Pennzoil Gold Vs Platinum (What You Should Know!)

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Pennzoil is a renowned motor oil manufacturer that produces oils of different types and viscosities. The brand has full synthetic motor oils and synthetic blends. It stands out in the market because it uses natural gas as base oils in its engine oil formulas.

The Pennzoil Gold is the brand’s best-selling synthetic blend motor oil, while the Pennzoil Platinum is one of the market’s leading options for full synthetic oils.

This comparison of Pennzoil Gold vs Platinum would take us through the distinctiveness in the formulas used in making each of the oils.

However, on a quick note, virtually all auto manufacturers recommend using “Full Synthetic” oils because they last longer and possess better qualities.

What is Pennzoil Gold?

The Pennzoil Gold is a synthetic blend motor oil used by quite many drivers. As a synthetic blend oil, it implies to say that Pennzoil Gold is a mix of “Full Synthetic” motor oil and “Conventional Oil.” It is not fully synthetic oil, neither is it a conventional oil.

However, the formula is well thought, and it contains “Active Cleansing Technology” to ensure that any engine that uses this oil stays clean at all times, which can guarantee optimal performance of such engines. Pennzoil Gold is best for drivers that stick with 5k – 7k miles oil change intervals.

What is Pennzoil Platinum?

Pennzoil Platinum oil is the brand’s best-selling motor oil; it is available in different grades and viscosities. This oil has been compared with quite different competitive motor oils from other brands, and somehow, it always manages to win in many aspects.

The core bragging right of Pennzoil Platinum is the use of “Natural Gas” as the base oil in its formula. Using Natural Gas as the base oil makes the oil cleaner, flows easily, and offers other impressive benefits. As a Full Synthetic oil, this oil can last for up to 11k miles in-between oil change intervals.

Pennzoil Gold Vs Platinum

Pennzoil Gold Vs Platinum

Compared together, these oils are both designed for better performance. However, there are aspects whereby they outperform each other, correlatively.

Firstly, let’s look at the specifications.

Technical Specifications

Product NamePennzoil GoldPennzoil Platinum
Product TypeAdvanced Synthetic BlendPremium Full Synthetic
FormulaActive Cleansing TechnologyPurePlus Technology
Carbon NeutralNoYes
Wear ProtectionYesYes
Fuel EconomyYesYes
Turbocharger ProtectionYesYes
Protection in Extreme Temp.NoYes
Protects HorsepowerNoYes
SpecificationsSP, SN, SM, SL, SJSP, SN, SM, SL, SJ
Available Grades / Viscosities (SAE)0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-300W-16, 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30
ACEAN/AA1/B1-10, A1/B1-12
GM EnginesDexosDexos1
Check PriceCheck Price


Both Pennzoil Gold and Pennzoil Platinum are designed to unlock motor engines for optimal performance. However, the Pennzoil Platinum model is equipped with more “Advanced” ingredients that guarantee better performance on specified engines.

Apparently, Platinum delivers better performance than Pennzoil Gold while driving in severe conditions, which made Pennzoil recommend Platinum for high-performance engines.

Protection and Engine Cleaning

Pennzoil Gold cleans out sludge and other damaging deposits and helps to prevent them from forming again – inside the engine.

On the other hand, Pennzoil Platinum does the same thing. Platinum includes advanced ingredients that offer unsurpassed wear protection and keep the pistons up to 45% cleaner (According to Pennzoil).

Base Oils

There is no detailed information about the base oils used Pennzoil Gold’ it is simply a mixture of Pennzoil’s full synthetic oil and conventional oil. So, the base oils (natural gas) in the full synthetic oil would blend with the base oils (crude oil) in the conventional oil.

In contrast, as a fully synthetic oil, the Pennzoil Platinum has “Natural Gas” as its base oils. By using natural gas as base oils, Pennzoil Platinum delivers better performance, lasts longer, and meets more industry/OEM specifications than Pennzoil Gold.

Change Intervals

It’s a general rule of thumb to change synthetic blends after about 5,000 miles (7,000 miles maximum). This is because they do not typically contain higher advanced ingredients to last longer.

In contrast, full synthetic oils can run for up to 10,000 miles or 12,000 miles. So, Pennzoil Platinum gives you more time between oil changes than Pennzoil Gold.

What More?

In this Pennzoil Gold vs Platinum comparison, the major difference is that the former (Gold) is a synthetic blend oil, while the latter (Platinum) is full synthetic. Generally, full synthetic oils are better – and recommended over synthetic blends.

Hence, summarily, the Pennzoil Platinum is the best among the duo. Notwithstanding, Pennzoil Gold is cheaper than Platinum, and it is an ideal choice if you change your motor oil at 5k – 6k miles intervals.

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