How Long Can a Spider Live In a Car?

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There are many ways a spider can get into your car, and since cars are not entirely airtight, spiders can survive inside in an enclosed car for quite too long. This triggers the question, “how long can a spider live in a car?”

A spider can live up to 6 months – or even longer – in an enclosed car, and if the car is been used regularly, the spider can survive for many years. Yes, spiders can go for a long while without food or water.

Now, many people do not like spiders – it scares the hell out of them – and having that in mind, this article includes tips on how to get rid of those pesky things on your car.

How Did Spider Get Into My Car?

Actually, there are many void spots in a car where a spider could get in from. More so, as you open your car doors or windows – maybe while discussing – a spider could creep in without you knowing it did.

From the engine bay, there are many void spots a spider could follow to get into your car – there are just many open places it could creep in from; so, if you found a spider inside your car, it’s no big deal – it got in from an opening in your car.

Furthermore, if you parked the car for too long; definitely, when you come back to use the car, you’d find so many pesky cobwebs created by spiders, and that’s a sign that you may find – even more – pesky things when you open the car.

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How Long Can a Spider Live In a Car?

How Long Can a Spider Live In a Car

Spiders are “low maintenance” animals, meaning that they do not need too much care to survive. An average spider can survive up to 6 months without food or water. But, even in an enclosed car, a spider can get water to drink.

But how?

Apparently, condensation is paramount to occur inside a car, and the spider can feed on the dew formed. Also, cars are not as airtight as you thought they are – they are not even airtight at all – there are many gaps and voids where air could get in from.

So, the spider is definitely going to get air while living inside your car. More so, other little animals may find their way into your car, and they could be prey to the spider – for food.

If you put an average spider in an 8oz airtight plastic bottle, it could live there for a couple of months – talk about a car that’s been used regularly – the spider is probably never going to die, albeit unless you killed it yourself.

Notwithstanding, climate conditions can affect the survival of spiders staying inside a car. When the temperature outside is extremely cold, or extremely high, it can cause spiders – they are living inside a car – to die quite sooner.

Well, if you found a spider in your car, you shouldn’t panic; spiders aren’t that dangerous – just that the sight irritates some people, and that makes them uncomfortable while driving, which could lead to a collision or accident.

What More?

You can get rid of spiders by spraying an insecticide inside the car, and following it up with thorough washing of both the inside and outside. More so, if you could see the spider, you can kill it yourself through whatever means you could imagine.

Spiders are not tough animals, you don’t need too much stress to kill them. They are actually a nuisance, and it’s okay if you kill them.

In conclusion, “how long can a spider live in a car?” Let’s say 6 – 12 months depending on the outside temperature.

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