Does Brake Fluid Remove Scratches?

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One of the most common questions we see asked on most car forums is “does brake fluid remove scratches?” The simple answer to this question is YES, brake fluid can remove scratches from car paint, but that totally depends on a few factors, which we will discuss shortly.

There are many misconceptions about the effectiveness of using it to remove scratches from different surfaces, including car paint. In this blog post, we will discuss whether brake fluid removes scratches from car paint or not.

But before that, we need to understand what brake fluid is in the first place and what it does.

What is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid used in hydraulic brake and hydraulic clutch applications in automobiles.

Brake fluid can be found at any auto parts store, or automotive dealership for purchase.

It comes in different viscosities ranging from DOT three to four, which equates to the grade/type of performance it provides according to Federal Regulations.

What Does Brake Fluid Do?

Brake performs a few functions on automobiles, some of its functions include:

  • Brake fluid lubricates and cools the brake disks or drums.
  • It also reduces the wear on brakes by acting as a hydraulic fluid in systems that use hydraulics to apply braking pressure, such as automobiles with disc brakes.
  • The primary ingredient of modern automotive brake fluids is typically ethylene glycol (EG), though older systems typically use a glycol ether.
  • Brakes are the most common application of hydraulics, and brake fluid is generally specific to that purpose, but it can also be used for other hydraulic applications such as clutch operation in an automobile or braking on a vehicle with air brakes.

Does Brake Fluid Remove Scratches?

Does Brake Fluid Remove Scratches

Like I said earlier, the answer to this question depends on some factors, such as what type of scratch you are talking about.

If your car has just been in an accident and there are deep scratches that need to be buffed out, then no, it does not work well for that.

However, if you have a minor scratch in the paint from someone bumping into your car with theirs or one that happened when washing it, then yes!

How Does Brake Fluid Remove Car Scratches?

Brake fluid works by dissolving dirt and other particles on the surface of your car’s paint.

It also has a high boiling point so it doesn’t evaporate as quickly as water does. This helps to keep your car looking its best!

It can be used to clean dirt off your car, but does not work well for deep scratches that need buffing out. However, as I mentioned earlier, it will remove the light surface level scratches made by someone running into it, or the ones made when washing!

So, if you have a light scratch from someone bumping into your car then brake fluid will remove that. It does not work for deep scratches though which need to be buffed out with metal polish.

If there is only one area of paint scratched up on your car, use a toothpick to put brake fluid on it and then rub the area with a soft cloth.

Does Brake Fluid Damage Car Paint?

For some, the brake fluid is a major concern for car paint. When used too much on car paint, it can quickly strip away layers of clear coat and lead to discoloration.

While you can use brake fluid to remove car scratches, if applied too much, you will be left with an unsightly dot on your hood or trunk lid because the surface tension in brake fluid makes it difficult to remove.

The best method is prevention, so be sure you are taking care of your car by washing it regularly at a minimum and using protective film or an automotive paint sealant after every wash.

This will help prevent the brake fluid from getting in places where it can do damage to the surface like scratches on chrome trim.


Does brake fluid remove scratches? Hopefully, you already know the answer to this question. But if not, then the answer, once again, is yes.

Brake is very effective when it comes to removing minor scratches on car paint. But you want to be careful while applying the solution to the body of your vehicle so you don’t cause more damages to your paint.

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