Can I Put A Car Cover On a Wet Car?

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Installing a car cover can protect your car from quite several dangers and damages, but it is essential to know when and how to put a car cover on your vehicle. You may wonder, can I put a car over on a wet car?

Well, this is not advisable because when the car is wet, and you cover it up, the fabric used in designing the car cover can glue to the dense body and possibly leave you with a distorted finish.

However, since it is crucial and necessary to protect your car with a car cover, here are some important tips you should know about covering wet cars.

Can I Put A Car Cover On A Wet Car?

Typically, the outside layers of car covers are waterproof, but the inside is not. Hence, while the outside can be able to repel water, the inside is liable to absorb moisture. That said, it is inadvisable to cover a wet car with any cloth or material that’s not entirely waterproof (inside and outside).

Similarly, you should not put a “wet” car cover on your car, expecting it to dry on its own due to sunlight; many people do this, but it is not advisable.

The best thing to do is to allow your car to dry up before wearing it a dry car cover. Both your vehicle and the car cover have to be dry to avoid molds due to moist surfaces.

It is important to note that the actual essence of car covers is to protect vehicles from sunlight rays; thus, causing the car’s finish not to faint quickly. Also, car covers can protect against scratches from people that walk around the area where you parked, as well as offer protection against hails and wind.

Car covers are generally handy, but you have to use them appropriately to enjoy the full benefits it has to offer. Also, you should understand that water and moisture can settle underneath car covers since they can’t penetrate the outer layers.

Thus, when removing a car cover, you should be careful and watch out for the little particles and moisture that have settled underneath.

When you don’t carefully install or remove a car cover, you could end up rubbing the molds beneath on the car’s finish; this can cause scratches or leave some annoying water spots.

But what about the rainy season when the car is almost wet at all times? Should you wait until it dries up before installing a cover?

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How to Put On A Car Cover In The Rain

How to Put On A Car Cover In The Rain

Some people believe that the rain will wash off the dirt and debris that lie on the body of their car; hence, they leave the car uncovered and under the rain for so long.

That’s very bad – you’re doing more HARM than GOOD to your car’s finish and the metallic components that make up your car. You shouldn’t believe most car myths.

However, if the car is already drenched before you got to the house, and peradventure it is still raining, it is advisable to drive the car into a garage or shade and leave it there to dry before covering it with a car cover.

If you cover a wet car, the water splashes on the body won’t dry anymore; they’d remain there for as long as the vehicle is covered. This can affect the car’s finish and cause some metallic components to start rusting over time.

More so, do ensure that your car is covered/garaged whenever you park and go inside your home or office. Leaving your car under the rain doesn’t just damage the paint; if the rainwater should penetrate the engine bay, there are certain components, which are allergic to water, that would be damaged, too.

“Car covers aren’t bad for your cars, but not using them appropriately can cause more harm than good,”

Why Every Car Owner Needs A Car Cover

  • Car covers protect your car from overheating when parked in open spaces.
  • A car cover protects your car from sun, rain, hails, snow, scratches, and quite so many other hazards.
  • When you can’t access a garage or shade, car covers are the handiest alternative way to keep your car safe.
  • Covering your car all the time will make your car’s finish and detailing last longer.
  • Car covers are sold at relatively low prices, and they are very much flexible; you can fold them up and store them anywhere.
  • It is okay to buy several car covers for just one car.

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Can I put a car over on a wet car? The simple answer is NO; such action is not advisable; trapped water would never dry up, and this can cause molds to build-up, as well as affect your paint.

Kindly wait for the car to dry before covering it with a car cover. Also, the car cover should be dry, too.

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