Are AC Delco Batteries Good? (In-Depth Overview)

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Actually, sincerely, there is no BEST car battery brand to buy, but there are brands that remarkably make better batteries, and AC Delco happens to be one of those brands.

AC Delco is a popular American car battery brand owned by GM Motors; the brand has some notably good quality batteries for different vehicle types, makes, and models. But are AC Delco batteries good?

Of course, they are very good. AC Delco batteries are the OEM batteries used on all vehicles produced by GM Motors; this includes Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and other GM Motors brands.

But then, you can buy and use AC Delco batteries on other vehicles that are not made by GM Motors. This is because AC Delco batteries are considered premium quality, and they are OEM batteries too – owning to this, AC Delco batteries are among the highest-priced batteries you’d find out there.

Let’s quickly learn more about the AC Delco battery brand!

AC Delco Batteries Overview

Are AC Delco Batteries Good
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AC Delco, formerly United Delco, is one of the oldest automotive parts suppliers based in the United States. The company has lasted for over a century (first founded in 1916 by William C. Durant) but has been owned by General Motors since 1974 (49 years now).

AC Delco is currently a subsidiary of General Motors, and it makes the batteries used in GM brands’ vehicles.

Although owned by General Motors, AC Delco products can be used on other vehicles that are not built by GM. This means you can buy and use AC Delco batteries on your Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, or even BMW vehicles.

Yes, AC Delco products are built to a high standard, so they seem better than many other brands out there – however, this comes with a price; AC Delco products are expensive.

Are AC Delco Batteries Good?

From all sides, AC Delco batteries are good and considered “originals” because they are built as OEM batteries.

AC Delco batteries are suitable for use in any type of vehicle, ranging from coupes, convertibles, and sedans to hatchbacks, crossovers, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans. Yes, you can use an AC Delco battery on your Ford F series truck.

But well, the reason AC Delco is held so high in the market is because its batteries and products are used as standard by General Motor brands like Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC. So, practically, if these brands can trust AC Delco products, then the company certainly makes reliable stuff!

Interestingly, AC Delco makes batteries for different types of vehicles: passenger cars, marine vehicles, industrial trucks, and RVs/Motorhomes.

Basically, the company makes two battery series: Gold and Silver. But, each of these series has several battery variations and specifications that make them suitable for some specific type of vehicle.

How Long Do AC Delco Batteries Last?

It is important to note that some “cheap” car batteries may not last up to two years of service. Many people who buy AC Delco do so because they do not want to be replacing their car’s battery every year. AC Delco batteries last pretty long before they become weak and require to be changed.

But, honestly, AC Delco batteries last as long as every other good battery out there. Car batteries are estimated to last between three (3) to five (5) years, and that’s equally how long AC Delco batteries last.

Notwithstanding, your AC Delco battery may last for more than five years, depending on how often you drive and maintain the car.

What Makes AC Delco Batteries a Good Choice?

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Sentiments asides, there are a few reasons why many mechanics and professional auto technicians will advise you to go for AC Delco instead of other car battery brands.

1. It is Backed by General Motors

There is no doubt that this is the number one reason for the fuss about the AC Delco brand. Being a GM Motors brand, it is poised that AC Delco products are of high quality just as vehicles made by General Motors.

Also, GM Motors backs AC Delco by using its products on all of its vehicle models from the different automotive brands it presides over.

2. High Quality and Performance

Undoubtedly, AC Delco offers great performance – from having high CCAs to solid builds that make the battery-cranking process seamless.

Well, the outstanding quality and performance of AC Delco batteries are not unconnected to the fact that the batteries are built to OEM standards for General Motors vehicle models.

3. Long Warranty Period

Any AC Delco you buy comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty, but depending on the type you bought, the warranty period could be two years or three years. Basically, AC Delco Gold batteries come with a 24-36-month warranty, while the Silver series comes with an 18-24-month warranty period.

4. High Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

If you live in regions with constant low temperatures, you need a high CCA battery. The higher the CCA rating of a batter, the more recommendable it is for use in cars driven in regions with low CCA.

Don’t get this wrong, high CCA batteries can still be used in cars driven in other countries and regions where the climate is moderate.

Typically, AC Delco batteries come with a CCA rating of around 600 to 800, depending on the one you selected. This CCA is enough to start a car pretty fast, regardless of the temperature levels at that time.

Due to the high CCA ratings, and other points discussed above, many drivers prefer AC Delco batteries to other non-OEM alternatives.

Who Makes AC Delco Car Battery?

It is uncertain what manufacturing company makes AC Delco branded batteries; sources simply hint that the batteries are made by General Motors.

However, there are hints that Middle East Battery Company manufactures AC Delco batteries to meet GM’s OEM specifications for the various available types.

What More?

So, are AC Delco batteries good? Yes, they are good and suitable for use in virtually any vehicle. AC Delco batteries are quite expensive, but when you measure the performance and quality build, you’d come to agree that they’re pretty well-priced.

You can use AC Delco batteries on any vehicle, including models from non-GM brands.

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