Are Motorcraft Oil Filters Good? (Explained)

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Your car’s engine oil pump forces oil from the reservoir through the oil filter to get into the engine. The filter is there to remove dirt, metal fragments/savings, and harmful debris from your motor oil as it goes into the engine. The filtered (clean) oil keeps the engine clean and cool.

There are many controversial opinions about engine oil filters on the internet. You’d see a lot of people saying bad stuff about certain oil filter brands, while a couple of people would still recommend those badmouthed brands. Well, it’s normal for a product to receive praise and critics from its users, but how about Motorcraft oil filters?

Are Motorcraft oil filters good? Rating an oil filter brand as “good” or “bad” is individually dependent – based on the type of car you drive. For instance, Motorcraft oil filters are the officially recommended oil filters for Ford vehicles. They won’t be recommended by Ford if they are not a good one.

Nevertheless, because Ford recommended Motorcraft oil filters doesn’t make the brand the best in the market. In fact, a good number of end users do not think Motorcraft oil filters are worth buying. Why? According to user reviews, Motorcraft filters have low efficiency – they do not filter contaminants as well as they are advertised.

Motorcraft Oil Filters Overview

Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • Part number: FL2016
  • Included components: Oil Filter
  • Oem equivalent part number: FL2016

The Motorcraft brand is owned and operated by the USA automobile manufacturing giant, Ford Motor Company. It is the company’s official brand for motor oil and oil filters; hence, Motorcraft products are highly recommended for use on Ford vehicle models.

Asides from making motor oils and oil filters, the brand also makes batteries, spark plugs, fuel filters, brakes, A/C condensers, automatic transmission fluid, and other auto products. Basically, the Motorcraft brand is a top auto brand, and it specializes in making OEM products for Ford.

Furthermore, although a Ford brand, Motorcraft, has the right to produce automobile products for other companies, it currently makes products for Mazda. There are different oil filter models produced by Motorcraft.

You can also use Motorcraft oil filters on other vehicles that are not made by Ford. For example, Motorcraft oil filters can be used on Toyota, Mazda, GMC, and other vehicle brands. Well, it’s not about being an OEM oil filter manufacturer, are Motorcraft oil filters any good?

Are Motorcraft Oil Filters Good?

Well, from a general perspective, Motorcraft oil filters are good and reliable. But there are many people online that do not agree with that. Motorcraft oil filters are actually well built – looking at the technologies and features.

Particularly, Motorcraft FL500S seems to be the most efficient product offered by the brand. Hereunder are the features of Motorcraft oil filters:

  • Pressure-Relief Valves: These valves are installed to maintain oil levels in the engine – especially in extremely cold conditions – and also help to prevent contaminated oil from flowing back into the engine.
  • Media: This is the main “filter” in the oil filter setup. The filter media is the actual component that purifies the oil. Motorcraft uses filter media made from a blend of cellulose and polyester; the media is engineered for high capacity and strength.
  • Anti-Drain Back Valves: The anti-drain back valves used in Motorcraft oil filters are made of silicone and are resistant to different temperature levels. They are available in the oil filter assembly to prevent dry-starts and stop oil from flowing back from the engine to the reservoir when the car is turned off.

These elements used in Motorcraft oil filters are alleged to deliver the best performance – according to the manufacturer’s ad copies – but in reality, the actual users have confirmed that Motorcraft oil filters have only but 80% efficiency. This implies that the filters only capture about 80% of the contaminants that flow along with the engine oil – Not so good, but not so bad either.

Motorcraft Oil Filters Material/Performance Breakdown

The filters are rated to be 80% effective at removing particles of size 20 microns and larger; these particles include carbon, metal bits, sand, dust, dirt, and other similar contaminants. In other words, the filters are not so good at keeping out finer particles that would flow with the oil.

Also, Motorcraft oil filters are made with steel casing – the ironed cans are designed to fit perfectly into many vehicles – particularly Ford vehicles –. The steel case is equally made to be easy to grip and remove; the coating is allegedly rust-resistant.

Based on users’ feedback, Motorcraft oil filters last from 5,000 miles to 20,000 miles depending on the model you bought and how frequently you change oils. The filter is sold at a price between $5 and $22 in different auto stores – offline and online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Motorcraft Oil Filters Last?

They last quite long, depending on the model you bought. The cheapest ones last between 5,000 miles to 7,000 miles, while the premium (expensive) ones can last anywhere from 10,000 miles to 20,000 miles. Notwithstanding, it is recommended that you change your engine’s oil filter at every oil change.

Is Motorcraft The Best For Ford?

Yes, Ford itself recommends the use of Motorcraft motor oil and oil filters for its vehicle models. This does not imply that you cannot use oil filters from other brands on Ford vehicles, and also, Motorcraft filters can be used on other vehicles.

Can I Change Ford Motorcraft Oil Filters Myself?

Individually, you can change the oil filter by yourself or simply let the mechanic that is doing your oil change do it at once. The oil filter casing is quite easy to remove, and the design makes it fit into most vehicles easily.


So, are Motorcraft oil filters good? Yes, they are good and recommended for FORD vehicles, but not everyone would love to buy them – again.

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