What Voids Mercedes Benz Warranty?

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Having warranty coverage on your car is fun and comforting; it makes you feel a bit relieved knowing that someone is going to take care of certain repairs and replacements on your car if need be. But, there are certain modifications you may do on a Mercedes Benz that would void the warranty coverage.

Mercedes Benz is the second most expensive car to maintain – coming under BMW (as ranked by YourMechanic). You wouldn’t love to intentionally do things that would place you fully in charge of every repair and replacement on your new Benz.

Using the wrong fluids, aftermarket modifications, improper maintenance, reckless driving and off-road touring are among what voids Mercedes Benz warranty!

These and more are what we will be discussing in this article!

How Long Does Mercedes Benz Warranty Last?

The default Mercedes-Benz factory warranty covers for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. You could get an extended warranty if you need more coverage after the factory warranty has expired. But what you wouldn’t love to do is to void the factory warranty before it exhausts.

What Voids Mercedes Benz Warranty?

What Voids Mercedes Benz Warranty

In no particular order, below are the things that will void your Mercedes Benz warranty!

1. Aftermarket Modifications

Nothing voids a car’s warranty coverage like custom (aftermarket) modifications. Mercedes Benzs are luxury vehicles, built to a standard, and equipped with a ton of premium accessories that ensure a cool ride.

Further modifying your Mercedes-Benz (depending on the level of modification) may void the factory warranty coverage. To avoid voiding your Benz’s warranty due to modification, only use OEM-approved parts/accessories for the modification.

2. Improper Maintenance

New Mercedes-Benz has pre-planned maintenance schedules, which you’re expected to adhere to. If you have access to a Mercedes-approved maintenance/repair shop, always go there at the scheduled intervals provided on your car’s maintenance booklet.

However, driving to a non-approved Mercedes auto maintenance shop won’t void the factory warranty. But you must ensure to keep the receipts and relevant documents containing details of what work was done, or what parts were changed during each maintenance visit.

3. Using the Wrong Fluids

A lot of drivers do this – using their preferred motor oil instead of the OEM-specified oil. When you use oil not recommended for your Mercedes-Benz car, you have automatically voided the warranty coverage – especially if you used synthetic blends or conventional oil.

Stick with the exact OEM-recommended fluids, or if they are too expensive for you, look for aftermarket fluids approved by Mercedes-Benz for its vehicles. Yeah, some aftermarket motor oils are approved by Mercedes for use in its Benz models.

4. Reckless Driving and Off-Road Touring

If your Mercedes-Benz is not specified for off-road touring, doing so would void the factory warranty coverage. Also, your driving style could void the warranty too.

Overloading your Mercedes-Benz, racing with the car, and using the car for tows would definitely void the factory warranty.

What More?

These are what voids Mercedes-Benz warranty; avoid them and you’d enjoy discounted repairs whenever your car needs one.

Also, it is important to note that doing your oil change yourself won’t void your warranty, but you have to be careful because if any damage occurs from the action, you’d be paying for the fix/repair 100%.

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