Why Are Toyota 4runners So Expensive? (Explained)

A lot of people go for used cars because buying a used car is one of the best ways to get the best deal on a trendy model. However, when it comes to Toyota 4Runner, even the used ones seem so expensive. But why are Toyota 4runners so expensive?

Well, Toyota is a popular brand that produces “classy” and “durable” cars. The 4Runner series is a legendary SUV series from the Japanese automaker, Toyota. This series is popular for its remarkable durability and off-roading capabilities.

One of the reasons why 4Runners are still incredibly expensive even after many years of usage is because of their off-roading capabilities. Since FJ Cruisers are no longer being produced, 4Runners are the closest alternative off-roading “Beasts” from Toyota.

Facts About Toyota 4Runners

The Toyota 4Runner series is one of the highest-selling series of the Japanese carmaker, Toyota. 4Runners are built as sturdy compact SUVs with powerful engines and drivetrain.

They also offer good space for cargo, and the passenger cabin is roomy enough to contain up to 5 persons (although it is designed for 4 persons).

Toyota 4Runners are sold globally and built with an emphasis on a 4 x 4 drivetrain. As truck-based SUVs, Toyota 4Runners can be used to tow other vehicles (sedans and mini cars).

Buying a Toyota 4Runner is a good way to spend your money on automobiles; 4Runners have high reliability and good resale value.

Why Are Toyota 4runners So Expensive?

1. They Are Very Reliable

Reliability is the major “selling point” of 4Runners. They are famously reliable; you could drive a 4Runner up to 400k miles and it’d still deliver an excellent experience on the roads. However, at such high mileage, you may have to frequent your preferred mechanic workshop for regular servicing.

Also, except for the 2010 model, every other 4Runner model bagged a “perfect” predicted reliability rating of 5/5. The series is also highly rated on different forums by its owners. Put simply, 4Runners last for a very long time and that’s why they are pretty expensive.

2. High Demand

4Runners are in high demand. Well, who doesn’t want a spacious, luxury SUV that could last for many decades? The demand for 4Runners is higher than other SUVs in its class and price range. CarAndDriver reported that 4Runners were among the top 25 most popular cars in the industry.

Many people who own 4Runners are not willing to sell theirs; thus, you won’t find many used 4Runners out there, and this is one of the prices of used 4Runners are still on the high side.

Apparently, the demand for 4Runners is slightly higher than the supply, and this is the cause the reason for the high price.

3. Low Maintenance

Another interesting fact about 4Runners is that they are cheap to maintain. According to RepairPal, it costs an average of $514 to maintain a 4Runner SUV annually, this is even below the industry’s average of $615 for all vehicles.

So, with 4Runners, you’re not just getting an off-roading “beast,” you’d also save on maintenance.

Also, 4Runners can last up to 10 years before needing a major repair; but this is not a standard; depending on your driving habits, your 4Runner may need a major repair before the predicted 10 years of reliability.

Also, the predicted cost of maintaining a 4Runner in 10 years is $5,825 (according to CarEdge).

4. Cheap Parts

4Runners do not break down easily; however, when broken down and need a component to be replaced, you can easily find the parts regardless of where you are located.

Also, 4Runner components are relatively cheap, and you can easily find a mechanic that could fix them for you – unlike brands like BMW and Mercedes, which have fewer mechanics that could work on them.


So, why are Toyota 4Runners so expensive? They are expensive because they are very reliable, long-lasting, and retain their value after many years.

Also, the cost of maintaining 4Runners is relatively cheap and below the industry’s average. Both brand new and used 4Runners would do well on off-road tours.

4Runners are sold worldwide and they are Toyota’s best alternative to the discontinued FJ Cruisers. If you’re getting a new or used 4Runner, one thing is for sure, you’re paying for a highly reliable SUV you could drive across any terrain.

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