Who Makes STP Oil Filters? (Are They Good?)

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STP oil filters are among the best options in the market, but who makes them, and where are they being made? Oil filters play an important role in ensuring that auto engines function as supposed; getting the best-quality oil filter can significantly improve your car engine’s performance.

However, this article is not about oil filters comparison or overview, it’s about, “Who makes STP oil filters?”

STP oil filters are made by Champions Laboratories, Inc., a US company known for manufacturing top-quality filters using cutting-edge, certified equipment in its facilities.

STP Oil Filters Overview

Scientifically Treated Petroleum (STP) is a US brand of automotive aftermarket products. The brand manufactures a wide variety of aftermarket automotive products, which are sold across continents. However, the STP brand got acquired by Energizer Holdings – in November 2018.

STP oil filters last long, trap fine contaminants that may try to flow with motor oils into the engine and are budget-friendly. Also, you can use STP oil filters on any vehicle – they work best with full synthetic engine oils.

Who Makes STP Oil Filters?

Who Makes STP Oil Filters

STP oil filters are made by Champions Laboratories, Inc., shortened as Champ Labs. Actually, Champion Laboratories has been existing for a very long time; they are one of the largest automotive filter manufacturers and suppliers in the United States.

The company is remarkable for using high-end manufacturing equipment for its oil filter productions. Champ Labs doesn’t only make oil filters for the STP brand; the company also makes oil filters for Mobil 1 and many other notable brands you know.

Where are STP Oil Filters Made?

Champion Laboratories have multiple facilities in different locations across the American and Asian continents.

However, that notwithstanding, most of its productions are done in American facilities. STP oil filters are being produced in Champ Lab’s US facilities – so, the filters are “Made in USA.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are STP Oil Filters Any Good?

Yes, STP oil filters are of good quality and they last for long miles. They are made with original materials and are suitable for all kinds of engines. The construction is rigid enough to intercept fine debris that may want to flow into the engine.

Are STP Oil Filters Made in USA?

Oil filters produced by Champ Labs are mostly produced in the US. Champ Labs also produces STP oil filters; so, the filters are made in the US.

Any Good STP Oil Filter Alternatives Out There?

Yes, you’d find other good oil filters out there. K&N oil filters, FRAM oil filters, and Mobil 1 oil filters can serve as alternatives to STP oil filters.

What More?

Who makes STP oil filters? They are produced in Champions Laboratories facilities in the US. STP oil filters are among the best ones you can use on modern/old vehicles.

They last pretty long; so, you don’t necessarily need to change them at every oil change – unless you drive up to 12k miles in-between oil change intervals. Notwithstanding, there are other highly efficient oil filters from other brands, out there.

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