RockAuto Parts: 12 Critical Things To Consider!

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RockAuto is one of the most popular online stores where automobile owners go shopping for accessories and auto parts.

It has been there for a long time and has a massive catalog of available products, including OEM products. But, there are quite many things you may not have known about RockAuto Parts.

We all know RockAuto to offer mouthwatering discounts on virtually all products available in its catalog, but, do you know that RockAuto has no inventory?

This article explains pretty many things you need to know about RockAuto Parts!

RockAuto Parts: Things You Need To Know

The RockAuto website may not have the best-modernized interface, but it is for a reason. Also, RockAuto has been existing for over two decades. The company was founded in 1999.

1. Is RockAuto Legit?

RockAuto has existed for quite many years and has gained a strong reputation in the auto parts market. It already has many loyal customers; however, some customers insist that they didn’t have a great experience shopping from RockAuto.

Yes, RockAuto is legit and reliable; you’d definitely receive the order you placed.

2. Is It Safe to Buy From RockAuto?

The site interface is still very old, looking like a ’90s website, which gives most users the doubt that the website is still being maintained and safe to browse. Well, the RockAuto website is still being maintained, and it meets all current website security requirements, including the HTTPS protocol.

Your payment details are well-secured. RockAuto is as safe as other reliable modern auto parts stores that exist online.

You may want to use a VPN to access the website if you’re not too confident in the security of the RockAuto website. The design of the RockAuto website makes the site load very fast on any network and device.

3. Does Rock Auto Sell All Auto Parts?

Yes, they do. In fact, on the RockAuto Parts website, you can easily find your car model and year, then shop for its accessories accordingly. On the RockAuto parts website, the side panel provides quick navigation to find the parts of any auto brand.

RockAuto sells auto parts from over 50 car manufacturers, including popular brands like Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Dodge, Jeep, Chevrolet, Volvo, Volkswagen, Fiat, Bugatti, and many others.

Whatever auto parts you’re searching for, click on the carmaker, select the year and model, and then choose the particular auto parts you want to buy. RockAuto’s method of categorizing auto parts is the best you’d find out there.

4. Are RockAuto Parts Original?

The parts you buy from RockAuto are 100% original because they are shipped from the manufacturer or wholesale supplier.

RockAuto does not have any inventory, so it doesn’t store the auto parts it offers on its website. When you place an order on RockAuto, the order is sent to the supplier of the auto parts ordered, and it gets shipped from the supplier’s warehouse.

5. Why Are RockAuto Parts Cheap?

Practically, RockAuto parts are sold at a cheap price because you’re buying different from the wholesale supplier; so, you’re buying the parts at wholesale price (not the retail price).

The relatively cheap prices offered by RockAuto is one of the core reasons a lot of people prefer to shop auto parts from the company.

6. RockAuto’s Shipping Fee is Expensive

Compared with other similar websites and stores that sell original auto parts, RockAuto’s shipping fee is slightly more expensive. While the actual products’ prices are fair and competitive, the shipping fee is what may turn you off RockAuto.

Also, there are no items qualified for free shipping on RockAuto; all products come with paid shipping.

Another reason why RoackAuto shipping fees are expensive is that the parts you have in your car may be shipping from different warehouses. Each warehouse has standard shipping; hence, combined, the shipping fee you’d get to pay may be extremely high – more than you expected.

7. RockAuto Does Not Ship Overseas

Sadly, you have to live in the US to receive your RockAuto order. If you’re living outside the US, then you have to work with 3rd-party courier companies who would receive your RockAuto order in the US, and then ship it down to your location.

Thus, for people living in Canada, Mexico, and outside America, shopping from RockAuto may not be the best choice, except you have a trusted dropshipping company to help you deliver the parts to your doorstep. US residents don’t have to worry about delivery when they shop from RockAuto.

8. Research Before Buying From RockAuto

Although RockAuto offers original auto parts on its online store, it is advisable to conduct thorough research before buying from the company.

Many customers attested that they got the best quality products from RockAuto; however, a good number of other RockAuto customers allege that they got poor quality products.

9. Does Rockauto Sell OEM Parts?

RockAuto sells both OEM auto parts and aftermarket auto parts. The OEM parts are more expensive (as expected) than the aftermarket options.

However, RockAuto confirms that they carefully inspect all auto parts it lists on its website – so, they are all “Good Quality,” regardless of whether they are OEM or aftermarket. To buy OEM products on RockAuto, you have to look up the manufacturer.

10. How To Delete Parts From Your Cart On RockAuto?

If you need to delete items from your cart on RockAuto, simply click/tap on the “Cart” icon beside the auto parts you want to remove from your shopping list. You can empty your shopping cart by removing all the parts you earlier added.

11. Who Does RockAuto Shipping?

RockAuto does not ship any products by itself; partnered courier services deliver your ordered parts. The available shipping options you’d get depend on the manufacturer or supplier you’re buying from.

As mentioned earlier, RockAuto provides goods and parts from a vast number of suppliers and manufacturers.

12. Best RockAuto Alternatives

There are pretty other companies that come in as ideal alternatives to RockAuto. If you can’t deal with the seemingly high shipping fee of RockAuto, you can consider PartsGeek, eBay, or CarParts; these companies also offer a ton of auto parts and good prices.


Apparently, these are the important tips and answers you should know about RockAuto parts. Overall, the company is reliable and offers auto parts at a very cheap price – cheaper than what you’d get in most other auto shops. However, RockAuto shipping is quite expensive and the company doesn’t ship overseas.

RockAuto is the place to go when shopping for any auto parts. The company lets you quickly find the best-suited parts for any car model. On the website, auto parts are listed based on the car’s brand, year, and model – this is cool and handy.

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