Top 10 Car Battery Brands

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It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a sedan, SUV, truck, van, or even an EV; your car’s battery is one of the most important parts you should pay much attention to.

That said, there are many brands that manufacture car batteries; while most of these brands do produce reliable car batteries, there are some considered to be the best and most trusted brands.

Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 car battery brands you can trust always. These brands offer different car battery sizes and capacities, available at budget-friendly price tags.

Why should you buy car batteries made by these brands? It’s simple; these brands make some of the longest-lasting car batteries – you won’t have to change your car’s battery often.

Top 10 Car Battery Brands

1. Odyssey Batteries

Founded over 100 years ago, the brand Odyssey is one of the most notable car battery brands in the world; it produces a wide variety of car brands for different vehicle types, such as sedans, trucks, SUVs, and minivans. Odyssey batteries are remarkably strong and hold charges for a long time.

EnerSys Energy Products Inc. is the company that produces Odyssey batteries. Odyssey batteries are sold in many countries across the globe and they are priced competitively. Of course, the brand offers both AGM and flooded-acid batteries.

2. DieHard Batteries

When looking for a car battery, you could use for many years without experiencing any issues; DieHard batteries should be among your top choices. The brand, DieHard, is one of the most popular, reliable car battery manufacturers, and the brand produces different battery types and sizes.

Advanced Auto Parts own the DieHard Batteries brand, and you can find them in almost all countries worldwide. DieHard batteries are remarkable for their high CCA ratings, making them the preferred choice for most people during the winter or when they move to regions with frequent low temps.

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3. Optima Batteries

Founded in 1995, Optima Batteries is one of the leading car battery brands worldwide at the moment. The brand, like the others, produces a wide variety of car battery types and sizes; most drivers would tell you that “you can’t go wrong with an Optima battery.” Optima batteries are also used in trucks and marine vehicles.

Optima batteries are highly efficient and respond fast when starting your car, regardless of the outside temperature.

Optima’s high-performance Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries typically last longer than the alternative options in the market. The brand has three battery types, majorly: RedTop, YellowTop, and BlueTop.

4. Duracell Car Batteries

Duracell has been around for many years and has earned a solid reputation in the market. The Duracell brand produces AA batteries, car batteries, and a wide range of other battery types.

The company is remarkable for producing highly durable battery for motor vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks and purpose-built cars.

More so, Duracell also produces “Extreme” batteries for start-stop vehicles with very high energy needs. Asides from being reliable, Duracell batteries are competitively priced, and you can find them in almost any country worldwide. Duracell has battery models for tractors and motorhomes.

5. ACDelco Batteries

ACDelco is the go-to brand for most people that own and drive cars from General Motors brands. The company, ACDelco, produces OEM GM batteries, but the batteries can also be used on other vehicles that are not made by General Motors. ACDelco batteries are remarkably strong and start cars quickly.

Whether you’re looking for a marine-grade battery, industrial battery, or a suitable battery for your recreational vehicles, ACDelco typically has a suitable model you can buy. While ACDelco is not among the cheapest options in the market, they are well worth the price and backed by GM’s limited warranty.

6. Bosch Battery

The name Bosch is popular for various products, including power tools, gadgets, and even audio equipment. Bosch car battery brand also makes some of the most reliable batteries out there. There are quite a variety of Bosch battery types, and they are available for different types of automobiles.

You’d find Bosch car batteries almost anywhere in the world. One of the things to grow your confidence in buying Bosch batteries is that they are sold with up to four years of warranty coverage.

If your vehicle uses high power, you should pick the Bosch Mega battery series; they supply high power for demanding needs.

7. Interstate Car Battery

Interstate offers vehicle-specific batteries that deliver outstanding performance over most other options in the market.

When buying an Interstate car battery from the company’s official store, you will need to choose your car type, year, make model, and engine, so you’d be shown the best-fit battery to buy.

Interstate batteries are highly rated by most drivers; they are competitively priced and last long after full charge cycles. On average, Interstate batteries last between three to five years.

Interstate batteries typically do not give any issues throughout their lifecycle and start engines pretty fast at cold temperatures.

8. Hankook Battery

You know the Hankook brand because they produce some of the most affordable, reliable car tires out there? Well, the brand also makes reliable, sturdy car batteries for a wide variety of car models.

Hankook batteries offer stable power flow, reliable starting power, and a longer lifecycle at amazingly low prices.

More so, Hankook manufactures car batteries for standard cars, trucks, and start/stop vehicles. In addition to being affordable, Hankook batteries are available in different types, so you can find a perfect choice for your vehicle. You’d find Hankook batteries in many countries worldwide.

9. Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity Batteries produces a wide range of powerful batteries for regular vehicles, motorcycles, and motorsports vehicles. The brand is notable for producing high-power, heavy-duty lithium batteries for different automobile needs. Antigravity Batteries are equally light and hold up charges for a long time.

Well, although Antigravity batteries are exported worldwide, the supply is a bit scarce in some countries; notwithstanding, you can buy them from international online stores like Walmart and stores that sell automotive parts/components.

10. XS-Power

The XS-Power car battery brand is relatively new – founded in 2005 – but has made a name for itself in the market.

XS-Power produces some of the most notable car batteries in the market – known to last long and offer optimal performance regardless of the vehicle type. XS-Power produces both AGM and lead-acid batteries to fulfill different automotive needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Brand Of Car Batteries?

Odyssey, Optima, DieHard, and Duracell are four of the most popular car battery brands in the world. These car battery brands are also notable for producing the longest-lasting and most durable batteries for different types of vehicles.

What Type Of Car Battery Lasts The Longest?

AGM batteries typically last longer than flooded batteries. However, newer experiments show that newer types of lithium metal and lithium-ion batteries can last for over five (5) years. So, lithium-based car batteries are the longest-lasting models, and Antigravity Batteries makes some decent, well-priced lithium car batteries.

What Is The Most Popular Car Battery?

Optima’s YellowTop and BlueTop series are very popular in the market because they offer incredible performance at cold starts. Nevertheless, the ACDelco Gold series are equally popular, especially for marine use.

How Many Years Do Car Batteries Last?

Except physically damaged, car batteries can last anywhere from three to five years; however, some batteries may last up to six years, depending on how frequently you drive the car. It is advisable to change your car batteries at least every four years.


So, these are the top 10 car battery brands in the market. Of course, there are many other brands out there that produce good batteries, such as EverState and NAPA, but these ones reviewed above are the most popular brands.

These brands produce a wide range of car batteries so that you can find a perfect fit for your car or truck model.

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