Krud Kutter Vs Simple Green: Which One Is Best For Car Wash?

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Definitely, everyone has their favorite car wash solution, but if you’re stuck between two options, Krud Kutter vs Simple Green, then here’s a comparison article you should read.

Without a doubt, both Krud Kutter and Simple Green degreasers are used by most drivers to wash their car and it’d look as clean as expected.

However, when it comes to washing a car, you need to be careful of the car wash you’re using to prevent your paint from fading away quickly. Also, it is important to say that most car washes can cause paint damage if not dissolved properly in water before use.

Krud Kutter Vs Simple Green

Both Krud Kutter products and Simple Green products are advertised as “Degreasers.” This simply implies that they are primarily formulated to serve as degreasing solutions. But, what is a degreaser?

A degreaser is a formula that helps to remove grimes, oil, and other hard dirt from a surface. Degreasers are somewhat more reactive than regular detergents and cleaning agents.

So, since both products are called degreasers, chances are that could cause paint damage when used for car wash.

However, that’s not entirely true; some homemade cleaners are yet safe to serve as car wash soaps. What really matters is how you use the car wash formula – how you dissolve it in water.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Krud Kutter and Simple Green manufacturers different cleaning agents, “degreasers.” They have different products for different cleaning purposes.

While Krud Kutter’s concentrated cleaner/degreaser is the company’s most popular product, Simple Green’s most-used product is its “All-purpose” cleaner.

The all-purpose cleaner by Simple Green helps to clean vehicles that are very dirty; it works very well in making vehicles’ paint sparkle after a wash.

On the other hand, Krud Kutter’s concentrated cleaner/degreaser also removes stubborn dirt and grime from virtually any surface.

Inarguably, both Krud Kutter and Simple Green products are good for car wash. However, you will have to use them carefully.

It is one thing to use the best car wash for your car, and it’s another thing to know how to wash your car to prevent paint damage and water spots.

That said, someone may ask, how do you wash a car using Simple Green or Krud Kutter? The process is the same, and it is explained below.

How To Wash A Car Using Krud Kutter or Simple Green

These steps apply to manual washing; if you wash your car with pressure washers, you need to pour your degreaser into a foam cannon.

Step 1: Get everything ready

First things, ready all your car wash equipment, ensure there is sufficient water available for the washing, and you would need at least two buckets.

Step 2: Pour the solution into a bucket

Pour your krud kutter or simple green degreaser into a bucket of clean water, and shake the water until it foams. Don’t apply any of these degreasers directly to your paint, else it may eat your off your paint.

Step 3: Start washing your car

When you notice that the water is fully saturated; that is to say, the degreaser has dissolved, pour the foamy water on your car and start washing.

Note: The best way to wash a car is to wash it side by side; you need to focus on a particular side at a time.

Fourth 4: Rinse your car

Rinse as soon as possible; don’t wait until you wash the entire car’s body before you can start rinsing. Instead, you should rinse as soon as possible; when you’re done washing a side, before moving on to the next side, rinse the already washed one first.

Following these washing steps would leave your pain sparkling and without water spots after every wash.


So, which is a better car wash solution, Krud Kutter or Simple Green? The truth is, both are good for washing cars, regardless of the paint and vehicle type.

However, it is important to iterate the need for dissolving degreasers before they are poured on a car’s external body.

A good car wash is one of the many auto maintenance tips that really work. More so, for drying a car after a wash, it is better to use a microfiber towel. You could use other car wash solutions like the Mean Green car wash.

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