Buick Encore Years To Avoid (4 Common Problems)

General Motors (GM) produces a wide range of vehicles under different brands, which include Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, and Buick. The Buick brand is the oldest auto manufacturer in the US, and it has some cool, neat cars in its vehicle lineup.

The Buick Encore SUV is one of the brand’s finest SUVs and has been around since 2013. So far, there are just two generations of the Buick Encore series.

Buick Encore is available with multiple engines and transmission options to choose from. It is a pretty rugged SUV, but there are certainly some Buick Encore years to avoid, which we will explain in this article.

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Buick Encore Overview

The Buick Encore is produced as a subcompact SUV ride with 5 doors. It is available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive powertrain. Although this SUV looks rugged, it is not designed for trailer towing; it is solid enough for daily city tours, and you drive it through slightly rough terrains.

Buick Encore has enjoyed quite many favorable recommendations on several auto-review websites. However, General Motors have hinted that there would be no newer Buick Encore models after the 2021 model year; yes, Buick Encore is getting discontinued.

Notwithstanding, the already produced Buick Encore SUVs have enjoyed a fair share of popularity in the market, thanks to their sturdy design and reliability. But then, let’s get started with our main topic for today – the worst Buick Encore years to skip in the market.

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Buick Encore Years To Avoid and Why

Skipping these Buick Encore years is advisable if you’re buying a used model. Why? These model years are linked with several complaints regarding their various crucial components, which, of course, include the engine and powertrain.

Hereunder are the specific “problematic” Buick Encore model years.

  • 2013 Buick Encore
  • 2014 Buick Encore
  • 2015 Buick Encore
  • 2017 Buick Encore

Quite several problems were reported for the Buick Encore models produced in the years mentioned above, but the common issues include dead battery, engine problems, and AC/heater malfunctioning.

Below is a more precise explanation of the problems you may face with the Buick Encore model years listed above.

Common Problems With Buick Encore

1. Dead Battery

Yes, car batteries are liable to die after many miles – when they’ve reached their lifespan. But when a new battery on your new car dies off just before 12,000 miles, that’s definitely something to worry about.

For most Buick Encore models, it is reported that the battery dies off after a few months or roughly 12,000 miles. The cause of this problem is linked to the car’s electrical system, and the average repair cost is $500.

2. Engine/Transmission Problems

The check engine light stays on, and the turbocharger went out for most Buick Encore produced within the years indicated above.

Also, there were other engine problems with many complaints: inadequate power and poor acceleration. To fix engine problems on Buick Encore SUVs costs an average of $1,200.

3. AC/Heater Problems

Quite a few people reported that the AC stopped working on their 2015 Buick Encore model, costing them an average of $1,000 to fix it.

This problem reportedly occurs within the 60,000 miles region. Other related issues to this include AC compressor seizure and the heater not working.

4. Interior Accessories Problems

The interior accessories problems reported for the Buick Encore model years listed above include malfunctioning sound system, internal door locks not working, and radio not working. These are practically menial issues and can be fixed for less than $300.

What Are The Best Buick Encore Model Years To Buy?

These Buick Encore model years are poised to be more reliable because they received very few to zero complaints from the owners. You can safely buy these models years when you see a great deal on them.

  • 2016 Buick Encore
  • 2018 Buick Encore
  • 2019 Buick Encore
  • 2020 Buick Encore

Frequently Asked Questions

How Reliable Is The Buick Encore?

Buick Encore takes home a 4.0 out of 5.0 reliability rating from RepairPal and is ranked 5th out of 7 other vehicles in its category. The Buick Encore is quite reliable and makes a good ride for teens, women, and men, too.

How Long Does Buick Encore Last?

The Buick Encore is built to last long; however, the subcompact SUV is estimated to last up to 10 years or 150,000 – 200,000 miles if properly maintained and driven carefully. Buick Encore lasts just as long as other SUVs in its class.

What Are Major Problems With The Buick Encore?

The three commonest problems with the Buick Encore SUV are engine failures, transmission failures, and battery issues. Notwithstanding, there are other issues you may experience while driving this SUV around town.

Is The Buick Encore Good in Snow?

If you picked up the all-wheel-drive powertrain option, you can drive your Buick Encore through snowy paths without worrying about anything. However, it is advisable to prepare your car for the winter season, regardless of its standard configuration(s).

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In conclusion, this article has listed the Buick Encore years to avoid and explained why you should avoid the specified “worst” model years. The Buick Encore is a reliable subcompact SUV that performs very well in its class.

You’d definitely be pleased with the exterior and interior finishes of the Buick Encore. If you’re looking for a pretty rugged city tour ride, the Buick Encore is an affordable option to pick up in a dealership or from an individual seller.

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