Odyssey Battery Vs Optima Battery: Which is Better?

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When shopping for a new car battery, Optima and Odyssey are apparently among the the two major brands that would be recommended to you .

These are notable brands that manufacture various types of longest-lasting, high-capacity, reliable car batteries. But between Odyssey battery vs Optima battery, which one is better?

Odyssey batteries have higher Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) than Optima batteries, and this, to many, is a real catch. But then, Optima batteries are up to $50 cheaper than Odyssey batteries, and they are the favorite option for most drivers.

This article explains the technical differences between Optima batteries and Odyssey car batteries.

Let’s get started!

Odyssey Batteries

ODYSSEY is a renowned automotive battery brand. The company is owned as a subsidiary by EnerSys. All Odyssey batteries are made by EnerSys Energy Products Inc., in different manufacturing facilities across 17 countries. The brand, Odyssey is notable for “Quality” and “Reliability.”

You’d find Odyssey batteries in any country you’re located in, across continents. ODYSSEY batteries are made in the United States (in Warrensburg, Missouri and Springfield, Missouri), in the United Kingdom (in Newport, Wales), and in France (in Arras).

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Optima Batteries

Optima is a renowned automotive battery manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.  The brand has a remarkable history of technological innovation and engineering as regards battery manufacturing.

The OPTIMA battery series is the favorite choice of most automobile drivers due to the intense power provided by the batteries. Optima was the first battery manufacturer to introduce lead-acid batteries for commercial and military use.

The brand manufacturers high‐performance AGM automotive batteries – suitable for any kind of vehicle. Optima batteries are sold at relatively cheap prices, and they are better than most other batteries from competing brands.

Odyssey Battery Vs Optima Battery: Key Differences

Cold Cranking AmpsVary by modelsVary by models
Reserve CapacityHigherLower
Lifespan3 – 10 years3 – 8 years
Warranty3 – 4 yearsUp to 3 years
Battery TechnologyLead-Acid AGM batterySpiral Gem AGM battery
Charging time6 – 10 hours6 – 12 hours
PriceVery ExpensiveLess Expensive

Apparently, the ratings above are variable based on the particular model you’re purchasing.

1. Battery Performance and CCA

Although different Odyssey and Optima batteries have different CCA ratings, you’d find Odyssey batteries take home higher CCA ratings than Optima batteries.

For example, in Group 34, Odyssey 34 PC1500 has an 850 CCA rating, while Optima D34 has a 750 CCA rating. For marine usage, the Odyssey 31M has an 1150 CCA rating while the Optima D31M has a 900 CCA rating.

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2. Battery Technologies

Both Odyssey and Optima use patented technologies in battery production. Odyssey uses an advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology to step up its AGM batteries, while Optima uses Spiral Gem technology for its AGM batteries.

While these two technologies perform quite well and make the batteries last longer, Odyssey’s advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology promises higher longevity by further reducing the self-discharge rate of the batteries.

3. Reserve Capacity (RC)

Also, the advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology used by Odyssey made Odyssey batteries have a higher reserve capacity than Optima batteries.

Well, this is not standard; some Optima batteries have higher reserve capacity than Odyssey; however, our conclusion of Odysseys having higher RC is based on a general, overall assessment of different battery models from both brands.

4. Lifespan

Both Odyssey and Optima batteries last long; the lifespan of any battery depends on the usage. Regardless of the model, Odyssey and Optima batteries last up to 8 years or even higher.

There is no clear winner here as both brands manufacture highly reliable automotive batteries.

5. Price and Warranty

Optima batteries are clearly the most affordable option between the duo. You’d find Optima batteries up to $50 cheaper than Odyssey batteries of the same capacity, size, and relevance. Also, Optima offers a longer warranty and free replacement duration than Odyssey.

Related Questions

Are Odyssey Batteries Better?

Odyssey batteries typically give you the run for your money; they are powerful and long-lasting, and there are various models to choose from. Also, the pure lead technology used in making Odyssey batteries promises more power.

Are Optima Batteries Better?

Optima batteries are cheaper to buy; they come with an extended warranty from the manufacturer. The CCA of Optima batteries is decent and lets you start your engine fast in cold temperatures.

Are Optima Yellow Top Batteries Worth It?

The Optima YELLOWTOP (750 CCA) batteries are rated the best for racing and off-road applications. They are built strong and suitable for use in vehicles with demanding electrical systems – drag cars without alternators or adequate charging.

Which Lasts Longer, Odyssey or Optima Batteries?

Odyssey batteries certainly last longer than Optima batteries, but this does not mean that Optima batteries do not last long. If you need a battery that’d last you for a long time, you’ve to step up your budget and get yourself an Odyssey battery.

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Odyssey battery vs Optima battery, which one should you choose? You should make your choice using the information provided in this article as a guide.

Generally, Odyssey batteries are more expensive and they come with less warranty/guarantee years compared with Optima batteries. Optima batteries give you the power you need for all kinds of adventure, and they are fairly priced.

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