Do Garaged Cars Last Longer?

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Do garaged cars last longer? Well, how long a car would last hugely depends on how well you maintain the car. While it is advisable to regularly visit an auto workshop to check up and service your vehicle, you should know some basic auto maintaining practices.

Yes, garaging a car can make it last a bit longer. Some people have also asked to understand if garaging a vehicle is the same as parking it outside?

There’s a clear difference between parking your car in a garage and parking outside; however, you’ll be able to discern, which is better at the end of this article.

Do Garaged Cars Last Longer?

Like I mentioned earlier, garaging your car will definitely make it last slightly longer due to so many reasons.

But before we discuss some of the various factors that will make garaged cars last longer than ungaraged cars, let’s quickly look at how packing your vehicle in a garage will make it last longer.

How Would Garaging Your Car Make It Last Longer?

Do Garaged Cars Last Longer

Different homeowners build different types of garages for cars. Some garages have open entrances, while others are protected with a gate.

Nevertheless, irrespective of how the garage is built and how big it is, there’s just about one major function of garages: keeping your car out of walking-paths and protecting it from as many destructive elements as possible.

What does this mean? It simply means that when a car is parked in a garage, it is cleared off pathways. Hence, people walking through the paths or within your compound would not frequently collide or touch the car as they walk to and fro.

But people no longer see garages as a perfect place to park their vehicles. Some have even turned their garages to something else (maybe a place to park the house’s junks or even a home workshop space).

There are many car owners that would prefer to park their car(s) at any available space in the compound, while others wouldn’t mind parking outside and relying on the car’s security systems to keep the vehicle safe and away from thieves.

In all these, garaging your cars is so important that if you do not have a garage at the moment, you should consider building one right away. Want to actually know why we said that? Below are reasons to prove that garaged cars do last longer.

Why Garaged Cars Last Longer than Un-Garaged Ones

How Would Garaging Your Car Make It Last Longer


1. They are safe from various elements

Obviously, the wind would come every day, and it’d pack a lot of elements as it blows. When a car is not parked in a garage, these wind elements, as small as they may be, can leave scratches and noticeable marks to appear on a car’s exterior body.

More so, asides the possible scratches as a result of the wind carrying little particles while blowing, when a car is not parked in a garage, human beings that are walking on the pathways close to where the vehicle is parked can rub/scratch their hands on the car’s body.

The car is also liable to be affected by hails or hit by a weak tree branch that’s falling off the stem. In contrast, a garaged car is safe from all these elements that can cause insignificant or even severe damages.

2. Keeps off car thieves

One common challenge faced by car owners is car theft. A lot of people have lost their precious, expensive cars to theft. Parking in a garage (or even in a basement) keeps out car thieves from stealing your cars.

In contrast, a car parked outside can be easily hacked and stolen, thanks to the cutting-edge techs these car thieves now go about with.

3. The snow won’t affect your car

When a car is parked in a garage, it is safe from snowfalls and, in turn, saves you the time to clear of snow from your vehicle before driving it out for work or outing.

Also, you know how chilly the snow can be, a car doesn’t need to be left in the cold for a long time.

4. They are protected from the sun and harsh temperatures

Undoubtedly, when a car is parked outside the garage, the car is exposed to constant sunlight and harsh temperature. This is not good for your car because it makes the waxing fade faster – UV rays will affect your car’s color and reduce its shininess.

On the other hand, extreme cold temperature isn’t good for your car as it could lead to wearing of the car wax or some other components; this happens little by little, anyway. Yes, extreme cold temperatures can cause plastic and vinyl material to shrink.

In contrast, a covered garaged will help balance temperatures (not getting too hot or cold); thus, keeping your keep warm and fresh for as long as possible.

5. Longer engine life

The engine in a car is what makes the car. Parking your car in a garage keeps the temperature under the hood stable. Stabilized temperature helps to keep everything that’s under the hood working as supposed.

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How do garaged cars last longer? Hopefully, this article has explained this question. However, the key takeaways from this article are:

  • Garage cars tend to last longer because they are protected from several physical elements that could dent their durability.
  • Parking a car outside isn’t basically a bad idea, but park it in a garage if you want it to last longer.
  • It is best to keep your car(s) at an environment/room with a stable temperature to retain its color and keep all the components working as supposed.
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