Who Makes Royal Purple Oil? (Is It Made In The US?)

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Royal Purple motor oils are among the best in the market, but are they manufactured by the company itself? Most premium brands that offer automotive care products do not manufacture those products in their facilities.

For example, FRAM oil filters are made in Trico Group facilities, and STP oil filters are made in Champion Lab. facilities. So, who makes Royal Purple Oil?

All Royal Purple motor oils are manufactured by Calumet Specialty Products Partners, and they are made in the United States.

This article discusses everything you need to know about the actual company that produces RP oils and the facilities they are processed in.

Royal Purple Oils Overview

When you talk of the best motor oil brands to use on your car, Royal Purple is one of the top three names to mention.

The brand – Royal Purple – produces full synthetic and synthetic blend motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines. Royal Purple oils are remarkable for their exceptional performance in low and high temps.

Many car owners and auto mechanics recommend RP oils because they are made with an advanced formula, and include premium additives that help to improve the performance of gasoline/diesel engines.

Royal Purple synthetic oils are available in different grades, so you can pick the one specified for your engine.

Who Makes Royal Purple Oil?

Royal Purple was producing its motor oils in its facilities before the brand was acquired by Calumet Specialty Products Partners in 2012. So, currently, all Royal Purple motor oils are produced by Calumet Specialty Products Partners.

Well, Calumet Specialty has manufacturing facilities scattered in different US states. The locations include Northwest Louisiana, Northwest Wisconsin, Southeastern Texas, Western Pennsylvania, and Eastern Missouri.

At the moment, Royal Purple is part of Calumet Lubricant’s Branded Products Division. Actually, the quality of Royal Purple didn’t drop due to this acquisition.

Calumet Lubricant is a reputable American company that produces quite a wide range of lubrication products. The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Royal Purple Oils Made in the US?

Yes, they are produced in Calumet Lubricant facilities in different US states. The motor oils are still of good quality – made with an advanced formula that contains premium additives.

Is Royal Purple Better Than Other Brands?

Royal Purple oils are typically more expensive than their competitors; they are actually better than motor oils from other brands. In terms of fluid performance, Royal Purple oils are better than Mobil 1 and Castrol.

Does Royal Purple Make Conventional Oils?

No. The brand only makes synthetic motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines. Its oils are engineered to deliver the best performance on any engine they are used. However, ensure to stick with the recommended viscosity for your car engine.


Who makes Royal Purple oil? They are now being made by Calumet Specialty Products Partners – a US company that produces different types of lubricants. Royal Purple oils are still among the best in the market and they are available in different grades.

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