STP Vs Purolator Air Filters: Compared

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Car air filters are a very important component of every car. They allow oxygen to get into the combustion chamber so that the engine can run smoothly. In ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles, air and fuel mix in the combustion chamber for the engine to run smoothly; this air is drawn from the outside as the car drives.

The air filter purifies the air that is getting into the engine, shutting off the dust, debris, and other contaminants that may want to get into the engine, along with the oxygen being drawn by the car as it drives. There are many car air filter brands out there, but we’re comparing the STP vs Purolator air filters.

These two brands are notable for producing affordable air filters for different vehicle types. Also, STP and Purolator air filters are highly efficient, but STP filters are considered premium over Purolator.

STP Air Filters

Founded in October 1954 by three businessmen, Charles Dwight (Doc) Liggett, Jim Hill, and Robert DeHart, STP is an American company that produces a range of automobile products ranging from oil filters to air filters. The STP brand is remarkable for manufacturing high-quality products sold at affordable prices.

STP air filters are made with an exclusive Micro-Pore technology – an air filter media that guarantees higher efficiency and higher dirt holding capacity, which means your engine will run smoothly for a long time. Also, STP air filters are ISO 5011 certified and meet OEM specifications.

Purolator Air Filter

Purolator air filters are produced by MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC. The company specializes in manufacturing oil and air filters for various vehicle types. The history of the Purolator brand dates back to the 1920s when the brand manufactured and sold its first filter.

Purolator is based in Fayetteville, North Carolina; its products range from disposable panel filters and pleated filters to replacement air filters. The higher-end Purolator air filters can last for up to 20,000 miles before requiring change.

STP Vs Purolator Air Filters

Filter BrandSTPPurolator
Change intervalsUp to 7,000 milesUp to 12,000 miles
Available ModelsVariesVaries
Efficiency90 percent96 percent
CertificationISO 5011 CertifiedISO 5011 Certified
Production CenterMexicoFayetteville, North Carolina
ManufacturerChampion Laboratories IncMANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Both STP and Purolator make OEM-standard air filters that are favorited by different people. However, more people on forums prefer the PurolatorONE air filter over STP air filters. Purolator air filters are conventionally built using a “multi-fiber” media, which allegedly offers up to 96% efficiency in trapping contaminants.

On the other hand, STP air filters are considered “premium” options – closely related in performance to OEM air filters.

But then, most STP air filters come with 90% efficiency printed on the pack – well, the company agrees their product isn’t “so” efficient; most companies would still print 99% efficiency, even when their product doesn’t offer such high efficiency.

In performance, you won’t notice any difference using Purolator or STP air filters; filters from both brands offer almost the same efficiency and performance boost. So, it’s more advisable to go for the one that falls within your budget – it could be the STP or Purolator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Purolator Air Filters Good?

Purolator air filters are pretty durable; you can use them all year before flipping the old one for a new one. Yeah, the filters can practically deliver optimal function up to 12,000 miles. There are also different models and versions to choose from. Purolator air filters are good to use on any vehicle.

Are STP Air Filters Good?

Particularly, the STP Premium air filter won the heart of many car owners. It lasts quite long too – up to 10,000 miles, so if you do not drive every day, chances are that you can drive a whole year with a single STP air filter before getting a new one.

Between STP and Purolator Air Filters, Which Is Better?

It points down to budget and preference. Both brands – STP and Purolator – manufacture some of the best, long-lasting air filters in the market. Air filters from these brands offer at least 91% efficiency, which means they can keep out a substantial amount of dirt and dust.

What More?

Both Purolator and STP are American brands, and they produce a variety of air filters; the brands also produce other auto products, such as oil filters.

There are no much differences between air filters from these brands, you just have to buy the one that suits your vehicle – and falls within your budget.

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