Parts Geek: 12 Vital Things You Need To Know!

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While there are many online stores where you can shop for auto parts when you need them, PartsGeek is one of the most popular stores because it offers wholesale prices to end-users. However, it’s not all about getting auto products at cheap prices – the major concern should be “Quality.”

Does Parts Geek sell quality auto parts/products? Is the website safe to browse? These questions and more might be running through your mind as you try to purchase auto parts from PartsGeek.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, this article clearly explains everything you need to know about Parts Geek online store. And before you place that order, ensure you read this article till the end!

Parts Geek: Things You Need To Know

When you read through online reviews about PartsGeek, you’d generally come to a conclusion that the website is safe to browse and legitimate for buying auto parts online.

PartsGeek offers cheaper prices, and that’s why a lot of people prefer to use them instead of other alternative websites.

1. Is Parks Geek Website Safe To Visit?

The website runs on a secure protocol, HTTPS, which means it is safe to visit. However, some users aren’t completely convinced that the Parts Geek website is a safe site.

A user reviewed PartsGeek as a “FRAUD” website on Norton’s Safe Site platform. Regardless, you can visit from any location, safely.

2. Is Parts Geek Legit?

Parts Geek has a 4.0/5.0 rating on TrustPilot; this rating is based on over 155,000 users’ reviews. With Trustpilot being a reliable customer review platform, it is clearly safe to say that Parts Geek is a legitimate website where you can buy virtually any kind of auto product.

3. Does PartsGeek Sell OEM Products?

In order not to void the manufacturer warranty, it is advisable to use OEM-approved products on your car. But, not all online auto shops sell OEM products. Well, Parts Geek sells OEM products, as well as offer high-quality aftermarket alternatives to those OEM products you’d find in their store.

Parts Geeks has thousands of OEM items across categories. More interestingly, the OEM products you’d find on Parts Geek are available at a cheaper price than you’d find them (the same OEM products) in other stores.

However, ensure to check the specifications and details of any product you’re buying from PartsGeek.

4. Why Are PartsGeek Products Cheap?

The products are cheap because they are offered at “Wholesale” prices. This implies that you’re buying the products at the same price wholesalers would buy them.

However, while the products seem so cheap to buy, when you add them to your cart for check out, you’d be faced with a massive shipping fee.

So, literally, you may end up buying the products at a close price, similar to what other stores offer. Parts Geek products are sold cheaply, but the shipping fees are quite expensive and may push you into having a second thought about the whole process.

5. How is Parts Geek Customer Support?

Talking of customer support and assistance, Parts Geek really scores low in this aspect (as reviewed by most of its users). If you ever get into a situation that requires seeking assistance from the PartsGeek support team, you’d be disappointed with the turnout of events.

The customer support team of PartsGeek is not always quick to reply to tickets and help you out. Well, we hope that they look into this aspect and start responding to tickets pretty faster.

6. When Was PartsGeek Founded?

Parts Geek was founded in 2008 as an OEM and aftermarket auto parts store. The company sells auto parts to a wide audience and delivers to all states in the United States. Sadly, you can’t order from Parts Geek if you live outside the US.

7. How is Parts Geek Shipping?

The store has warehouses across various US states, and ships orders as soon as possible from when the order was paid for. According to Parts geek shipping policy, the maximum delivery time is 7 days; you’d get your ordered product in 3 – 7 days from the day you ordered.

There have been instances where PartsGeek’s customers confirm that their orders came pretty faster than expected, and it was delivered to their doorstep.

While Parts Geek shipping fee may seem expensive for some products, the delivery is usually fast, and that compensates pretty well, right?

8. PartsGeek Warranty & Return Policy

All products you would buy from Parts Geek come with warranty coverage. Also, you’ve got 30 days to return mistaken or defective products. But, before your returned order would be accepted, it must have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.

Without an RMA, you can’t return your PartsGeek order(s). RMAs are found on the Manage My Order page, or you can contact the support team within 30 days of getting the order.

Also, it is important to note that not all returns are accepted; for electrical parts, if you’ve opened the casing, you have voided the warranty and return eligibility.

9. You Can’t Cancel Parts Geek Orders

On Parts Geek, the moment you place an order, you cannot cancel it anymore; it must be delivered to you. So, you’ve got to be careful when placing orders on the site.

Well, the company’s reason for not accepting order cancellation is because orders are processed and packaged in less than 1 hour from when they were placed.

Similarly, you can’t change orders too. In fact, once you have placed an order on Parts Geek, you’re getting exactly what you paid for – no changes, no cancellation. This may sound too rigid to some people, but it simply calls for more carefulness when shopping on Parts geek.

10. Is Parts Geek Better Than RockAuto?

It’s mainly about choice and where you found the auto parts you wanted to buy. Parts Geek seems to have more products than RockAuto; so, if you’re shopping for those products (which are not available on RockAuto), the only option you’ve got left is PartsGeek.

Notwithstanding, PartsGeek offers cheaper prices than RockAuto.

11. Do PartsGeek Sell Original Auto Parts?

The simple answer is YES. PartsGeek sells original OEM and aftermarket products. You’d agree that PartsGeek sells original products when you go through customers’ reviews on TrustPilot and other customer review sites.

The products you buy from PartsGeek come with a warranty and a 30-days return guarantee.

12. Do Individuals Sell On PartsGeek?

No, all products on PartsGeek are sold by the company itself; individuals do not list products and sell on PartsGeek. So, the products you’re buying are verified by the core team to be original and verified. The products are high quality as confirmed by other customers.


Summarily, PartsGeek is one of the best places to get original auto parts of different types. Also, you’re paying relatively cheap prices for the parts you’re buying; the delivery is quite fast and it’s coming to your doorstep.

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