Why Does My New Car Battery Keep Dying?

This is the 4th battery I’m changing, why does my new car battery keep dying? The alternator is what charges car batteries, if the alternator is faulty, even a new battery won’t be charged properly, and as such, the battery would die quickly.

Actually, there are several reasons why car batteries may die quickly – even though you just got a brand new one. If the problem is not from the alternator, then there are a few other places to look into.

A dead car battery can be frustrating because it could prevent the car from starting up. Good enough, this article explains the several possible reasons why your new car batteries keep dying.

Why Does My New Car Battery Keep Dying?

Below are the primary reasons why your new car battery keep dying:

1. Battery is Not Charging Due to Bad Alternator

Of course, this could be the major reason why your new car batteries are dying. When the new battery is not charging, it uses the current it saved from the last time it got charged; when the current is exhausted, the battery dies off.

The major reason why a car battery may not be charging (even as the car is turned on and being driven) is due to a bad alternator. So, have the alternator checked and probably have it replaced (if need be).

2. Loose Connectors

Maybe the battery post connectors integrated on the alternator are not fitting properly to the car battery. When the charging connectors are not tightly fixed on the battery’s posts, there is no way the battery would get charged as you drive.

Hence, the battery would die off once it exhausts the charge from its last charging cycle. In this case, the alternator itself may be in good condition – you probably did not make the connection properly or the connectors are too wide and need to be contracted a bit to hold tight on the battery posts.

3. Electrical Modifications

There is nothing wrong in modifying one or two aspects of your car, but most times, aftermarket modifications put a strain on a vehicle’s performance.

If you made some modifications to your car’s electrical system – added a few devices to your car – then the problem you’re facing could be a result of those modifications.

With more electrical devices added to your car, more power would be drawn from the battery to power all those devices. So, if you use external electrical accessories such as car refrigerators or other similar items, you should consider stopping using them to save your next car battery from dying quickly.

4. You Always Leave The Lights On

If the car would be parked for a long time before you’d drive it again, it is important to check and turn off all the lights, including the headlights, inside lights, and any other lights.

If the lights stay turned on after you’ve parked the car, they’d keep drawing power from the battery until it drains completely.

5. Undiagnosed Parasitic Drain

Some switches and relays, when they get faulty, they tend to turn on/off intermittently. So, you may turn off the car, but these faulty switches would stealthily turn on, and as long as they are on, they’d be drawing power from the battery.

Troubleshoot your car to fish out the faulty switches and components that are pulling “Parasitic Drain” on your car’s battery and have them fixed. This could stop the problem from reoccurring.

6. You Drive Short Distances

A new battery may take up to 3 hours to get fully charged; so, if you drive short distances always, the battery may never get fully charged, which is possibly the reason why it dies quickly.

Maybe you should go on a long drive – and always drive long distances twice or thrice per week; this could stop the issue you’re facing.

What More?

So, “why does my new car battery keep dying?” It’s either the alternator is bad or the connectors are loose; hence, the battery doesn’t get charged as you drive, and as such, it drains and dies quickly.

On the other hand, it could be a parasitic drain caused by faulty electrical components in the car. Other possible causes include heavy usage – connecting heavy external electrical components such as car refrigerators.

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