Top 8 Easiest Car Colors To Keep Clean (With Pictures)

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Car paint colors; are they really important? Yes, it is important to carefully choose the paint color for your new/old car. Not all car colors are easy to keep clean. Apparently, keeping your car clean at all times is a maintenance practice, but not everyone wants to be washing his/her car every day.

But what are the easiest car colors to keep clean? You may guess “Black.” But no! Black is one of the hardest to maintain and keep clean. How about “White?” well, white is pretty easy to keep clean, and it is one of the most popular car paint colors – loved by many.

There are other colors that are easier to keep clean, such as silver, light blue, yellow, green, orange, grey, and champagne color.

We will discuss more about these colors today!

Easiest Car Colors To Keep Clean

Generally, lighter colors are easier to clean than darker colors. So, it is safe to say that light car colors are the easiest to keep clean. But, what are those light colors?

1. Silver

Yes, silver can hide dust and debris, and it is easy to wash. If washed properly, silver cars shine almost like black cars.

More so, mud and dirt are not too visible on silver paint, compared to black and white paints – where the dirt/mud would easily show. Silver wins the overall easiest car color to keep clean.

2. Gray (Taupe Colour)

Gray or taupe color is one of the easiest to maintain car colors. The color is practically the same as the color of dust; hence, even when a car with taupe paint is dusty, no one would easily notice that – unless they move closer and rub a finger on the body of the car.

Some people often mistake this color for “silver,” but silver is more shiny than gray, and if you look closely, the colors are not exactly the same. If you can’t get a silver car, go for gray. There are many variants of this color, but they are all easy to keep clean.

3. Champagne Color

Yeah, champagne color is also one of the easiest to keep clean. It is closely similar to gold in color, and as such, it can hide dust and debris. Dirt doesn’t clearly show on this color, and it is easy to wash.

If properly finished and detailed, champagne color glitters and makes your car outstanding on the road – since there are not always too many vehicles with this paint color. Apparently, there are many versions, or rather, variants of this paint color.

Champagne is a light color, but it hides road grimes perfectly. Regardless of the variant, you apply to your car, it’s easy t maintain.

4. Light Blue

Here’s another good color to repaint your car if you’re looking for paint colors that are easy to keep clean.

Light blue doesn’t show dust easily when compared with black and white paints. Also, it is shiny and if detailed properly, you’d enjoy seeing a sweet, sleek car parked in your front.

Note: We specifically mentioned “Light Blue.” Other versions of Blue color are not light, and they are almost as difficult to keep clean as Black and Red.

5. Light Metallic Grey

This car paint color is mostly cherished by men. It is a “chick color” that won’t stress you keeping it clean.

Light Metallic Grey can hide dust and road grime, so you wouldn’t have to wash your car every day. Also, this car color is easy on heat build-up from sunlight – an ideal alternative to choosing “White.”

6. Yellow

Really? Yellow? Yes, yellow is a light color that is easy to keep clean. It is shawty and can show dirt pretty clearly, but it is very good at hiding out dust and light debris.

If you frequently drive in a dusty region, yellow is a good choice over black, red, and other darker colors you may want to put on your car.

7. Green

With green on your car, you’d wash your car less frequently as you’d have done if your car is painted white, black, or practically any other color. Green is good at hiding dust, dirt, and mud splashes.

Notwithstanding, green shows scratches and other paint imperfections more clearly than white and gray colors. Both dark and light green are good to go.

8. Orange

Easiest Car Colors To Keep Clean

Finally, we have orange, an unusual color to see on regular cars; orange, yellow, and green colors are mostly used on sports and racing cars.

But yes, some people still paint their cars orange. If it doesn’t look odd to you, orange is one of the best car colors that can conceal dust and dirt.


Conclusively and to put simply, lighter colors are the easiest car colors to keep clean. Darker colors show dust clearer; thus, causing you to always be at the car wash – or wash your car every day, by yourself.

If you like in hot climates where there’s more dust, these colors are the best choices to choose from.

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