How To Keep A Black Car Clean Between Washes

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One major concern you’d keep having all the time as a car owner is knowing how to keep your car clean always. Well, you can always wash it when it’s dirty, but most times, merely washing the car won’t keep it clean for a whole day, especially black cars.

So, you may care to learn how to keep a black car clean between washes, and that’s where this article comes in handy.

To clarify our today’s topic, keeping a car clean between washes simply refer to the practices that make your car keep look appealing “between” the time when you washed it and the next time you’re going to wash it again.

How To Keep A Black Car Clean Between Washes

How To Keep A Black Car Clean Between Washes

Firstly, how long your car would still look neat after a wash depends on how you washed it. If you used a standard car wash soap or shampoo and applied some post- car –wash formulas to the car afterward; apparently, your car would keep looking shiny for a long time.

These tips shared below are practices you should carry out after washing your car. However, these practices are yet recommendable for other cars.

Method One: Waterless Wash

You can simply use a microfiber towel to wipe down the car if you found light dust after the first drive – after washing the car. You shouldn’t damp the microfiber towel; just use it dry on the paint surface.

If your car is waxed or you previously applied a polishing compound, the towel will move smoothly on the paint.

In contrast, if you have a waterless car wash compound, you can apply it to the car. The main purpose is to avoid pouring water on the car; Why? Since you have washed the car (not so long ago), to prevent water beads that may dry up quickly and form water spots, it is best to use waterless wash compounds.

Well, waterless car wash compounds are applied using microfiber towels or applicator pads. You’ll find the instructions on how to apply the one you bought; the instructions are usually printed on the label or you’d get a leaflet stashed inside the box.

Interestingly, this method will give you a long time between car wash; there may be no need to wash your car every day.

Method Two: Using a Quick Detailer

Detailing a car can take the entire day or more if you’re going to do “full detailing” using an expert-recommended car detailing kit. In contrast, there are “Quick Detailers” you can use to brighten your black car without wasting so much time.

Quick detailers aren’t costly and you can get one from most auto care products’ shop, offline and online. However, the SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat remains one of the top best quick detailers that works on all cars, regardless of the finish color.

Always, we’d recommend that you read the instructions provided by a manufacturer on how you can use/apply their auto care products to your vehicle’s paint.

We’d always emphasize this point because different manufacturers use different formulas in making their products; thus, the application guide is liable to differ.

Well, it’s best to apply quick detailers immediately after washing your black car – it works best this way, to prevent dust and other containments from holding up on your car’s paint. You would see this method as a handy solution to keeping your black car shiny until when next you’re ready for a full wash.

Tip: quick detailers from brands such as Chemical Guys, Turtle Wax, Meguiar’s, and Aero Cosmetics are reliable and proven.

Method Three: Car Dusters

Not everyone knows about car dusters, but they are a good tool to use in keeping your car clean between washes. Car dusters, unlike microfiber towels, are stronger and capable of removing thicker grimes from a recently washed black car.

Well, this method would only work for removing light dust and grimes from cars’ paints. If the paint has attracted thick grimes, this won’t work; instead, you need to wash the car properly. But then, car dusters are available in various auto care products’ shops at affordable prices.

There are car dusters meant for use in cleaning cars’ interior; they won’t perform great when used for exterior cleaning. That said when shopping for a car duster, request for the ones you can use on the car exterior. Some car dusters come along with add-on packages for specific reasons.

Again, check out if there are any instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to use the car duster you just bought. Generally, you only need to brush your car’s paint using the duster to remove light dust and dirt.

What More?

Keeping your car clean between washes simply refers to some “waterless wash” practices that’d help remove surface containments from your car’s paint until you’re ready for a wholesome wash. However, below are some snappy tips on how to wash a black car to keep it shining for a long time.

How To Wash A Black Car: Quick Tips

  • Pour out the car wash compound to a bucket of clean water and form suds
  • Wet the car by pouring clean water all over the body
  • Use a microfiber towel or a car wash mitt to wash the car; wash from top to bottom
  • Rinse off the suds before they dry into the paint; you can use a pressure washer with the right nozzle for car wash
  • Allow the car to dry or use another microfiber towel to dry it
  • Depending on the waxing compound or quick detailer you bought, you may need to apply the compound while the car is yet wet, or after drying.
  • That’s it! Nothing more.

The guide above can be followed to wash any car, regardless of the paint color or finish.


Hopefully, you now understand how to keep a black car clean between washes. So, you should go ahead to purchase the recommended products and keep them in your garage or car trunk. But, this does not mean that you shouldn’t wash your car regularly.

Regular car washes (done properly) is one of the most important maintenance practices that would make your car’s paintwork last for a long time.

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