Silverstar Ultra Vs ZXE: Which Is Better?

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Stock bulbs are good, but they don’t shine as bright as some drivers want them to; thus, aftermarket upgrades like the Silverstar’s Ultra and ZXE are sort-after by most drivers. The Ultra and ZXE bulbs from Silverstar are popular because they are much better than stock headlight bulbs.

A lot of people seek to know the actual difference between these headlight bulbs from Silverstars, and here’s is a detailed comparison of Silverstar Ultra vs ZXE.

The primary difference is that the ZXEs are brighter/whiter than Ultras and they don’t have a blue tint like the Ultras; SilverStar ZXEs is the closest legal alternative to HIDs.

Let’s quickly learn more about these two bulbs!

What is Silverstar Ultra?

Sylvania H7SU.BP2 SilverStar ULTRA H7 High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulbs with Alloy Coating, White (2 Pack)
  • WHITER LIGHT: Cobalt blue coating provides optimal light transmission and color; Crisp, white light with the look, feel, and attitude of high-intensity discharge; Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.33 x 1.33 x 2.31 inches
  • ALLOY COATING: Mirror top alloy coating completes the appearance of the headlights
  • MORE DOWNROAD: Whiter light for added clarity gives you brighter headlights, for more downroad
  • STREET LEGAL: DOT-compliant and 100 percent street legal
  • FITMENT TYPE: H7, to ensure a correct fit for your vehicle, check the User Guide or Sylvania's Bulb Replacement Guide; Luminous flux: 1571 Lumen; Wattage: 55 watts

SilverStar Ultra bulb is pretty decent – used by many drivers as lows and highs; it typically lasts longer and has the standard headlight color with a blue tint.

According to Silverstar’s website, Ultra has a 4100K color temperature and it delivers up to 1000 lumens. Of course, it is SAE/DOT approved.

What is Silverstar ZXE?

SYLVANIA 880 zXe High Performance Halogen Fog Light Bulb, (Contains 2 Bulbs)
  • See Sylvania’s Application Guide in the Technical Details below to confirm compatibility

On the other hand, SilverStar ZXE is also a bright bulb, suitable for use in lows and highs, and it lasts long too.

This bulb has a 4200K color temperature rating and delivers up to 1407 lumens – massive. The ZXE bulb is SAE/DOT approved and it’s well priced.

Silverstar Ultra Vs ZXE | Compared

Silverstar Ultra Vs ZXE

Everything designed into a car is meant to serve a specific purpose, and yes, all components and parts of a car are useful in different ways.

When driving in low-light areas or at night, you need bright headlight bulbs to see what’s in front of you. But which should you choose between Silverstar ultra vs zxe?

Let’s find out!

FeaturesSilverStar UltraSilverStar Zxe
Bulb FeatureIncludes a proprietary cobalt-blue coating.No coating produces crisp white light
TechnologyPowered by a patented Xenon halogen gas technologyPowered by a patented Xenon halogen gas technology
Color Temperature4100k4200k
Lumens Capacity800 – 1,000 Lumens.1,407 lumens
Life ExpectancyAverage 1 ½ to 2 yearsAround 18 to 24 months
SAE/DOT compliantYesYes
MiscDelivers more side-road illumination (Ultra Night Vision experience)Feels like you’re using HID, but without having a conversion kit
Check PriceCheck Price

Design and Aesthetics

Each of these bulbs is coated differently. While the Ultras feature cobalt-blue coating, the ZXEs aren’t coated; they’re crystal clear.

The Ultras look more (aesthetically) appealing than the ZXEs, but due to the blue coating, they don’t shine as bright as ZXEs.


Both bulbs are built with a patented Xenon halogen gas technology. So, they are both “Halogen” headlight bulbs, but typically give the feel of HIDs due to the way they shine when turned on.

Color Temperature and Lumens

Silverstar Ultra vs ZXE have 4,100K and 4,200K color temperature ratings, respectively. However while the Ultra seems to deliver up to 1000 lumens, ZXE delivers up to 1,407 lumens.

It’s clear here, that ZXEs are brighter than Ultra. Notwithstanding, both bulbs are SEA/DOT complaints.

Life Expectancy

The ZXEs would last you for up to 24 months if you drive regularly – they’d last longer if you don’t always drive. Silverstar Ultra bulbs would last for about 18 months if you drive regularly.

So, if you go with the Ultra bulbs, you’re probably going to be replacing them 6 months earlier than you would have done if you bought ZXEs.

Silverstar Ultra Vs Silverstar ZXEs: Comparison Summary

The bulb filament on Silverstar Ultra has a blue coating, which gives it a cooler look; but this makes the brightness unmatchable with that of the ZXEs.

Silverstar ZXEs also shine brighter and clearer – almost like HIDs – makes you feel like you’re using HID bulbs legally and without a conversion kit.

Both bulbs go farther, shine brighter, and last pretty long. They are powered by a proprietary Xenon halogen gas technology. The difference in the color temperature ratings of these bulbs is not too far – just 100K.

What More?

If you choose SilverStar ZXE over Ultra, you’d only be getting a whiter bulb, which gives you the HID feeling without costing you additional money for a conversion kit. However, if you love fanciness, the blue tint on Ultras could attract you to buy them.

ZXE is costlier than Ultra – one could guess it’s because of the additional 100K color temp that provides HID feeling. This is a concise Silverstar Ultra vs ZXE comparison. Both bulbs can be installed as lows and highs on any vehicle.

Finally, choosing between these two headlight bulbs points down to your personal preference and budget. Silverstar Ultra and ZXE are both perfect for night driving and driving in low-light areas.

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