What To Clean Inside Of Car With? {5 Vital Products}

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When you want to clean your car exterior, you use certain car wash compounds or just soaps and detergents.

But when you want to clean the inside, you don’t just use any cleaning agent; else, you may end up using a chemical compound that could eat up your upholstery. So, as a car owner, you should know what to clean inside of car with to avoid using the wrong products.

Cleaning the inside of a car takes a longer time than washing the outside. Also, you should be careful not to spray too much water on your upholstery so that it can dry faster. This article explains how to clean the inside of a car and what you should use for the cleaning.

5 Products For Cleaning Car Interior

It is important that you clean the inside of your car once in a while; it is a maintenance practice that could improve your car’s value. To perfectly clean your car interior for detailing purposes or just to make it look neat, you need to use certain equipment and compounds.

1. Vacuum Cleaner

This is a very important equipment for cleaning the inside of a car. A vacuum cleaner works for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, suctioning dirt and debris left on the carpet or floors, and other purposes.

You’ll need a vacuum cleaner that comes with an extension wand and is portable to carry about. We recommend this  for this purpose.

2. Clean Rags

Certainly, you need rags – the rags will come in handy at various times during the cleaning – for wiping down dashboards, windows, etc., and for drying the upholstery. Microfiber cloths/rags would be best for this purpose instead of regular towels.

3. Cleaning Compounds

There are lots of cleaning compounds out there, and different people prefer different cleaning products for one reason or another.

So, gather your favorite cleaning compounds (detergent, soap, or special car wash compounds) and keep them around. This can include vinegar, baking soda, clove oil, stain remover, etc.

We recommend the for this.

4. Brushes

Sometimes, when cleaning the inside of a car, you’ll notice that you need a brush to remove dirt from a particular corner. To avoid being caught unawares, also keep a brush around when you’re going to clean your car interior.

For this purpose, get the or this .

5. Trash Can

Yes, this is also very important for cleaning the inside of a car such as the .

You need to keep a trashcan in proximity; this is where you will dispose of the dirt, debris, and other liters you’ll remove from the car.

When you have readied all these stuff, you’re fully set to properly clean your car’s interior. So, below is a professional guide on how to clean the inside of a car.

How To Clean The Interior Of Your Car

What To Clean Inside Of Car With

Firstly, you should start by picking large debris and dirt that are on the floors and corners. Afterward, remove the carpets/mats; the cleaning has begun.

1. Clean The Center Console

Damp a rag (microfiber cloth) with any cleaning agent and carefully wipe down the center console. Dust can get into tiny cracks in the various controls in your car. Start wiping from the cleaner areas to the dirtier areas.

If the rag you’re using cannot properly clean certain areas, try using car cleaning wipes; they are more flexible for such purposes.

Clean the dashboard, gearstick, button controls, knobs, and every other thing installed on the center console. Use a toothbrush to clean tighter spots.

2. Clean The Windows

After the center console, next should be the Windows. Spray a car window cleaner on the glass and wipe it down gently. Read the instructions on how to use the car glass cleaner you bought.

Sometimes, it is advisable not to spray the window cleaner to your glass directly; instead, spray to a microfiber rag and then wipe the glasses. Ensure to wipe/clean all the windows, including side mirrors.

3. Clean The Seats

Depending on the material used in making your car seats, the cleaning agent you’d need to use may differ. Leather seats can be cleaned with soapy water, but car seats made from cloth materials can be cleaned using upholstery cleaners.

Your vacuum would work again here; you need the to clean the seats properly, removing the particles, sand, and dirt that may be hiding inside the seams. Also, vacuum the ceiling and gradually come down to the floors.

Important Note: you should use the appropriate vacuuming nozzle for each cleaning. Use the crevice tool that came with your vacuum cleaner to clean seats’ pockets and crevices.

Every front seat in a car can be adjusted forth and back; use the adjustment clip to shift the front seats so that you can properly clean the dirt hiding underneath. If you noticed stains while cleaning the seats, use a stain remover to clean the stained surface.

4. Finish Up

Put back the carpets and mats (after you have cleaned them). Check if there are spots you missed so you can clean them. Open up the doors to allow air to freely flow through the car to dry the upholstery and other places you wetted.

You may perceive a bad odor after the cleaning; so, you should get an air freshener and spray in the car. Notwithstanding, you can install a car air freshener on your dashboard, but don’t close the doors yet.

Now, look around from the ceiling to the floors, to the console, to the seats, and the dashboard, ensure that everywhere is as clean as you wish. You are done!

Conclusion | What To Clean Inside Of Car With

We hope that you’ve known what to clean inside of car with. Also, we hope that our guide to washing the interior of a car works out fine for you. Leave the car doors open for a while (the duration would vary based on how you damped the upholstery.

Dispose of the content in the trashcan and tidy the environment where you stayed to clean the car. We’d advise you to use microfiber cloths to clean your car to avoid mitts and for cleaner surfaces. Check out how to wash the exterior of a car to avoid water spots.

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