Subaru Vs Honda Reliability (Detailed Analysis)

Today, we will address the misconception about Subaru vs Honda reliability. We have pulled out logs from reliable sources so we can have a fair debate.

But first, you MUST understand that both brands have a proven history of being a solid choice for car enthusiasts. However, it is not a tie. Honda is more reliable than Subaru, considering its low maintenance costs.

Don’t get me wrong; you can still bank on Subaru as much as Honda. But the cost of maintenance and repair will shove a hefty amount from your pocket in the long run — as you will soon discover below. 

Subaru Vs Honda Reliability

Here in this section, we will compare Subaru vs Honda not just in terms of reliability but also design, durability, engine, cost of maintenance, price, fuel economy, handling, and warranty. 

We will address all you would consider before opting for a new car

So without further ado, let’s get started!


Subaru and Honda are two of the most popular car brands in the world. And they have been competing for many years, but this rivalry seems to be getting more intense as time passes.

And both companies have their unique designs.

For instance, Subaru believes that all-wheel drive systems make cars safer, making them standard. In contrast, Honda employs different designs for its different models. 

Some of their cars, like the CR-V and Pilot, feature an all-wheel drive (AWD). Others use a four-wheel drive (4WD) or front-wheel drive system, as seen in the Civic.

As you can see, Honda gives drivers a wider range of options, whereas Subaru limits you to mostly AWD.

Also, there have been numerous complaints that Subaru designs are quite similar for over 22 years now —drivers referring to their boxer engines in all its cars and their AWD model.


The question of which company makes the most durable cars, Subaru or Honda, has been debated for years. 

Both are very durable. They make vehicles with a high degree of quality in mind.

However, a few differences exist between them.

Honda has earned its reputation for building one of the standout automobiles. 

But Subaru vehicles are more known for their ingenious designs to handle tough driving conditions, and the company places great emphasis on driver safety with advanced driver assistance features.

If longevity is the case, Honda will be declared the winner. This is because Honda vehicles can last up to 200,000 to 300,000 miles and span fourteen to twenty years of extensive use.

Meanwhile, Subaru cars are limited to 200,000 miles with about ten to thirteen years of extensive use.

You will enjoy its comfortable ride, good handling, visibility, traction in all conditions, and a user-friendly interior—the Subaru delivers everything you want from your car.

Unfortunately, Subaru vehicles have similar problems, which will manifest themselves during the first few years of ownership.

After a few years, your Subaru will likely experience some of the problems common to all Subarus: leaking head gaskets, poor oil control, excessive usage, turbo bearing, and radiator issues—the list goes on.


Just as Subaru maintains a standard for all-wheel drive in its vehicles, the company also uses boxer engines—which present many problems—in their cars.

Although boxer engines offer some advantages, such as unusual smoothness and low vibration, they are huge and complex compared with other engine designs.

As a result, boxers tend not to be as reliable or durable as most other kinds of engines.

There is no denying that the boxer engine provides a low gravity center, perfect balance, and smooth handling. However, the challenges that come along with it have prevented many car companies from using it.

Honda’s engines, however, are among the most reliable on the market.

Honda’s cars are powered by various engines, including the F20C, J35, C30A, and C32B. The Japanese automaker also produces some of the most advanced internal combustion engines in the automotive industry—including i-VTEC.


It’s difficult to assess the brand reliability of an automaker across its entire fleet. Fortunately, statistical data can be used to yield a more accurate image.

Subaru MajorRepair ProbabilityHonda MajorRepair Probability

Cost Of Maintenance

Honda and Subaru cars are equally good, depending on your usage. However, it is more costly to maintain a Subaru than other brands of cars.

Honda vehicles have an annual repair cost of $428 per year. This is cheaper than Subaru, which boasts an annual repair cost of $617.

Moreover, Subaru parts tend to be pricier than Honda parts because Subaru vehicles are more complex— meaning that repairs for these cars require a higher level of skill and thus cost more.

Gas Mileage And Fuel Economy

When shopping for a new car, if saving money at the pump is important, pay close attention to fuel economy.

And between Subaru and Honda vehicles, Honda has a better fuel economy record.

Thus, if you prioritize fuel efficiency above all else, Honda could be a better option than Honda.

Subaru’s fuel economy is lower than its competition. The company makes all-wheel drive vehicles, which cost more to build and use up more gas than their front-wheel-drive counterparts.

However, some Subaru models have greater fuel efficiency yet are less economical than top Honda cars.

Gas mileage varies among different models of Honda and Subaru cars.

Some Subaru cars get better fuel economy than some Hondas and vice versa.


Honda and Subaru are both known for their handling, but which is better?

Handling a car is one of the most important aspects of its performance.

And Honda’s performance is legendary in the world of cars. Their vehicles have been known for their exceptional handling characteristics over the past few decades, but they still face stiff competition from Subaru.

Subaru vehicles’ standard all-wheel drive gives them an edge in traction and stability compared to Honda’s front- or all-wheel drive offerings on some models.

Also, Subaru vehicles tend to retain their value better than Honda models. Subaru’s infotainment system is more intuitive and includes Starlink integration.


Subaru and Honda offer similar powertrain warranties —five years or 60,000 miles for Subaru and four years/50,000 miles for Honda. 

Both companies also have roadside assistance programs that last the length of their respective powertrain warranties.

But Subaru and Honda’s warranties differ slightly regarding coverage for other components.  Subaru provides a three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty on most models.

On the other hand, Honda only covers repairs for this length of time or distance with vehicles with an extended service contract (Honda Care).

Why Are Honda Engines So Reliable?

Honda engines are so reliable because they have a long history of being built to last —the design, materials, and craftsmanship.

Honda engines are designed to be durable and reliable, so they can withstand the rigors of daily use. 

They’re also engineered to offer excellent fuel efficiency, making them an ideal choice for drivers looking for a more economical way to get around.

Unlike many other cars, there are no “kill-switch” parts on a Honda, such as the transmissions  bound to fail at a certain mileage or electrical components that tend to stop working around the time their warranties expire.

Instead, the Honda will continue to run well for many years as it is supposed to.

Does Toyota make Subaru?

Absolutely NOT!

Subaru is an independent company that manufactures its cars, trucks, and SUVs by none other than Subaru herself. 

The mother company is Subaru Corporation, whereas Subaru is the automotive division. 

Who Is Subarus Biggest Competitor?

Subaru has enjoyed a fair share of fame with a cult-like following in the automobile industry.

But just with any business, you always have competitors —-people who challenge you to push beyond your limits with their results.

And the company’s biggest rivals are Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Ford Motor Company, and Nissan, which all have a strong presence in the market. 

Is Subaru A Better Car Than Toyota?

Not in any way I could remember!

Toyota is a better car than Subaru. The company has been around for 86 years and has earned a good reputation for producing vehicles with remarkable designs and impressive styling that inspires efficiency.

Toyota has developed a comprehensive range of active and passive safety features to make all drivers feel more secure.

The innovative, standard Star Safety System is backed up by Toyota’s suite of advanced technologies, which is why they are so popular among consumers.

Among other things, they are reliably built to last and offer great warranties and customer service, which Subaru struggles with.

But this is just a summary of Subaru vs Toyota. If you want to get the whole gist, make sure you go check out our article on Subaru vs Toyota reliability. 


So, I hope the Subaru vs. Honda reliability debate has finally been put to rest.

Overall, they’re both great vehicles with a good reputation. However, The only thing that can be assessed is customer satisfaction, which will likely be affected in many ways, from designs to warranty. And we have covered all of that.

But if you decide which car to buy among them, which would you choose? 

Frankly, it depends on what you’re looking for. The Subaru WRX is the best bet for those who want a stylish, sporty option. But if reliability is a top priority and you don’t need to burn rubber, then the 2014 Honda Civic is the clear winner.

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