How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Car Side Mirrors

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Looking out to spot a spider on your car’s side mirrors can be quite irritating. At the instance, what comes to your mind is what you could do to remove the spider from your mirrors.

Interestingly, this article clearly explains how to get rid of spiders in car side mirrors. You could simply do that by stopping the car and remove the spider manually using an object, or your bare hands (if you can).

However, it is one thing to always remove spiders from your car mirrors, and it’s another thing to get rid of them entirely – so they don’t return to your side mirrors. How would you do that?

Why Do Spiders Like My Car Window?

Maybe your car window seems attractive to them, and they want to see the reflection of themselves all day long. Now, that’s pun intended!

The main reasons why you may keep seeing spiders in your car side mirrors or anywhere in your car are dirt and dampness. Spiders love to hide in cool, damp, secluded places.

If you usually park inside the garage, during spring/summer, you may notice that you always got a spider in your side mirrors. This is slightly caused due to the season, and it’s not “Normal.”

There could be other reasons why spiders keep staying on your car side mirrors, but it’s mainly dirt, dampness, and where you parked.

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How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Car Side Mirrors?

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Car Side Mirrors

There are a couple of things you can do to repel spiders from your car mirrors – or any other part of your car.

These tricks are very safe and unharmful!

1. Always Keep Your Car Clean

It cannot be overstated that a dirty environment is the breeding ground of many living organisms and an attractive spot for certain small animals. When your car windows are not always clean, spiders may crawl onto them and stay.

Also, a dusty car window can attract spiders to come and build their webs. Hence, if you notice that you always got spiders on your side mirrors, check if the mirrors are always kept clean – that could be the simple culprit.

Furthermore, when you wash your car, endeavor to dry it out before parking it in your garage, or cover it with a car cover; slightly wet/damp surfaces can also attract spiders to come and make their webs.

2. Change Where You Park Your Car

As crazy as it may sound, where you park your car could be the reason why spiders are always on your side mirrors.

For example, if you park in a dusty garage, chances are that spiders may be living out in the corners, and could always find their way to crawl onto your side mirrors – probably when looking for a new home (pun intended).

So, to get rid of those spiders, you should change where you park your car. But, if it’s your garage, and you’ve got no other place to park, then you should consider doing a thorough “clean up” of the garage to keep the environment clean.

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3. Use Car Covers

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If you’ve not been using a car cover, maybe it’s time to start using them. Even cars parked inside the garage can be protected further with a car cover. The benefits of using car covers are pretty many, but not everyone knows about them.

When you cover your car – while it’s parked – spiders won’t find it easy to crawl into the car cover and enter your car or live on the mirrors.

At most, what the spiders would do, is to make their webs on the car cover – not on your car actually or the side mirrors.

So, when you remove the car cover, you’d meet your neat, clean car – with no spider webs on any part of it. You could wash the car cover when you feel like the webs are too many.

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4. Use Spider Repellents

Apparently, every animal has what repels it from a surface or environment. For spiders, you can repel them with citrus scents. It is also established that most essential oils repel spiders because of their strong scent.

You can buy essential oils from the market, or prepare a homemade spider repellent spray that you’d spray on your car when parked. Some drivers even go to the extend of rubbing lime on their windows – the scent is sure to keep spiders away.

The five proven natural scents that repel spiders are vinegar, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, and cedarwood. If you’ve got any of these, apply them to your car side mirrors, and you’d never see spiders on them, again.

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5. Catch and Get Rid Of Existing Spiders in Your Car

If you remove the spider on your car side mirrors when there’s another one inhabiting inside your car, it’s just about time, and you’d see more spiders on different sides of your car.

So, what should you do? You should look out for spiders in every nook and cranny of your car, and get rid of them entirely.

There are many openings in a car from which spiders can get in; find those opening and craft a safe to close them – may be using a tight net/mesh.

Also, look out for spider eggs – after getting rid of the ones you saw. Apparently, if you let their eggs stay, they’d hatch and you’d get new companies – new spiders.

What More?

Definitely, this article has clearly explained how to get rid of spiders in car side mirrors. The summary is to keep your car clean, remove all the spiders and their eggs, and use a car cover if need be.

Citrus scent is strong enough to repel spiders; so you should consider getting citrus oil sprays to spray on your car mirrors to repel those pesky big insects.

Also, you should be careful of the environment you park – your garage. If the place is dirty, over time, spiders (and other insects) would find their way into your car.

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