent on the particular outlet you’re at.

More so, in some cases, a security guard or police will come and knock on your car’s window to tell you to move – if you were sleeping inside the car.

That you bought something from Walmart earlier on a particular day, doesn’t mean you can park your car for a whole day or night in their lot – there are regulations to these things.

Is It Legal For Walmart to Tow Cars Parked In Their Lot?

As a private business, Walmart has full rights and jurisdiction over what happens within its privately held spaces.

Notwithstanding, some Walmart outlets are built on leased lands, which means some rules might be set by the actual owners of the land. But then, it is completely legal for Walmart to tow your car if you violated its parking terms.

Also, it is important to note that some Walmart outlets have banned overnight parking in their lots. In such outlets, parking your car overnight could lead to it being towed away.

But there is a way to have your car parked for a long time in a Walmart lot without getting towed – reach out to the manager of the outlet and explain why you need to park your car for a long time in their lot; that way, you will get a permission receipt or order, and no one will tow the car for the agreed length of time or days.

Which Walmart Stores Support Overnight Parking?

There are quite many of them that allow such – mostly stores that stay 24 hours around the clock. If the Walmart in your neighborhood closes in the evening or around 10:00 pm, most apparently, they won’t support overnight parking without permission from the manager or another higher authority.

If you drive an RV, Walmart values RV travelers and considers them among its best customers. So, people who drive RVs are allowed to park in Walmart outlets where such activities are allowed. But even at this, if you’re parking the RV overnight, you need to seek permission from the individual store managers.

Walmart doesn’t charge for overnight parking in outlets where it is permitted. Also, in outlets where it is not naturally permitted, you only need to meet the manager(s) – not paying anybody. Sometimes, Walmart’s parking laws are controlled by the state’s laws and regulations on extended or overnight parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart Tow Cars Parked for an Extended Time?

Yes, but not all Walmart stores do that; even so, some stores will try to notify you before resorting to towing your car. Walmart centers do get a lot of customers daily, parking for too long in their lot, you may be occupying the space needed for another customer to park, which may force the authorities to tow your car away.

What Towing Company Does Walmart Use?

Walmart has a “Speed Dial” towing company they phone whenever a non-customer’s car has parked for a long time in the lot. Mainly, it appears Walmart works with AutoVantage towing company for such services.

How Can I Find Out If a Walmart Allows Overnight Parking?

The only to find out is by asking the manager, or any other staff that work in the outlet. If the center permits overnight parking, that’s great because you can possibly sleep in your car while parked overnight – this is great for travelers.

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