Who Makes Motorcraft Oil Filters? (In-Depth Overview)

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Well, virtually all the oil filters in the market are not made by the brand whose name is printed on them. Here’s what we mean, FRAM oil filters are not made by FRAM; they are made by Champions Laboratories.

In the same vein, STP oil filters are not made by STP, they are made by Champ Labs too. So, who makes Motorcraft oil filters?

Motorcraft oil filters are made by Purolator, an American company renowned for making top-quality oil filters for premium brands.

Although Motorcraft oil filters are made by another manufacturer, Purolator, the filters are made to meet Ford’s specifications. This article explains what you should know about Motorcraft oil filters and where they are produced.

Motorcraft Oil Filters Overview

Motorcraft is a division (brand) of Ford Motors; the brand produces motor oils, filters, and other automotive lubricant products for Ford Motors.

Basically, Ford recommends using Motorcraft oil and oil filters for its vehicles, but you could still use the filters on vehicles from other manufacturers – Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, etc.

Motorcraft oil filters are popular because they are very much affordable and built to standard. The oil filters are made using Puro Classic filtration or P1 media and PureONE’s silicone ADBV.

More interestingly, the ByPass Valve is FORD’s preferred design; hence, it is placed at the bottom and not atop (as with most other oil filters from other brands). Inarguably, Motorcraft oil filters are among the best ones you can use confidently on any vehicle you’ve got – not necessarily a Ford model.

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil Filters?

Purolator makes the Motorcraft oil filters. The filters are made in Purolator certified facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The company, Purolator Filters LLC has been in the business of manufacturing top-quality oil filters for a very long time now; they handle Motorcraft oil filter production from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Motorcraft Oil Filters Made?

They are made in the USA – in the Purolator facility, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Motorcraft oil filters are made to meet Ford’s specifications and they are fit for other vehicles too.

How Much is Motorcraft Oil Filters?

Motorcraft oil filters are among the lowest-cost options in the market. You’d get them within the $5 – $10 range on Walmart and Amazon.

Does Ford Own Motorcraft Products?

Yes, Motorcraft is a brand under Ford Motors; the brand is in charge of Ford’s aftermarket motor oils and oil filters. Motorcraft products are built to Ford Motor’s standards.


It is advisable to choose your motor oil filters carefully. Oil filters can help to improve engine performance by ensuring that dirt and debris never get into the engine to form sludge. Motorcraft oil filters are among the most durable and affordable options in the market.

The manufacturer of Motorcraft oil filters, Purolator is notable for producing top-quality oil filters, and they produce the filters to meet the specific demands of Ford and Motorcraft. If you’re looking for good alternatives to Motorcraft oil filters, consider getting FRAM oil filters or Mobile 1.

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