Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Scrap Price (Explained)

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Who buys F150 catalytic converter scraps? Ford truck owners, Ford mechanics, and junkyard owners are the main legitimate people that buy scrap auto parts.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to buy a scrap Ford F150 catalytic converter, we are here to help you achieve that. But what is Ford F150 catalytic converter scrap price?

You can get a scrap Ford F150 catalytic converter for less than a hundred bucks, in most cases. But on average, Ford F150 catalytic converter scrap sells at $150 – $400.

There are many reasons why people buy scrap catalytic converters, but majorly for recycling purposes. This article will give you all the information you will need to understand the process.

Ford F150 Catalytic Converter

The Ford F150 is one of the finest pickup trucks from the company. It is sturdily built for all kinds of terrain, and some models come with a 3-way cat converter to ensure the lowest-possible emissions. It costs around $1,500 – $2,500, or even more, to replace a failed Ford F150 cat converter.

Well, the Ford F150 catalytic converter is built strong; it typically lasts up to 10 years before failing, but for quite several possible reasons, the cat converter may fail prematurely. Cat converter failure can consequently lead to fatal engine failure, which costs a lot of money to fix.

Notwithstanding, when a catalytic converter is about to fail, it gives different signs such as emitting darker exhaust fumes, contributing to poor engine performance, and preventing your car from passing emissions tests.

Also, a failing catalytic converter can contribute to poor acceleration and rotten egg odor coming from the exhaust.

Of course, a failing Ford F150 catalytic converter can be repaired by fixing the exact component causing the issue. Yes, catalytic converters comprise different components, including a muffler, a honeycomb filter, and other components made from precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

The precious metal components of a cat converter can be stripped and sold as scraps. Also, a faulty complete cat converter can be auctioned as scrap.

People buy scrap catalytic converters to patch up the faulty one(s) they’ve got or for reselling. Either way, scrap Ford F150 catalytic converters are quite in high demand in the market.

Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Scrap Price

Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Scrap TypeCat Converter Price
OEM F150 catalytic converter scrap$800 – $1700
Aftermarket F150 catalytic converter scrap$200 – $700

A complete Ford F150 catalytic converter listed as scrap may cost anywhere between $200 to $1700, depending on the type. If sold in parts, scrap Ford F150 cat converter parts may be available for as low as $60.

Buying aftermarket or scrap catalytic converters is by far cheaper than OEM options, which is why a lot of people go for scraps – when trying to fix the cat converter in their Ford F150 truck.

There are quite different places to find scrap Ford F150 cat converters, including resellers and junkyards or online auto parts, such as Parts Geek and Rockauto Parts.

However, when buying scraps, ensure to check the “scrap” pretty well to see if it is fit for your use. Also, make sure you’re buying the Ford F150 catalytic converter, not Ford F250, because they don’t match.

Furthermore, Ford catalytic converters have serial numbers; you may need to pay attention to the serial number when buying the scrap components.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Scrap Ford F150 Cat Converters Any Good?

In most cases, scrap catalytic converters or their components are not really bad; they are called scrap because they are no longer being used in any vehicle – not necessarily because they’re completely bad.

Are Ford F150 Catalytic Converter Scraps Really That Cheap?

Generally, scrap auto parts are sold at a meager price. Although a complete catalytic converter, whether scrap or not, would cost above $300, if you buy parts by parts, some parts could be available for less than $50.

Which Ford Catalytic Converter Scrap is The Most Costly?

No particular cat converter scrap can be tagged the most expensive; however, catalytic converters from exotic/special edition Ford models could have higher price tags than those installed on regular Ford vehicles.


So, what is Ford F150 catalytic converter scrap price? Depending on various factors, scrappy cat converters are sold from $50 upwards – up to $300. you can buy Ford F150 cat converter scraps online or offline.

Some Ford mechanics do have these cat converter scraps – gotten from other people’s vehicles. Scrap catalytic converters are not as bad as some people think; sometimes, they’re just aftermarket converters cars that got “tuned” up. Hope this information helps.

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