Are FRAM Oil Filters Good? (Let’s Find Out!)

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Your car’s oil filter plays a crucial role in the performance of the engine. It is advisable to change the oil filter at regular intervals – if possible, have it changed at each oil change interval. Oil filters are not so expensive, and there are pretty many good brands out there, including FRAM.

But are FRAM oil filters good? Yeah, they are practically among the best options you’d find in the market, and they are unbelievably cheap. FRAM produces a variety of car oil filters for different vehicles and for specific purposes.

Several auto tests have shown that FRAM filters can block out almost any dirt or debris that flows with the oil – trying to get into the engine.

FRAM Oil Filters Overview

FRAM Ultra Synthetic Automotive Replacement Oil Filter, Designed for Synthetic Oil Changes Lasting up to 20k Miles, XG10575 with SureGrip (Pack of 1)
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Engine oil filter comes with Suregrip non-slip surface making it easy to remove and implement your filter without slippery mess ups. Perfect for the DIYer like yourself, just screw new filter on until gasket reaches base contact and tighten.
  • DURABLE DUAL LAYER: Compare to standard oil filters, FRAM Ultra Synthetic provides 99%+ filtration efficiency with pleated media that entraps all kinds of dirt and exhaust for a cleaner output.
  • SUPERIOR ENGINE PROTECTION: FRAM car oil filter is composed of a slick silicone anti-drainback valve, delivering superior start-up engine protection with up to 3X the hot oil resistance. Keep your filter clean without the dangerous mess.
  • HIGH TEMP RESISTENCE: Filter combats high heat pressure for longer shelf life with advanced high nitrile gasket for extended durability and quality.
  • 20,000 MILE CAPABILITY: Reliable for high mileage, FRAM Ultra Synthetic offers proven protection up to 20,000 miles. FRAM Ultra Synthetic delivers reliable performance for the person who lives on the road.

Founded way back in 1934 by two chemists, T. Edward Aldam and Frederick Franklin, the FRAM brand has been active for over 80 years. Throughout these years, FRAM has been making a variety of oil filters for different vehicles and has improved its patent technologies pretty many times.

However, across many forums and websites, a lot of internet users have talked down the FRAM brand – mostly on YouTube. Yes, there were a few FRAM oil filters that happened to be complete trash, but that doesn’t mean that the brand – in its entirety – doesn’t make good oil filters.

FRAM may have made very poor oil filters at some point – while trying new manufacturing raw materials – but the company currently produces some of the finest oil filters sold at decent prices across stores.

More so, FRAM filters can last up to the second oil change interval, which means that you probably don’t need to change them per oil change interval.

You can use FRAM oil filters on any vehicle comfortably; they can trap quite a lot of stuff, including fine particles. They are also proven to withstand tough conditions – so even if you’re driving in hot climate conditions, your car’s oil filter won’t fumble. An interesting fact about FRAM filters is that they are sold at a low price.

Are FRAM Oil Filters Good?

From a general perspective and based on performance, FRAM oil filters are good and recommendable for all types of vehicles.

As said earlier, the brand has had a few very bad models in time past, but the newer FRAM oil filters are really worth giving a shot! More so, the brand makes different oil filter models: Ultra Synthetic, Titanium, Force, Tough Guard, Extra Guard, Drive, and Racing.

Contrary to what you’d see most people – bashers – say on forums, FRAM oil filters are not made using cardboard end-caps; instead, they are made using dense resin end-caps, which are quite better than metal end-caps, and easier to bond to a paper filter media.

FRAM goes on to use silicone bypass valves to ensure that oil can still bypass the filter media even when filtration fails.

The FRAM Extra Guard oil filter is one of the best-selling models of the brand. FRAM Extra Guard is made using SureGrip technology to provide a non-slip surface for easier installation and uninstallation.

The Extra Guard filter also has cellulose and glass blended media, along with a silicone anti-drain back valve. It is an ideal choice for most car owners, delivering up to 95% efficiency.

FRAM has shared pretty many videos showing how it tests its filters before they are released into the market. Apparently, FRAM filters are thoroughly tested by the engineers – they are as sturdy as you’d expect an oil filter, and depending on the model you choose, some models are sturdier.

In all, FRAM oil filters do a good job of trapping and filtering contaminants that may want to flow with the motor oil into the engine.

More so, FRAM filters are certified by renowned quality standard organizations; they are ISO 4548-12 standard. FRAM’s bragging point is the use of filtering comprising cellulose, synthetic, and glass fibers – this means higher efficiency.

Are FRAM Oil Filters Worth It?

Basically, if you’re looking for a low-cost oil filter with high filtration efficiency, FRAM oil filters – particularly the Tough Guard edition – are a great buy for the price, and they can last up to 15,000 miles or more before requiring a change.

Yeah, FRAM oil filters are worth it, and hereunder are the reasons to choose them:

  • Efficiency: In terms of efficiency, FRAM oil filters are about 99 percent effective in trapping large particles and about 95.7 percent efficient in capturing smaller particles (of 20 microns in size). This is pretty decent enough for any car engine.
  • Can Thickness: FRAM oil filters are quite sturdy; the filter walls can deal with pressure levels up to 300 psi – that’s practically three times the pressure most cars’ engines can produce.
  • Cost and Reliability: FRAM is notable for making some of the cheapest oil filters in the market. The Extra Guard filter lasts up to 5,000 miles and costs less than $5, while the Tough Guard edition filter – which is basically the brand’s finest offering – lasts up to 15,000 miles and costs less than $24.

Even the overall best oil filter would certainly fail at some point – after being used for many thousands of miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do FRAM Oil Filters Last?

The durability depends on the particular type you bought; the least of the filters lasts up to 3,000 miles or three months, while the sturdiest model is predicted to last up to 20,000 miles. This implies that most FRAM oil filters can last you for a whole year.

Who Makes FRAM Oil Filters?

The current manufacturer of FRAM oil filters is Crowne Group LLC, under its Trico subsidiary. Crowne Group LLC manufactures FRAM oil filters in its Trico-owned facilities across five continents. In America, FRAM filters are made in Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio.

What Technologies Are Used In FRAM Oil Filters?

FRAM oil filters feature a Suregrip surface, fiber & resin filter media, an anti-drain back valve, and a sturdy gasket. The anti-drain back valves prevent the valve from leaking oil after you have turned off the engine.

What More?

Are FRAM oil filters good? From all indications, they are good and long-lasting. More so, FRAM filters are incredibly cheap across various stores – online and offline – yet, they deliver optimal filtration performance for all engine types, and work with any type of motor oil.

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