Are Walmart Batteries Good? (Proven Facts)

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Your car’s battery is of the same importance as the engine. Yes, a bad car battery causes many things to go wrong, including the engine’s components. So, having a good battery is something that should interest every car owner.

But there are no particular good car batteries; instead, there are brands known to produce reliable batteries for different types of vehicles. Most of these brands partner with top stores like Walmart and Amazon to sell their battery at competitive prices. But are Walmart batteries good?

First of all, Walmart has its private line car battery brand, Everstart, which makes a wide variety of battery types. Also, Walmart sells batteries from other brands they trust to offer good quality. In that regard, yes, Walmart sells good batteries for different vehicle types.

What are Walmart Batteries?

Mainly, when you hear about “Walmart batteries,” what’s been referred to, are EverStart batteries, which are EverStart Value, EverStart Plus, and EverStart Max. These batteries are called Walmart batteries because the brand, EverStart, is Walmart’s private car battery line.

Johnson Controls used to be the manufacturer and supplier of EverStart batteries to Walmart, but the production has shifted to Exide – the Indian company, Exide, now makes EverStart batteries for Walmart.

However, some sources hint that Johnson Controls, along with East Penn Manufacturing and Exide. So, practically, there are about three companies that make EverStart batteries for Walmart.

But then, although made by different companies, the quality of EverStart batteries doesn’t seem like it has been reduced – or tampered with.

Furthermore, aside from its EverStart Value, EverStart Plus, and EverStart Max battery series, Walmart also sells a wide range of batteries from notable brands like Odyssey, Optima, LiTime, AC Delco, Motorcraft, and many others.

One thing is sure, you’d find several batteries that will fit into your car when you shop in Walmart stores.

In Walmart’s battery lineup, the EverStart Value is the cheapest – being that it starts around $50 and gives you about 585 CCA.

Next to the Value series is the EverStart Plus, which acts as the midrange battery series – costlier than the EverStart Value and offers higher CCA. The EverStart Maxx is the highest tier, and of course, it offers the highest specifications for tougher conditions.

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Are Walmart Batteries Good?

Talking of Walmart batteries, you may be referring to the company’s private line – EverStart – or asking about the car battery brands sold by Walmart. Whichever one it is you’re referring to, Walmart does sell original and good batteries in its stores nationwide.

The batteries you buy from Walmart come with warranty coverage from the manufacturers, so you can always bring them back to the store if they didn’t work as supposed. In addition to selling original, long-lasting batteries, Walmart also sells car batteries at incredibly cheap prices.

Walmart’s EverStart battery line has different series, and each offers some particular type of specifications that fit specific vehicles. If you haven’t used EverStart batteries on your car before, maybe you should give it a trial by purchasing a discounted one at Walmart.

Should You Buy Walmart Batteries?

There are many benefits of buying your car batteries from Walmart – but don’t get too excited, there are many disadvantages too. First, let’s start with the advantages, and then over to the disadvantages.

When you buy your tires from Walmart, you’re certain the battery is backed by at least one year of manufacturer warranty support, and in most Walmart centers, battery replacement (after you have bought the battery from Walmart) is free of change. Notwithstanding, some centers charge up to $10 for battery installation.

Walmart prices are typically the lowest you’d find out there, which means you could buy your new batteries at incredibly cheap prices.

In Walmart stores, car batteries are listed for as low as $20.00, while Walmart EverStart batteries are available from $46.00 upwards. The fact that you could get the new battery replaced for you for free is another notable reason to buy Walmart batteries.

The biggest disadvantage of shopping in Walmart stores or via their website is that you can barely get fast customer support assistance. As a big store, you’d always meet long queues wanting to speak to/with the support team too.

Are Walmart Batteries Sold Everywhere?

Walmart’s EverStart batteries are sold in virtually all Walmart outlets, including the ones that do not have an Auto Care Center.

Also, you will find a variety of other car battery types and brands when you check in Walmart. EverStart batteries are equally sold in other stores where automotive products are part of the inventory.

What More?

Walmart batteries are good, reliable, and pretty affordable. They are available in different sizes and types.

So, if you were asking, “Are Walmart batteries good?” Yes, they are, and you may get free installation depending on the store location you’re at. Walmart also sells batteries from other brands.

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