Is a Hatchback a Sedan? (What’s the Difference?)

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Sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, trucks, and vans are all different types of cars. However, it’s pretty confusing to differentiate between a hatchback and a sedan, which has made some people refer to both types of car as though they’re the same. But, really, is a hatchback a sedan?

The simple answer is NO! While hatchbacks have similarities with sedans, they are not the same. The major difference between these two types of cars is the trunk design. Also, in sedans, the boot space is separated from the car, while in hatchbacks, you can probably get into the car from the boot/trunk.

There is pretty a lot of stuff you’d love to know about hatchbacks and sedans – interestingly, this article explains a lot of them.

What is a Hatchback?

A hatchback vehicle is a type of car with a trunk/boot that swings upward (similar to some SUVs). Also, hatchbacks do not have a separate trunk – the trunk is combined with the passenger area. Some hatchbacks feature fold-down rear seats to provide more space for cargo.

Some automakers have both hatchback designs and sedan designs for some of their vehicle models. People who love hatchbacks do so because of the big cargo space it offers. Hatchbacks typically have four (4) doors and can contain up to 3 rear passengers.

What is a Sedan?

A sedan is a type of car with a “three box” configuration. This implies one box for the engine and its components; one box for the driver and passenger seats; and another box for the cargo compartment – the trunk. Sedans tend to have a bigger wheelbase than hatchbacks.

Also, sedans are longer and can have a bigger trunk – or a small trunk – which is separated from the rest part of the car. The rear seats of sedans are mostly rigid, which means they cannot be reclined or flattened to allow more space for cargo.

Sedans can comfortably contain 4 – 5 passengers, which includes the driver.

Is a Hatchback a Sedan?

Definitely, NO, they are two different vehicle types. As earlier said, some automakers manufacture both a sedan and hatchback variant for some specific vehicle models. While, of course, some models are designed to either be a sedan or a hatchback, only.

Hatchback Vs Sedan: Key Differences

To distinguish hatchbacks from sedans, hereunder is a list of the differences between the two vehicle types.

1The trunk is combined with the rear passenger areaThe trunk is separate from the rear passenger area
2Has a small but longer trunk (when you fold/recline the rear seat)Has a wider trunk for family luggage and groceries
3The backseat may be reclined in some modelsThe backseat is typically rigid, cannot be reclined for more space
4Taller in heightLonger in length and width
5Built with a two-box car manufacturing styleBuilt with a three-box car manufacturing style
6Not usually built as luxury ridesMost new Sedans are built as luxury rides
7It is easier to reverse with a hatchback due to the rear/trunk design.Reversing with a sedan can be pretty for someone who’s still learning how to drive.
8Gives a closer feeling to driving an SUVFeels like driving a sedan

What More?

So, is a hatchback a sedan? No, it is not. A hatchback is different from a sedan, but newer car designs make both car types look very closely the same. The best way to differentiate between a hatchback and a sedan is the trunk design.

If the rear window is attached to the trunk’s door, and the door opens upwards, then it’s a “Hatchback.” In contrast, if the trunk is separate – segregated from the passenger area, then it’s a sedan.

Both sedans and hatchbacks are cool rides, your choice depends on your needs. But, hatchbacks are generally more compact than sedans; while on the other hand, sedans have more balanced wheels that give a more luxurious feeling.

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