How Long Do Oil Filters Last in Storage?

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Everything we consume has an expiry date – it’s just that some products stay up to 5 years (e.g. red wines) before they expire. But does this apply to oil filters? Apparently, as part of routine car maintenance practices, it is advisable to change the oil filter after some time (presumably, after the 3rd oil change).

However, changing the filter at this time doesn’t mean it has gone bad; hence, we will be explaining more about the lifespan of oil filters while in use or in stock. So, how long do oil filters last in storage?

When a product is stored, it tends to last longer than when it’s in use – that’s a simple logic everyone can easily understand. When it comes to oil filters, this logic still applies – you just need to understand how to store the oil filter.

How Long Do Oil Filters Last in Storage

First things first, you need to learn how to store your oil filters if you want them to last long or even last forever. The components of an oil filter are not highly corrosive – there’s just a little metal included in the entire architecture. In a quick rundown, these are the components that make up an oil filter.

  • Anti-drain-back valve
  • Center Steel Tube
  • End disc
  • Filter medium
  • Tapping plate
  • Pleats
  • Relief valve
  • Retainer

Some auto owners in different forums have revealed that their oil filters last for decades because they store them in dry storage conditions. However, the rubber seals in some filters may start to deteriorate after a long while – maybe after 7 years or thereabout.

So how do you store an oil filter to make it last longer?

We would suggest you find a dry area in your room or a box (that’s not frequently used) to keep the filter. When oil filters are kept in dry storage, they last long and remain useful whenever you may need them.

Since moisture won’t get to the filter, all of its components will remain intact until the filter is installed in a vehicle; now, that’s when to ask – “how long should you wait to change/replace an oil filter.”

How Long Do Filters Last?

How Long Do Oil Filters Last in Storage

Once an oil filter is installed into a car, it doesn’t last as long as it would when stored in a dry condition.

Some car engine manufacturers do specify when drivers that use their oils should replace the oil filter; this is because, over time, oil filters become less effective and won’t trap all the debris/dirt in the oil being transported to the engine.

Irrespective of the number of miles you drive in a year, it is generally advisable that you change the oil filter at least once in a year or after the third oil change (if you change oil up to 3 or 4 times in a year).


We’ve seen people ask “how long do oil filters last in storage?” and our simple answer remains that an unused oil filter will outlive your car!

Filters don’t have a shelf life; they only need to be kept in a clean dry place, and you can pick them up from there (in good condition) even after a decade. In contrast, an oil filter that’s already installed into a car should be changed at least once a year.

For high mileage drivers; they don’t need special oil filters, you only need to replace the filter regularly. Well, oil filters don’t cost much.

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