Pennzoil Platinum Vs Other High Mileage Oils

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What is the difference between Pennzoil Platinum vs other high mileage oils?

The Pennzoil Platinum oil is a high mileage oil itself; however, it somehow differs from many other high mileage oils in the market. As a high mileage oil, the Pennzoil Platinum oil is best for cars with over 100k miles reading in their odometers.

More interestingly, it is a full synthetic high mileage oil, which means that it typically would provide more benefits than a synthetic blend or conventional high mileage oils.

However, there comes Mobil 1 high mileage oils and Castro Edge, which are the top two of the best high mileage oils for different cars. Now, how does Pennzoil Platinum compete against other oils in the market?

Pennzoil Platinum Vs Other High Mileage Oils

Pennzoil Platinum Vs Other High Mileage Oils

For this comparison, we’d compare Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage oil with other top 2 high mileage oils; particularly, Castro Edge High Mileage oil and Mobil 1 High Mileage oil.

Pennzoil Platinum

The Pennzoil Platinum high mileage oil is available in different grades, and it is a full synthetic motor oil designed for engines with over 75k miles. It is an efficient oil made with an advanced formula that comprises several well-researched and fortified ingredients.

Pretty many users have confirmed that the Pennzoil Platinum oil helps to reduce oil burns in older (high mileage) engines, and its cleaning capacity is pretty good too. The formula used in making this oil helps to prevent excessive wear on older engines, as well as contribute to increasing fuel economy.

But on the other hand, there are many other good high mileage motor oils from other brands, for example, Castro Edge and Mobil 1.

Castro Edge Motor Oil

The Castro Edge high mileage oil is also full synthetic and the formula is titanium strong to deliver the best high mileage engine performance on all types of cars it is specified for. Castro Edge high mileage oil also reduces oil burns and cleaning older engines perfectly.

This oil is designed for cars with over 75k miles in their odometers. The formula is fortified and specially designed to work with older engines. There are not too many differences between this oil and the Pennzoil Platinum high mileage oil.

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is a notable brand that produces motor oils of different grades and types. The Mobil 1 high mileage oil has close similarities with the Pennzoil Platinum high mileage oil. It is fortified to offer maximum protection to all the metallic components of old/high mileage engines.

The high mileage Mobil 1 oil comes in different container sizes and different grades. It is ideal for different engines. Compared with the Pennzoil Platinum high mileage oil, there are not many differences to be noted.

Comparing Pennzoil Platinum With Other Top High Mileage Oils

Comparing between Pennzoil Platinum vs other high mileage oils is somewhat easy. Practically, these high mileage oils are good; however, the Pennzoil Platinum oil seems to come with more seal conditioners to help protect the high mileage engine.

The Castro Edge and Mobil 1 high mileage oils come with seal conditioners, but the amount in Pennzoil Platinum, according to the manufacturer, is more.

Also, Pennzoil Platinum is the first motor oil made from 100% natural gas and it still meets all industry standards. This alone is one of the reasons the oil stands out in the market.

What More?

When comparing Pennzoil Platinum vs other high mileages, it is important to note that Pennzoil uses patented ingredients in its oil formula, which makes the oils clean and protect better than most other oils.

Also, being that Pennzoil Platinum is made from 100% gas, it is more efficient, lighter, and eco-friendly than other oils. The Pennzoil Platinum oil offers horsepower protection and high efficiency.

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