Why Are Mercedes So Expensive? (Key Reasons)

All Mercedes cars are expensive, including the Benz and G Wagon series. If you also check out the used Mercedes cars, they are usually listed at high prices. But why are Mercedes so expensive?

The first answer to this question is “Branding.” Just like BMW and Land Rover, the Mercedes brand is considered a “Luxury auto brand.”

Typically, cars from “Luxury” brands are priced very high; they come with “premium” parts. Everything about Mercedes cars screams “Luxury” and “Classiness.” No arguments. Mercedes cars flaunt top-notch exteriors designed with sophisticated, lavishly-furnished interiors.

Most Mercedes customers do not bother about the high price tags because they know they’re getting a good run for their money.

Hereunder are the main reasons why Mercedes cars are expensive!

Why Are Mercedes So Expensive? (Top Reasons)

1. Design and Build

Why Are Mercedes So Expensive

From the outside to the inside, Mercedes cars are luxuriously designed to “beat” every other car within their various classes. This is not even something to argue about; you’d definitely agree with this notion when you set your eyes on Mercedes cars.

Well, other luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Royce Rolls, and others do come close to competing with the premium exterior and interior looks of Mercedes cars, but then, Mercedes is “Mercedes” you got to love them that way!

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2. Long-Lasting Durability

The cost of buying and maintaining a Mercedes car is really high; however, Mercedes cars have a track record of long-lasting durability. Mercedes cars can last up to 15 years and still look good – drive fine. Also, Mercedes cars last long because they have special mechanics that work on them.

If you own a Mercedes, you can only have a certified Mercedes auto technician or mechanic work on the car. This makes it expensive to repair or service a Mercedes – because there are only but a few mechanics who can work on Mercedes rides, so they charge high.

3. Innovative In-Car Techs and Features

Here’s another reason why Mercedes cars are expensive in the market. Mercedes cars are built with every new in-car tech that’s trending at the time when the particular Mercedes model was designed.

Talking about safety features, cutting-edge driver assists techs, premium speakers, classic dashboard styles, and many more.

Some features on the base trims of Mercedes cars are only available on the highest trims of most other cars within their various classes. This practically justifies the expensive amount you pay for your Mercedes car.

4. Branding

Actually, this is more like the exact reason why Mercedes cars are expensive. The company has spent so much money to place its brand where it is at the moment.

So, somehow, the high price tag on Mercedes cars is to match the huge cost the company pays in adverts to establish and retain its brand as a premium and luxury auto brand.

5. People RESPECT Mercedes Benz Owners

What Makes Mercedes-Benz So Special

Sounds crazy right? Well, maybe it’s actually crazy, but some people hold Mercedes Benz owners in a high regard. The society typically makes people believe that anyone who can own a Mercedes is “wealthy” and should be respected.

Well, this does not apply generally, but a great number of people would respect you more if you own a luxury ride like the Mercedes Benz or other cool Mercedes models.

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Related Questions

Are Mercedes Expensive To Maintain?

Sure thing! Mercedes are expensive to maintain; you can only have them serviced or fixed by a certified Mercedes mechanic in your locality. Of course, there are not many of such mechanics, so the few numbers of them would charge you high and you’ve got no other option but to pay.

What Makes Mercedes-Benz So Special?

Mercedes really did well in marketing Benz as the best car in its class. So, a lot of people see Mercedes Benz as the highest luxury car within its class. It’s really not so special, but it is packed with sophisticated features, flaunts a decently-designed exterior, and includes everything else you’d expect from a “Luxury” ride.

Is a Mercedes Better Than a BMW?

Mercedes cars are damn good, but BMW makes much better cars that step up your luxury experience and give you more performance. Also, BMW cars typically offer better fuel economy than Mercedes cars.

Are Mercedes Reliable?

Yes. Mercedes cars are reliable, and if maintained properly, they can last over 300,000 miles without any major repair. RepairPal rates Mercedes cars 3.0/5.0 in reliability, which is above average.


So, why are Mercedes so expensive? Firstly, it is the branding, and then, the innovative techs and features installed in the cars come second. Mercedes cars are built top-notch and they give you the perfect feeling of luxury and comfort.

While Mercedes cars may seem overpriced for most people, the die-hard fans believe they are getting enough value and luxury for the amount the splash on a Mercedes model. Notwithstanding, overall, Mercedes cars are “Good Cars.”

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