Does Firestone Fill Tires With Air For Free? (Answered)

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While getting air into your tires doesn’t cost much, knowing you could have a professional auto technician do it free of charge is really exciting.

So, are there places where you can inflate your car tires for free? Yeah, there are a number of places you could get your tires inflated without paying a fee. One of those places is at specified Firestone auto care centers.

But does Firestone fill tires with air for free? Yes, in Firestone Complete Auto Care centers, tire inflation is free.

If you can’t find a Firestone auto care center around your vicinity, most filling stations have a stand for wheel alignment and tire services; you could drive in and have your car tires inflated.

Where Should You Inflate Your Car Tires?

You could it yourself if you’ve got an air pump at home. With the air pump, you’d be able to fill air into your tires – up to the recommended amount as stipulated by your car manufacturer (in the owner’s manual).

But, if you’re the one adding air to your car tires, ensure that you have a pressure gauge to measure the amount of air inside the tires. Without a pressure gauge, chances are that you may over inflate the tires, and it’s not advisable.

If you don’t have an air pump, then you have to drive out to get your tires inflated. Most filling stations have stands where tire inflation and tire services are done, look out for such filling stations, and drive-in.

There are rules for inflating car tires; for example, you shouldn’t add air into a hot tire – wait until the tire is cold to guarantee accurate pressure reading. Well, an auto technician/mechanic knows all the rules. To have a professional do it for you, drive into a filling station or a Firestone auto care center.

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Does Firestone Fill Tires With Air For Free?

Yes, at Firestone Complete Auto Care centers, you’d have your car tires inflated and inspected for free. You won’t have to pay a dime and the inspection is done by an expert auto technician.

However, if you need a tire replacement, or need to fix something, you’d be charged for that. So, all you need to do is to find a local Firestone auto care center and drive-in. After your car is fixed, you can continue driving. Well, Firestone auto care centers are not available everywhere.

What More?

It is important to check your car tire pressure every morning before driving out; when you check and the pressure is low, you should fill in air, and if the pressure exceeded the recommended level, you should deflate the tires before leaving.

You can actually inflate or deflate your tires by yourself, but if you don’t have the gears to do it; drive to a filling station or Firestone care center. Will Firestone fill tires with air for free? Yes, they do, and your car tires would be inspected too, for free.

Car tires should be cared for; just as you take issues with the engine very seriously, also take issues with your car tires seriously.

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