Should I Use A Car Cover In The Garage?

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Since the car is already parked in the garage, is there still a need to use a car cover? It should be protected already. Well, there are two major types of car covers, indoor and outdoor car covers.

It is still imperative to use indoor car covers even when your car is parked in a garage, but then, there are things you should have in mind.

Also, when you hear someone ask, “should I use a car cover in the garage?” most times, the person is referring to outdoor car covers. It is not bad to cover a car parked inside the garage with a cover. This act doesn’t pose any harm or danger to your car.

However, in this article, we are going to demystify most myths about car covers and using them on garaged cars.

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Should I Use A Car Cover In The Garage?

Outdoor car covers are thicker than indoor car covers, and indoor covers are cheaper than outdoor covers. The garage will definitely get dusty, and there’s the possibility that other stuff could get in, too.

Thus, the reasons below explain why it is safe and necessary to use indoor car covers to protect garaged cars.

1. Protection from Gears

Some people use their garage for quite other things and not only for parking cars. While it is advisable to only use your garage as a car park, if there are other gears stored in the garage, you should use a car cover to prevent those stuff from scratching your car’s body finish.

However, if your car is the only thing stored in the garage, then this reason does not apply. Yet, there’s still a need to use a car cover; check the next reasons.

2. Protection from Dust

Dust is inevitable inside a garage. When a car parked in the garage is not covered, most likely, the next time you’ll need to use the vehicle, you’ll have to deal with the dust that must have covered the body. The only thing that can save your garage from dust is when it is hermetically sealed.

More so, when cleaning your garden with a leaf blower or running other environment cleanings, dust can penetrate into the garage easily.

There are just many things that could get dust into your garage; hence, you should protect your car with a car cover even though it is parked in the garage.

Car covers also protect garaged cars from dirt and pollens. It is generally advisable to use them irrespective of where your car is parked.

3. Keeps the Pets from Scratching Your Paint

I it safe to Use A Car Cover In The Garage

Maybe your pets usually find their way to your garage quite frequently – there’s the possibility that they could scratch their claws on your car while playing around. Using a car cover can offer scratch protection and save your car’s body from damages your pet(s) is likely to cause.

If you have a pet that visits the garage all the time, get a thick car cover to protect your car that’s parked in the garage. Irrespective of how trained/disciplined your pet is, one in a while, pets do act out of the box.

4. Keeps the Car Safe from Objects

Well, most people also run some car DIYs in their garage; hence, they leave some cleaning tools and specific objects in the garage.

You can build a safe box where you can store all these stuff after each DIY, but it’s advisable to use car covers – they could protect the car from these objects if you forgot to keep them at a safe corner after use.

5. Checkmates Moisture

Moisture is one of the worst enemies of cars – it could still find a way into your garage. If you live closer to the coast, moisture can be quite inevitable. Apparently, moisture could gather at some corners of your car, and you may not notice. That’s one of the reasons why you should continuously wash your vehicle.

In this case, you need a fully breathable car cover that would allow air to flow seamlessly and dry up any moisture that could have been hiding out in deep corners.

Note: not all car covers are breathable; you need to precisely find the one of such.

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Hopefully, this article has answered the question, “Should I use a car cover in the garage?” In summary, using a car cover for a car parked in your garage is not a bad idea.

In fact, it is very necessary and increases protection over quite a couple of possible issues that could occur in the garage.

Furthermore, you should opt-in for breathable car covers; they will allow air to flow freely and quickly dry up moisture. However, when you wash your car, do not wear the car cover immediately; allow the car to dry before doing that – it is not advisable to put on a car cover on wet a wet car.

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