Diehard Vs Duralast Battery: In-Depth Analysis

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The live wire of any car can be traced down to its battery, and a vehicle cannot function without a battery. Interestingly, there are several car battery brands in the market today to choose from, which can leave you confused.

Diehard and Duralast batteries are among the best car batteries you can use on your car. They are made and sold by the Auto zone brand, one of the leading companies in car battery production. But which should you buy between diehard vs duralast battery?

We’ll analyze these batteries, highlighting their fundamental differences, similarities, and the reasons behind their large fan base and a long list of loyalists amongst car owners.

Let’s get started!

Diehard and Duralast Battery: Compared

We would look at this as a brief analysis as our intention is not to pit one against another. This straightforward analysis highlights their strengths and features for your learning pleasure.

We’ll begin with their battery types, followed closely by other key yardsticks in a comparison table:

Key FeaturesDiehard BatteriesDuralast Batteries
Battery typeFlooded Lead, AGM Batteries, Acid BatteriesFlooded lead, AGM batteries, Acid batteries
Battery modelsRed Diehard, AGM Diehard, Diehard Platinum, Gold Diehard, Silver DiehardDuralast Gold, Duralast Platinum, Duralast Of all 3, the Duralast Gold has been and still is the best seller and most reliable.
Battery voltageThe entire models have almost the same voltage (12V)The entire models have nearly the same voltage (12V)
Group sizeThey come in different groups sizesThey come in different groups sizes
Reverse capacityEach model has a different reverse capacityEach model has a different reverse capacity
Cranking ampsEach model has different cranking ampsEach model has different cranking amps
Cold-cranking ampsEach model has different cold-cranking ampsEach model has different cold-cranking amps
WarrantyEach model offers different warranties and replacement insuranceEach model provides different warranties and replacement insurance

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Diehard Vs Duralast Battery: Differences & Similarities

The above shows the intricate aspect of Diehard vs Duralast battery. Using eight decisive yardsticks, we were able to bring to the fore their features and every vital detail about both the diehard and Duralast batteries that you need to know.

From their features mentioned above, it is clear why it’s an analysis, not a comparison. Both are equally great!

However, this extensive breakdown of their characteristics would throw more light into their makeup, giving you a much better understanding.

1. Battery Type

Both the Diehard and Duralast batteries have their battery types stated to be in the form of Flooded Lead, Acid or AGM batteries, which brings us to the question:

What are Flooded-Acid batteries?

These are batteries where the chemical properties can be seen lurking around. You would hardly find them in the latest version of car brands, just those that have no modern appliance installed.

Another type of battery that they both share is the AGM. The AGM consists of chemical properties like Sulfuric acid and Lead that are strategically placed in fiberglass mats. The edge this battery type has is that it is substantial and very efficient in transferring power.

Unlike the Flooded-Acid batteries, the AGM is designed for cars with the latest technologies and features.

We definitely won’t leave you in the dark regarding its whole meaning. The AGM stands for; Absorbent Glass Mat.

2. Sizes

As cars differ, so do their batteries! The different group sizes of batteries are suited for specific vehicles. This is why it is essential to have an idea about group sizes in order to know the one best suited for your car make.

Both diehard and duralast battery companies have their batteries produced with varying group size batteries for the different models of their battery available.

3. Reserve Capacity

Contrary to what you must have heard or read, the reserve capacity of a battery actually indicates the time or even minutes the battery can accurately go 25 Amps at 80 degrees.

If you used to think that the reserve capacity meant the charge left in your battery, now is the time to unlearn and relearn, as the battery does not conserve any charge.

We have now seen that the diehard and duralast brands have their reserve capacity varying from one model to another.

4. Voltage

If there is anything you need to get right, it should be the voltage. It is crucial to get the proper fit of the battery for your car. Essential information like a car’s standard voltage, set at 12 volts DC, should always be at the forefront of your mind at the point of purchase.

We said so because of its significance.

A battery with 12 volts is a fully functional and charged battery; it also signifies a very healthy one. As you would expect, the batteries that fall outside of this category (anything lesser than 12 volts) are sub-par and cannot make a car function properly.

With the kind of name the diehard and duralast batteries have built for themselves, it is definitely not a surprise that a larger proportion of their batteries have nothing less than 12 volts and, sometimes, more.

You will, however, find old vehicle models, some of which are no longer manufactured with less than 12 volts of batteries.

5. Cranking Amps

For your battery to perform optimally, the cranking amps should be higher than average. What we call cranking amps is actually the amount of amps left in the battery for 30 seconds at 0 degrees F.

6. Cold Cranking Amps

With the diehard and duralast batteries, you get to enjoy a high-performance level of cold cranking amps, which translates to an optimum performance level for your vehicle.

We’ll tell you why this is so important:

Do you know how inevitable it is for vehicles to stay problem-free always? There are specific seasons, like freezing periods, in which you’ll find car batteries perform very slowly.

This is the same period where you find many people struggle with starting their car engines due to the friction the weather causes with the chemical properties of the battery.

There you have it; the importance of looking out for the cold cranking amps of any battery before you purchase.

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7. Warranty Details

The privilege of having an extended duration for replacement and prorate replacement period should definitely be your top priority.

Now, below is how you can simplify whatever you have stated on the warranty tag:

If what is written there is 12/48, you should know that the 12 stands for the replacement period, which is 1 year in this instance, as 12 months equals one year, and the 48 stands for the prorate replacement period, which in this example, would last for four years.

Tell us, wouldn’t you prefer a long warranty period?

Properties of Diehard Batteries

 Diehard PlatinumDiehard Platinum – AGMDiehard GoldDiehard RedDiehard Silver
Cranking Amps1000 Amps1000A800A850A720A
Cold-cranking amps900 A900 A640A612A575A
Reserve Capacity160 mins160 mins100 mins80 mins81mins

Properties of Duralast Batteries

 Duralast PlatinumDuralastDuralast Gold
Cranking amps885A930A590A
Cold-cranking amps710A810A475A
Reserve Capacity120 mins140 mins90mins

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes duralast batteries for AutoZone?

Three companies produce AutoZone’s Duralast batteries: Clarios, Exide, and East Penn Manufacturing. They divide supply based on the vicinity of nearby production facilities and production cost; the closest company will likely supply the whole region.

Is duralast as good as DieHard?

Duralast Gold battery is the best option if you drive in extreme temperatures. It works well both in lower chills and higher heat than its counterpart, and it also comes with a longer warranty. This is because the Duralast Gold has additional lead plates, giving it superior performance.

Is duralast and DieHard the same battery?

Duralast and Diehard car batteries are brands of car batteries, but they are made by the same company and can be found at AutoZone stores.

Are Duralast batteries made in China?

Duralast batteries are made in the United States, Mexico, and China.

How long do DieHard AGM batteries last?

DieHard batteries can last between 3 to 5 years. But it’s worth mentioning that the durability of a car battery depends on different factors, including driving frequency, temperature and weather conditions, and charging system.

How long is a duralast battery warranty?

Duralast offers a minimum 2-year, free-replacement warranty. This is because the company is so confident in the quality of its batteries.

Is duralast an AutoZone brand?

Yes, Duralast is AutoZone’s private label brand for lead-acid car batteries (primarily made by Johnson Controls and Exide, East Penn, and other companies). Duralast Platinum is an AGM line of batteries.

Are DieHard batteries maintenance-free?

Yes, DieHard Red Batteries are maintenance-free. They offer dependable starting power at a pocket-friendly price.

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Diehard or Duralast Battery – Which is Better?

We earlier termed this article as more of an in-depth analysis rather than one of comparisons. This is since there is little or no basis for comparison. Both are equally good and have marked their names as pioneers of all car batteries.

However, there are certain factors you need to consider when buying a car battery, namely, the type of car you have, its model and the best battery fit for your vehicle.

An AGM would be more suitable for modern cars, while old model car owners should rightly go for the Flooded-Acid.

There is no need to fuss about which is superior, as this article has put that question to bed; both are equally effective.

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