Difference Between Parking Car Outside Vs Garage

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A garage is a specially built space for parking of cars and/or automobiles – that’s the basic and practically the only function it is built to serve. However, some people have turned their garages to places where they can drop junks and spoils.

Don’t join in turning your garage as a junk space and resort to parking your car outside in open spaces. There’s a big difference between parking car outside vs garage. Apparently, the garage appears safer and more conducive for your car.

But what happens when you don’t have space to build a garage for your car? Are there dangers associated with parking cars outside in open spaces?

Well, we are going to look at the clear differences between parking a car in the garage or parking outside.

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What Happens When You Park Your Car Outside?

When you don’t park your car inside a garage, the car is obviously exposed to quite a lot of elements, which could cause little-to-serious damages that’d possibly cost you a huge sum to fix. An example is this:

People walking through the paths close to where your car is parked can run their hands against your car’s finish and possibly leave some noticeable scratches.

On the other hand, hails, wind, and rain will mess with your car when it’s parked outside, and it is not advisable to allow these elements to constantly come in direct contact with your vehicle. They can destroy your paint/finish, as well as cause very significant damages over time.

Furthermore, a car parked outside is vulnerable and subject theft. A car bugler may plan and find it easy to hijack your vehicle when it is parked outside for a long time. All these things and possibly more dangers are associated with parking your car outside.

A better way to diverge all these dangers can be by parking the car in a garage, but most times, you won’t find any garage around you – so, what do you have you do?

When you’re left with just one option, which is to park your car outside, it is advisable that you buy a car cover to protect the vehicle.

Car covers offer an adequate level of protection to cars parked outside the garage. They will save your finish from fading away quickly, prevent the hails, rain, and sun, as well as possibly protect against car theft.

Let’s continue with the differences between parking car outside vs garage.

What Happens When You Park Your Car In A Garage?

What Happens When You Park Your Car In A Garage

The garage is poised to be the safest place where you can park your car. It provides all the possible protection your car needs against several natural and manmade dangers that could cost you a lot of money. More so, garaged cars are believed to last longer due to a bunch of considerable factors.

Cars that are parked in the garage are subjected to suitable temperatures, which keep the body warm or cool when necessary. There are quite a bunch of benefits of parking a car in a garage – it is practically the best way to preserve your vehicle and make it last longer.

Also, you can use car covers on cars that are parked in the garage – it is totally safe to do so. Covering cars that are parked in the garage with car covers help to shield against dust that may have penetrated the garage.

At this time, you should be able to point out some differences between these two ways of parking your car. However, below is a clear-cut comparison that proves the differences between parking outside or in a garage.

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Parking Car Outside Vs Garage

Parking Car Outside Vs Garage

Protection from Elements

One of the things that cause cars to age quickly or its metallic components to rotten quickly earlier than expected is excessive exposure to elements such as sun, wind, and rain. These three elements are the worst things you should allow to directly hit your car regularly.

However, when you park inside a garage, it saves your car from these stuff while a vehicle parked outside remains vulnerable.

You may think about car covers for vehicles parked outside, but it is crucial you know that car covers aren’t foolproof, and not all of them are original, too.

When the sun is very high, UV rays can penetrate the car cover and hit the body, which in turn heats the interior components, resulting in critical issues over time. When you cannot find a garage to park your car, always look out for shades and park there.

Optimal Security

A car parked inside a garage isn’t just protected from hails, snow, rain, and sun; it is also protected from car burglars. It is virtually impossible for a thief to get into your garage without your notice to hijack your cars parked inside.

Some people that own fleets do go to the extent of installing cameras in their garage to monitor the activities of the keepers.

In contrast, cars parked outside (especially without car covers) can be easily hijacked by car thieves, thanks to the sophisticated methods these guys now apply to carry out their operations. Putting a car cover can resist a burglar to some extent – it is not guaranteed.

You wouldn’t love to lose the car you bought at a tremendous amount to be stolen by a resourceful car thief. Garaged cars are also safe from scratches and a bunch of other dangerous stuff (falling tree branches, passersby, dents, etc.) that can affect your car’s durability.


Expediency/convenience is one of the reasons to get a garage for parking your cars. An example is this: you drove home while it’s still raining; if you have a garage, you can simply drive inside and subsequently get into the house without getting wet.

Garages do have side doors that lead into the house – usually leads to the kitchen so that you can easily take in the groceries you just bought.

Furthermore, when you park in the garage, it saves you a lot of time during snowy days. You won’t have to deal with piles of snow each morning before you drive to office or work.

What more?

These three reasons explained above are the difference between parking car outside vs. garage. If you do not have a garage in your home, but got some good space in the compound, you can build a car shed to act as your garage.

Car sheds protect your cars from sun, rain, and snow. Typically, they are only covered at the top; however, if you build a shed beside your house, you’ll get free sideways covering, thanks to the building’s wall and the fence.

It is cheaper to install a car shed than to build a garage, but the latter is the best option if you can afford it.

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In summary, we would recommend you garage your cars or build a shed for them; either way, it will help your vehicle to last longer, and the paint won’t fade away quickly.

Also, using car covers are an excellent option to protect your car when it’s parked outside, but always practice to park under a shed or in a garage whenever possible.

Hopefully, you’ve known the difference between parking car outside vs garage; kindly share this article with other people – they may find it handy too.

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