Does Walmart Do Alignments?

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It’s as if Walmart does everything – from grocery shopping to auto checks and oil changes – but no, they don’t. So, does Walmart do alignments?

The simple answer is no, Walmart does not do wheel alignments, but there are a number of auto services you can get done for you in Walmart centers.

Wheel alignment is, to an extent, a highly-sensitive job that requires high expertise and the use of specific tools. Most Walmart stores do not have the equipment needed to do wheel alignment perfectly.

This article highlights why Walmart does not offer wheel alignment services.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment, also called tire alignment, is an auto service where the mechanic checks your vehicle’s wheelbase and drivetrain (generally) to detect if your tires are balanced or not. It is advisable to pick out intervals when you’d go for wheel alignments.

At the same time, there are signs that, if you start seeing them, you should go for wheel alignment immediately – even when your preset interval hasn’t reached. Misaligned wheels can make driving really difficult and poses a high threat of accidents and other damages.

Wheel alignment isn’t just about setting your car tires straight; it’s about setting the drivetrain straight so that the wheels/tires can drive smoothly and evenly on any terrain. Driving with misaligned wheels can reduce fuel efficiency; driving with aligned wheels can increase fuel economy.

Does Walmart Do Alignments?

No. Walmart does not offer wheel alignment services; however, you can buy new tires from their stores nationwide.

Notwithstanding, while Walmart does not do a wheel alignment, you’d still find some experienced technicians in their tire service centers who can assist you with “Tire Balancing” after installing new tires on your car.

Tire balancing is actually different from wheel alignment, even though some people may use the terms interchangeably. After installing new tires on your car, it is important to do tire balancing – not necessarily alignment. Balancing is about ensuring that the tires are installed properly – not sticking out more than the others.

Walmart offers a variety of services in its Auto Care Centers across the United States, with prices ranging from $5 to $100, depending on the one you need to be done for you. Hereunder is the list of services you can get done for you in a Walmart Auto Care Center around your city or neighborhood.

Air filter installation free
Lug nut replacement $2 per lug nut
Tire rotation $2.50 per tire
Valve stem installation $3 per tire
Miniature bulb installation $5 per bulb
Tire mounting $5 – $10 per tire
Headlight installation $7.50 per headlight
Wiper blades and installation $10 per blade
Road hazard warranty $10 per tire
Battery installation $10 (free if you purchase the battery at Walmart)
Flat tire repair $15 per tire
Tire balance and rotation $15 per tire
Fuel system maintenance $20
“Pit Crew” $22.88
Headlight restoration $25 per vehicle
Standard oil change $32.88
High mileage oil change $42.88
Semi-synthetic oil change $42.88
Synthetic oil change $52.88

Note: These prices are not standard; you may pay more or less depending on the Walmart store you visit and depending on the total number of services you need to be done on your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Don’t Walmart Do Wheel Alignments?

There is no specific reason why Walmart doesn’t offer this service, but it may be due to the unavailability of the proper equipment needed to carry out wheel alignment professionally. However, this is simply a guess; Walmart may have decided to stop wheel alignment service for other reasons best known to them.

Where Can You Get Wheel Alignment Services?

Most mechanics also do wheel alignment in their workshops. Notwithstanding, there are quite many auto service centers where you can get it done for you. Some notable centers that do wheel alignment services include Firestone Complete Auto Care, Big O Tires, Jiffy Lube, and some local dealerships within your area.

How Much Does Wheel Alignment Cost?

Wheel alignment price differs from center to center. Most local mechanics may charge you lesser – around $30 – $40 per wheel – while big stores may charge between $50 and $55 per tire. But if you’re getting it done the same place you bought your tires, it may be done free of charge for you, or you’d pay way lesser.

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