Pennzoil Platinum Vs Royal Purple: Which Is Better?

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When comparing motor oils, there are pretty many things to consider; the cleaning power, efficiency, benefits offered to the engine, and conditioning level. Pennzoil and Royal Purple are among the top motor oil manufacturers, and here’s a comparison of the companies’ best full synthetic oils.

Pennzoil Platinum vs Royal Purple HPS comparison takes us through the slight differences between these two high-performance motor oils.

They are both full synthetic oils; however, Pennzoil Platinum is clearer – cleaner – than Royal Purple, and that is because the base oil is 100% natural gas.

What is Pennzoil Platinum?

Pennzoil Platinum is made from 100% natural gas – it is the first-ever motor oil to be gotten from 100% natural gas. It is mainly advertised by many as the best motor oil to use on racing cars, but the truth is that Pennzoil Platinum can work on any engine it is specified for.

Yes, Pennzoil Platinum is available in different grades; so, if your engine supports any of the grades it is available for, you can use this oil and achieve an improved engine performance.

This full synthetic oil from Pennzoil is made with a patented technology (included in the formula), and it is believed to offer better performance.

What is Royal Purple?

Royal Purple full synthetic motor oils are also decent, reduce oil burns, and clean up the engine pretty well. Depending on your location, RP oils may cost more than Pennzoil Plat/Ultra. However, on average, Pennzoil Platinum is costlier than Royal Purple.

Unlike Pennzoil, which has its base oils gotten from natural gas, Royal Purple base oils are derived from crude oil. Yes, it doesn’t immediately means that Pennzoil is better.

Royal Purple flows quite evenly, improves fuel economy, and offers good protection to all engine components. It contains seal conditioners for older engines too.

Pennzoil Platinum Vs Royal Purple

Pennzoil PlatinumRoyal Purple
Viscosity 5W-305W-30
Dimensions12.5 x 8.3 x 4.6 inches13 x 9.8 x 9.4 inches
Service Mile75,000 miles12,000 miles
Item Weight9.1 pounds24.1 pounds
Noack Volatility Test11%5.5%
Check PriceCheck Price

Pennzoil Platinum and Royal Purple full synthetic motor oil are pretty good-performing motor oils available in different viscosities/grades. However, below are some test results regarding these two motor oils.

Cold Pour Test

The cold pour test is a test to show which motor oil flows faster, and evenly, in cold temperatures. Well, the Pennzoil flows faster, about 1 ounce faster than the Royal Purple. Actually, the results from this test are visualized in the video below.

Wear Test

This test is to show which motor oil offers better protection against wear. Well, pretty much as expected, the Royal Purple oil scored the most point, which literally means RP protects better than Pennzoil Platinum.

Noack Volatility Test

Noack volatility test helps to show how fast motor oils tend to evaporate after a set period of time. In the same of Pennzoil Platinum and Royal Purple – tested for 24 hours – the Pennzoil evaporated less than the Royal Purple.

The more engine oils evaporate, the heavier they become, and won’t flow easily; thus, affecting fuel economy.

Performance and Efficiency

In terms of performance and efficiency, Pennzoil Platinum is more efficient than RP; it flows more easily, evaporates less, and cleans the engine very well.

Notwithstanding, RP does clean very well too, and it offers good protection against wear (when compared with most other full synthetic motor oils in the market.)


In conclusion, this Pennzoil Platinum vs Royal Purple is mainly about the full synthetic oil grades from both brands. When you get Pennzoil Platinum, you’d notice that it is clearer – cleaner – than other oils; that’s because the base oil is 100% natural gas.

On the other hand, RP is darker because the base oil is derived from crude oil. Both RP and Pennzoil Platinum are good for the engines they are specified for.

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