Why Is BMW So Expensive? (Key Reasons)

Whether you’re going to buy a brand new BMW or a used one, you’d agree with us that BMWs are very expensive. Hence, you may want to ask, why is BMW so expensive?

Well, BMWs are expensive for quite some reasons; first, they are a “Luxury car brand,” and secondly, the company produces some of the classiest, high-specced cars across different categories.

Notwithstanding, there are other reasons why BMWs have high price tags. Here, we’d explain different realizable reasons why BMWs are expensive to buy – and also expensive to maintain.

Why Is BMW So Expensive?

To non-BWM customers, BMWs are overpriced, while to BMW customers, they are worth the price. Regardless, here is the analysis that explains why BMW cars are costly.

1. Branding

Just like Mercedes, Lamborghini, Royce Rolls, Land Rover, Audi, and other top auto brands, BMW has established its name as a “Premium/Luxury” brand. All BMW cars are built with luxury in mind; hence, they are lavished with top-notch interior fittings and premium in-car accessories.

Also, BMW spends heavily on adverts and media to retain itself as a top brand in the automotive industry. BMW cars are built to scream out “Luxury” from all angles.

Yes, they are not built for the middle-class, budget buyers. Owning a BMW is expensive, and maintaining a BWM is expensive – because it’s a luxury brand.

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2. Exquisite Design and Build

Another reason why BMWs are expensive is that they are built exquisitely. From the exterior designs to the interior setups, BMWs look stunning – with all shades of luxury.  

Also, the interior of BMWs are typically designed with premium materials and accessories; from the seat fabric to the dashboard, console, audio system, and other parts, they are made with premium materials and hardware.

3. Hi-Tech Features

No arguments, BMWs are built with high-end auto components and packed with a lot of cutting-edge in-car features and techs available at the time of design.

You’d find reliable safety features and driver assistance techs in all BMW cars, regardless of the trim and model.

4. Impressive Performance and Reliability

While BMWs are not the most reliable cars in their various categories, they offer good reliability and give you a good run for your money spent.

When you look up the web to validate the reliability of BMWs, you’d find out that they are rated “average.” For example, on RepairPal, BMWs generally have a 2.5/5.0 reliability score.

In terms of performance, BMWs are equipped with powerful engines, ranging from six-cylinder engines to ten- and -twelve-cylinder engines. BMW makes its engines in its engine production centers, and the engines deliver enough power for any kind of driving or tour.

5. Exclusivity

Virtually all parts and components used on BMW cars are designed and built by BMW. In essence, BMW cars are built with patented, exclusive components that are built to a standard considered the “best fit” for a luxury ride, and this is part of the reasons why they are expensive.

If maintained properly, BMW parts can last for several hundreds of thousands of miles before wearing out to need replacement. The reliability and outstanding performance of BMW auto parts are among the reasons BMWs are available with seemingly high price tags.

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6. The “BMW” Feeling

What’s the “BMW” feeling? As weird as it may sound, many people accord higher respect to people who drive models from luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Royce Rolls, and the rest of them.

Also, die-hard luxury lovers believe that the higher the price of a car, the more ego it’d add to them; hence, to such people, buying an expensive ride is a norm.

Related Questions

Are BMW Reliable After 100,000 Miles?

If you regularly take your BMW for servicing and tune-ups, every of its component would definitely remain in good shape after 100k miles. BMWs can last well above 250,000 miles if properly maintain and driven conservatively.

Are Used BMWs Worth Buying?

Well, yeah, BMWs are worth buying. While some people may see them as “overpriced” cars, there are some others that see BMWs as cool rides for their various price tags – and they wouldn’t think twice to pay the dealership/seller.

What’s So Special About a BMW?

Not everyone would see BMWs as “special” cars, but to the fans, they are really special cars. BMWs are built as luxury cars, they look stunning on the outside and inside; they also feature cutting-edge auto technologies and sophisticated in-car systems.

Is BMW Expensive To Maintain?

Yes, BMWs are expensive to repair; firstly, only BMW-certified mechanics can work on BMWs, and there are just a few of them; secondly, BMW parts are expensive in the market – if you’re replacing a part, it’d cost you really a lot of money.

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Summarily, why is BMW so expensive? BMW cars are expensive because the brand is a top luxury brand and all auto parts used on the cars are exclusively built.

Also, BMWs come with sophisticated interiors and they support several safety features.

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