Who Makes FRAM Oil Filters? (Detailed Overview)

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On the official FRAM website, there’s no detailed report as regards the takeover of the FRAM filter brand by the Trico Group; the company, FRAM, still portrays itself as the manufacturer of its filters. Well, that’s not true, but who makes FRAM oil filters?

The Trico Group is responsible for making FRAM oil filters. Trico is an American company headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan, United States. However, regardless of the takeover, Trico maintained the brand name – FRAM.

FRAM oil filters are practically the best you can get in the market. They are well built, last longer, and are easy to install/remove. There are many types of FRAM filters designed to serve different purposes.

FRAM Oil Filters Overview

FRAM oil filters were first being manufactured by the company itself, FRAM. The company goes with the slogan, “You can pay me now, or pay me later.” FRAM is an American brand founded by T. Edward Aldham and Frederick Franklin in 1932. It manufactures replaceable oil filters for automobiles of all kinds.

Well, not just oil filters, FRAM also produces air filters, fuel filters, and similar automotive products. In 1972, the brand launched the industry’s largest filtration engineering and research facility.

However, over the years of its existence, FRAM’s oil filter brand has been acquired two times; it’s currently being owned by Trico Group.

Regardless of the switches in ownership, FRAM oil filters are still the best-selling oil filters in America and other global markets. The brand keeps improving on its filters’ quality, embracing newer filter manufacturing technologies to ensure they remain the top-best choice for both OEMs and aftermarket users.

Who Makes FRAM Oil Filters?

Currently, FRAM oil filters are being made by the Trico Group; the filters are manufactured in Trico’s facility in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Also, FRAM filters are manufactured in other facilities across the US, in Hebron, Kentucky, and Greenville, Ohio.

The filters are made with certified, state-of-the-art equipment that meets the industry’s standards. So to say, FRAM filters are still “Made in the US,” but not by the original FRAM company – they are made by Trico.

Trico is a private American company that specializes in manufacturing windshield wipers. However, the company acquired and owns some important automotive OEM brands, which include FRAM oil filters.

Other premium brands owned by the Trico Group include TRICO wipers, ANCO wipers, Carter fuel pumps, StrongArm lift supports, Airtex fuel pumps, Autolite spark plugs, and FRAM filters. Well, TRICO has rebranded to First Brands Group LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Where is FRAM Oil Filters Made?

They are manufactured in Trico-owned facilities across the United States. FRAM oil filters are still top quality – being made with cutting-edge filter manufacturing equipment – integrating newer technologies that help to improve the modern engine’s performance.

Are FRAM Filters Still Reliable?

Yes, they are still the best quality oil filters you can get for your automobile. More so, FRAM oil filters are used as the stock option in most modern vehicles. They are rigorously tested and certified to meet industry specifications.

Does FRAM Make Motor Oils?

FRAM makes motor oils of different grades, and they are of good quality – suitable for use in modern engines.

What More?

So, who makes FRAM oil filters? They are currently manufactured by First Brands Group (Trico Group) and they are still top quality. FRAM oil filters are long-lasting, easily replaceable, and highly efficient in trapping impurities that may try to flow with motor oils into the engine.

They are still made in the US – in certified facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. FRAM oil filters are worth their prices; there are different types to choose from; each type is designed to serve specific purposes.

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