O’Reilly Vs AutoZone Batteries: Fully Compared

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Apparently, after some years, you will need to change that battery in your car. The battery of a car plays a crucial role in cranking the car to start, and these batteries can last as long as three to five years before dying off completely.

So, if the battery is dead, the car won’t start – the same scenario plays out when the battery is weak. Once you notice your car’s battery is becoming weak and faulty, you should get a new one.

But where is the best place to buy car batteries? Should you buy your next car battery from AutoZone or O’Reilly? Here’s a detailed O’Reilly vs AutoZone batteries comparison.

O’Reilly offers more enticing discounts, so you’re most likely going to save some bucks shopping from them. On the other hand, AutoZone has a broader inventory, which means you will find more battery options on AutoZone than on O’R.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Automotive, Inc., simply O’Reilly, is a chain of American auto parts retail outlets located across US states. There are more than 5,600 O’Reilly stores/outlets in 47 states and Mexico. The company was founded in 1957 by the O’Reilly family, so it was literally named after the founders.

O’Reilly Auto Parts provides automotive aftermarket parts, supplies, tools, equipment, and accessories to Do-It-Yourself car owners, mechanics, and professional automotive care service providers. It is one of the largest auto parts retailers in the United States.

Among the products to find in O’Reilly’s inventory are batteries, belts, plugs, fittings, and other automotive products. O’Reilly sells car batteries of different types and sizes for different vehicles. The company partners with top brands and remarkably sells original products.

O’Reilly batteries come with the warranty offered by the actual battery manufacturer; notwithstanding, the company, O’Reilly, has a private car battery line called Super Start Batteries – you’d find a number of Super Start batteries listed on O’Reilly.

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AutoZone is another big automotive parts retailer in the United States with more than 6,900 verified outlets across the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, and the US Virgin Islands.

The company’s headquarters is located in Memphis, Tennessee; it is the largest automotive parts and accessories retailer in the United States.

Founded in 1979 by Pitt Hyde, AutoZone sells a wide variety of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories to auto technicians, mechanics, and home DIY geeks.

You’d most likely find any automotive parts you want to buy in an AutoZone store – you can also shop online. AutoZone has a few private car battery lines they sell on their stores and website.

AutoZone sells batteries from different brands, but its private-label brands include Valucraft and Duralast. Some AutoZone Duralast products come with a lifetime warranty. If you have a particular brand in mind, AutoZone sells car batteries from verified brands worldwide.

O’Reilly Vs AutoZone Batteries

Whether you buy batteries from O’Reilly or AutoZone, it’s the same thing if you’re buying a particular brand. For example, if you buy an Optima battery from O’Reilly and buy another one of that battery (the same specifications) at AutoZone, you bought exactly the same battery but at different prices and stores.

So, whether you should buy from AutoZone or O’Reilly is basically about personal preferences. You may prefer to buy from AutoZone and another person may prefer to buy from O’Reilly.

Notwithstanding, there are some batteries you may see on O’Reilly that are not available on AutoZone and vice versa. O’Reilly’s Super Start batteries are only available on O’Reilly Auto Parts.

However, the shopping experience on O’Reilly and AutoZone is not the same; now, this is where the difference starts kicking in. The interface of O’Reilly’s website differs from that of AutoZone’s website, and as such, navigating the sites feel different.

But when you get into the car battery category, everything starts looking similar; a filter panel is at the left (on desktop view) – you can filter based on brand, size, best fit, and other filter options.

Car Battery Brands Sold By O’Reilly

  • Continental
  • Dorman OE Solutions
  • Motorcraft Tested Tough MAX
  • Murray Climate Control
  • Optima
  • Super Start

Car Battery Brands Sold By AutoZone

  • ACDelco
  • Duralast
  • Duralast Gold
  • Duralast Platinum
  • Econocraft
  • Odyssey Battery
  • Optima
  • Valucraft

Apparently, AutoZone seems to offer batteries from more brands than O’Reilly, so if you’re looking to navigate a wide variety of options before picking a battery for your car, then AutoZone is the place to check out.

Who Sell More Affordable and Reliable Batteries, O’Reilly or AutoZone?

If you’re looking for bigger discount offers, you may want to check on O’Reilly more often – they offer better discounts than AutoZone. Notwithstanding, AutoZone prices are competitive and they offer discounts occasionally.

So to say, both companies sell affordable batteries, depending on the battery you choose, but prices might be cheaper on O’Reilly.

Talking of reliability, AutoZone’s Duralast batteries come with a two-year warranty, while the higher-tier Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum come with a three-year warranty.

On the other hand, O’Reilly Auto Parts Super Start Extreme and Platinum battery series come with a two-year coverage, while the higher tier Super Start Premium line comes with a three-year coverage.

Batteries from other brands sold by these automotive retailers come with the manufacturer’s warranty, which is typically a one-year coverage. Generally, O’Reilly and AutoZone sell reliable batteries backed by limited warranties from the battery brands. None of these companies offer a better warranty than the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AutoZone Sell AC Delco Batteries?

AutoZone and O’Reilly do not have AC Delco batteries; if you’re a loyal AC Delco customer, you may want to check on PEP Boys, Walmart Auto Care, or Jiffy Lube to buy your car batteries. But both O’Reilly and AutoZone sell Optima batteries.

Who Makes O’Reilly’s Batteries?

Johnson Controls and East Penn are the two notable manufacturers that produce and supply O’Reilly batteries and other automotive parts. These manufacturers have worked with O’Reilly for over a decade now.

Do O’Reilly or AutoZone Put In Batteries?

When you buy a new battery from O’Reilly or AutoZone, they can take out the old battery and install the new one into your car for free, or at a fee, depending on the store you’re at and where you bought the battery. But basically, if you buy from the store, they’d install it for free.

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